Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday's Five Random Questions with @TheoMartins

"He can't be a rapper wearing boat shoes ..."

We all know I rock boat shoes, so with that one line Theo Martins instantly became a favorite. Ha!

I caught Theo just around the time he was putting out You Can't Do That on Television. I hit play on that project, which starts with "The Letter" and immediately thought the dude was dope. His latest project Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor takes you into a slightly different direction. Some folks would be scared to test the waters musically but for Theo he doesn't let a genre define his style and with that his latest is making waves musically.

With two fresh videos for his recent project, Theo has a style that is outside the box. In today's music of so many cookie-cutter-rappers-so-called-emcees, Theo Martins is a breath of fresh air.

Anyway, this week he decided to take the challenge. Check out how Theo answered five random questions after the jump.

Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island the home of the creatives.
Current City: Still here, dude.
How long have you been doing music: Took my father's records at 12, started DJing at 14, in clubs by 17, made the jump into making music about 2 years ago. So it's been some time now.
Discography: The Birth, Channel Surfin, You Can't Do That on Television, Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor.
Label: The Really Extraordinary Dream Balloon/ The Red Balloon
Describe your music in five words or less: Good, great and ("and" doesn't count as a used word) super, duper, magical.

ThroatChop: Okay, first question. Your celebrity crush at age 10, 15 and now?

Theo: At 10 I was hooked on nothing but video games. At 15 it was Aaliyah and now I'm it's Colbie Caillat. ow!

ThroatChop: What TV character would you be and why?

Theo: I'd be Jett Jackson, remember him? Yea, he was great. He was like a young black James Bond and that's who I am right now.

ThroatChop: What's the most embarrassing cd you ever purchased?

Theo: Hm, good question. I bought N'Sync's No Strings Attached the day it came out. I was at this Gospel Festival with my church and asked if I could go to the store and buy it. I still have that CD. I guess that doesn't serve as embarrassing, but it is a good story.

ThroatChop: You're leaving the house for a month. What three things do you have to bring with you and why?

Theo: My phone (my charger too, but that shouldn't count because the phone could be plugged into the charger while i'm running out) my bible and that magic bag that Barney had. Everything he needed was in it.

ThroatChop: What moment in your life would you like to relive and why?

Theo: I was telling my mother that 1997 was such a great time in my life. The old neighborhood I was living in was nothing but fun times with friends, the only care I had in the world was making sure I caught the ice cream truck and running fast so the girls thought I was cool. They didn't, though.

White Friends feat. Gordon Voidwell (from Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor)

Kirby's Airwalk (from You Can't Do That on Television)

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