Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: Derill Pounds

Eighty or so miles north of Milwaukee is Oshkosh, Wisconsin. There you will find the unique sound of Derill Pounds. I featured him on the blog last June and I decided to feature him again in our Journey to Hip-Hop series. While not from Milwaukee, it's because of Milwaukee that I found his music. Plus, he's from Wisconsin and has been in the Wisconsin Hip-Hop scene since 1995.

As I said before, his music is driven by passion and his lyrics are driven by keeping it real.

I reached out to him via email for an update. The man has been working hard.

The Mad Bloggers: What's upcoming? What projects are in the works?

Derill Pounds: Hmmmmmmm ... let's see ... lots of new goodies in the works! Started the year of with a grip of shows and plenty more to come. Doing a live show side project with a super improv band called Ghetto Blaster, which has been fun as hell and a good outlet to some new ears and fans. I have been working on a bunch of new music and hope to be releasing another album this year. Working with a bunch of new producers and possibly doing EPs with a couple of them. Just working hard while also holding the full time job steez, which sucks, but I ain't got that Diddy money, so I have to work hard to support the things I love. All in all just having a good time with music and working with other musicians including some new people, which has been fun and always a learning experience. To wrap it up, also looking to tour this year in the fall instead of winter/spring so I can get some things taken care of and have some new tunes for the road. Be on the lookout for good times and some fresh original music!


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