Sunday, September 03, 2006

Categorize This

This whole blog thing started as a series of emails back and forth between the two of us over the years. We’ve been complaining about several things as mentioned in the ‘about us’ section. They’re very silly things that are out there that frustrate us. Music is at the forefront of that frustration (Please look forward to the boycott on American radio). The following allows you to witness the process.

Recently, while watching the Video Music Awards (VMA) – on an unnamed music station that gives out a moon man as the award – I received a text from a friend. I’ve had several conversations with him about music and such, and he was generally disappointed about the direction of the show. There were artists winning in categories they shouldn’t have been in, beating more deserving artists. The following is the back and forth email after the text, sharing it with O.

----Original Message Follows----


So, I'm watching the VMAs and I get this text from a friend...

"The VMAs are close to being irrelevant if the wrong people keep winning these awards. Pink? Pussycat Dolls? Black Eye Peas? Ridiculous. I hate music."

Yeah, some of the categories that they won, they shouldn't have even been in. "My Humps" is not a hip-hop song and should not have beaten Kanye West for example. "My Humps" couldn't be more of a pop song. The Black Eye Peas sold out their hip-hop roots a long time ago, and crossed over to the more lucrative pop game. Good for them. I’m not hating at all, I’m just saying please put them in the appropriate category. Pussycat Dolls "Buttons" best dance video? Yeah right. Not when Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" video is nominated in the same category. Shakira may not be the best singer, but the category was “best dance video”, maybe I’m mistaken, but her hips don’t lie at all. It’s all bullshit.

----Original Message Follows----

It just reminds me of a time I read a newspaper section that mentioned "Sisqo, the MTV rapper...." Well 1, I didn't know he singed to MTV Records. And 2, I didn't know he was a rapper.

Same shit happened yesterday when I saw "My Sweet 16" (channel surfing purposes) on MTV, which for argument's sake isn't Music TeleVision but Mostly TeleVision (side bar: When they debuted they started with the video “Video Killed the radio star.” Well, frankly reality TV is going to kill the video star) some young ass 15 year old told her mother she wanted to get someone to perform. Surfed the net and showed her who. She says, "I want Bobby Valentino to perform. He's a hot rapper out now."

So ummm yeah, it got me wondering – Who's advising who? Is it the kids to the adults that shouldn't have anything to do with music? Or perhaps it’s the adults to the kids who shouldn't have anything to do with music? Either way, they are both f**king clueless as to what real music is, regardless of category.

P.S. Who do I contact about getting someone in charge of the Award Shows' categorizing? Rocket Science? Hardly....

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  1. wait, sisco was a rapper?
    where is he?