Thursday, November 04, 2010

Check It ... H.W. (of The Scribblenauts) #RAPLIFE

H.W. of The Scribblenauts hit me up earlier with this track over an Oddisee beat (Lava Lamp off Oddisee Instrumental Mixtape, Vol. 1). It's basically a reflection of his life and probably the life many other non famous rappers live. It's kind of an anthem. I definitely dig it and hope other folks will gravitate towards it. The Mad Bloggers decided to jump on board and push this joint out. It's definitely a dope track. Check it out. Hit up the comment section with your thoughts. CHEA! |

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  1. Anonymous4:05 PM


    I definitely know the track he used and I can respect the content. The rapper reminds me a LOT of Cool Calm Pete and I know MCs hate to be compared to anyone else but that's who I immediately thought of when I heard it.

    The delivery is a little behind the snare, almost as if he wrote this rhyme to another beat or without the beat and is trying to attempt to fit his flow to it. His voice and diction are good, delivery is a bit sluggish but the content I can defintely get with.

    I'd like to hear more from him to make a more full determination of what he has to offer.

  2. Hey wise I appreciate you taking the time to listen to the track. I actually did write it to this beat. I feel my flow is on point but I can understand how it may come across that way. I recently did an album with my crew the scribblenauts which is the newest material besides this track. Q has it posted on here somewhere.

    Thanks again

  3. Anonymous4:24 PM


    Thanks for the speedy reply. I'll gladly look it up and give it a listen. Trust me when I say I'll really give it a thorough spin (and maybe even a review if time permits). I appreciate artists who can take mild criticism and not be offended. Keep working at your craft. You have my attention and ear.


  4. I totally understand man, some artists don't understand that to grow you need to find your faults and fix them or build upon something else. I always enjoy criticism from any source but more so from a valid standpoint.