Monday, June 13, 2011

EVENT: Brooklyn Bodega Presents We Got The Jazz (6/16/11)

Seems like a fresh event with some talented folks.
Brooklyn Bodega reps at the Northside Festival with a mix of funk, jazz, and Hip-Hop

Taking place in the walkable radius of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Northside is a four-day showcase of the work these people do behind the closed doors of rehearsal spaces, studios and makeshift home-offices, as well as glimpses from their contemporary creative communities around the world. Above all, it’s a celebration of these so-called dreamer types. Because they’re the reason you’re here, at the center of the universe.
Who: The Stuyvesants, Kooley High, Fresh Daily, Tanya Morgan, Che Grand, Naturel, Phony PPL, Progress, Scienze
When: June 16th 8-1130PM, Open Bar 9-10PM
Where: Europa, 98-104 Meserole Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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