Saturday, June 13, 2009

Road to Release Day: Eternia & MoSS: "AT LAST"

We featured Eternia on the blog a while back! The moment we landed on her MySpace page, we knew she was DOPE!! She's been on her grind for a while, but recently completed her project with producer MoSS -- Eternia & MoSS: "AT LAST". Now they're on the road to shopping for a record deal, promoting the album and countdown to the release date and she's taking fans along for the ride. She'll be dropping two videos monthly. We'll definitely be keeping tabs and featuring her on the blog! Definitely trying to support the grassroots movement and good music!

This first video is an introduction. Respect her sense of humor cause I laughed hard at the mask she's wearing. Nothing funny about those rhymes though. She's got a dope personality.

Shout to DJ SAV*ONE and for the link and email!

Check her blog below and first video.

From Eternia's MySpace Blog:

It's finally done.

I delivered our album master & album artwork to the Ontario Arts Council this past Monday June 1st. The OAC was our main 'investor' for the project, and we were working towards their deadline over the last year and a half. I suppose I should be breathing a sigh of relief, right? The album is finally finished... At Last!

But who am I kidding... the work is really just beginning.

We still have to shop the album to record labels, and Lord Willing find a deal that is the lesser of countless evils. Once those meetings are over, and a contract finalized, we have to set a release date. Then we have to promote the hell outta our new album for 4 months leading up to that date. I'm talkin radio, live shows, blogs, press, reviews, youtube videos, corny "look who eternia was caught kissing!" publicist propaganda... *LOL*.. I jest, I jest. But u get the idea :-). And all that to say, its really when the album drops that we'll know where we're at. When YOU GUYS, the people that really matter, get to tell us what YOU think. We Made This Album for You.

So that's the day I am counting down to. Because that's what trully matters.

So, over the next 6 months I invite you to come along on a journey with MoSS and I: the Road to Release Day.

I'm going to be doing what I do best: no holds barred video, photos & text coverage of our experience. This is the one place you will get an exclusive backstage pass to my life (LOL - that just sounds so self-important - I can't help but laugh at myself). How bout this: this is the one place you will get The Truth.

I can't wait for the future to unfold. Thank you guys for rollin' with me.

For now, I formerly introduce to you the new SuperGroup:
Eternia & MoSS : At Last.

Stay tuned,



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