Monday, June 08, 2009

Exile Interview on Sunday Night Sound Session

The homie DJ Hyphen hit us up with an email and link to the download for the Exile interview from his Sunday Night Sound Session show. Exile is a real dope producer and he's got a lot of new exciting projects in the works. He talks to Hyphen and co-host J. Moore about his past up through his present with producing. It's a real interesting interview. Check it out.

From DJ Hyphen about the interview:
A little while back, Ex came through Sound Session to talk all about his latest opus, Radio, an album crafted entirely out of sounds culled from his home radio. He detailed the creative process behind the project and how it gave him a deeper respect for radio in general. He also talked about his crazy live MPC sets with DJ Day, how his family influenced his music, his upcoming Boy Meets World album with Fashawn, a follow up to Blu’s Below The Heavens, and the 2892412931 other projects he’s got on his plate.

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