Friday, April 30, 2010

First Listen ... Caits Meissner "The Wolf & Me"

I had the chance to preview Caits Meissner's new project, "The Wolf & Me". It's spoken word at it's finest. It's super fresh. It's one of those projects you throw on with a gang of friends, supply the wine and embrace the conversation that "The Wolf & Me" invokes.

"The Wolf & Me" is a well packaged (the PDF is serious) creative offering that delivers just over 25 minutes of Meissner's words, a host of production (Blu, Cazeaux OSLO, Just Plain Ant, Bisco Smith, CAV3 and The Aftermath) and a few features (Maya Azucena, Jesse Boykins III, Dunce Apprentice and Broke MC). You even get a little singing from Meissner on the project, something she calls "her honest and edgy tone." She definitely delivers herself on the nine track EP.

I think the press release says it best, "The Wolf & Me is something that will linger in your soul."

It truly does. I enjoyed it.

"The Wolf & Me" will be available May 1, 2010, for just $7. Support. Enjoy.

Download "Blackest Blood," the new single from the forthcoming project free

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Check It ... Tanika Charles "Sillyhappywild"

One of my favorite blogs/sites is, run by the homie @jcrillz aka Ghostface Crillah, out on the West Coast. I caught this joint from Tanika Charles aka Mz Chawls, the songstress out of Canada, on his site this morning. Like he said, it is refreshing. Enjoy.

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What I'm Watching ... Off The Wall (Midnight) Sessions - EP. 12 Tanya Morgan

I've been peeping a lot more of the Off the Wall videos. Interesting way to look at artists. Catch Episode 12 featuring Tanya Morgan.

Off The Wall (Midnight) Sessions - EP. 12 Tanya Morgan from OFF THE WALL SESSIONS on Vimeo.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Check It ... Taiyamo Denku feat. Prince Po "Mona Lisa" (Agartha Audio Rmx)

This joint is serious. That is all. Check it out. You're welcome.
Taiyamo Denku's LP "Articles of Mind" can be purchased on iTunes
Agartha Audio's LP "The Hollow Earth" can be purchased on iTunes

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Download ... @VerbalTaktiks "Coffee House Chronicles Books 1-7: Morning Brew"

I have to thank Shaun from for getting this joint to me. Shaun understands the process of how I work. He hit me up like, "when you get a chance..." and he knew the response would be "putting it on my desktop." ("Putting it on my desktop" is code for, sooner or later I'll listen). But because I respect dude and he's sent me good music in the past, I went back and checked the "Coffee House Chronicles."

Verbal Taktiks do their thing on the seven track EP, that starts off with a really fresh spoken word segment, ironically enough named "Fresh". It's fun. It's lyrical. It's quick (7 tracks, easy listening). It's Hip-Hop. It's a great introduction to the Sacramento crew.

Check out "Fresh" and "Notebook" off the project and if you dig 'em, go ahead and download the full project.



Coffee House Chronicles Books 1-7: Morning Brew [Click to Download]

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What I'm Watching ... @BlitzAmbassador "Something to Believe" feat. Tess

photo by Mikey the Conscious Hustler

You know who's super dope? This guy -----> Blitz the Ambassador! Yep. I've been checking dude out for a bit and his music continues to impress me - deep rooted in classic Hip-Hop with it's heavy jazz overtones and coupled with Blitz's serious word play. Translation, Blitz is dope. Check out "Something to Believe" featuring Tess, off the StereoLive EP. The vid was directed by Terence Nance of the MVMT. The Live Session performance will air on MTV2 and MTVu.

Click here to purchase StereoLive on iTunes

Click here to purchase StereLive on Bandcamp.

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The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Connecticut: Duece Bug

I hope you're enjoying the Connecticut installment of The Journey to Hip-Hop series. Much like the Milwaukee installment, I'm being introduced to a lot of different heads that I hadn't heard of before. It's dope.

Check out Duece Bug, the Norwalk, Connecticut emcee. The dude has opened for Method Man and Redman, Foxy Brown, Ghostface, Wale, House of Pain and a few others. He's got tracks with Cappadonna, Cory Gunz, Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox and more. His album, "fuck.duece.bug" drops in June. But enough of the co-signs and dope emcees he's worked with, the dude's music speaks for itself. Check it.

"More Than..." feat. Cappadonna

Check out more:

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Download ... Zone Fam x Teck-Zilla "The Full Script"

I didn't know how I was going to feel about this project before listening to it. I'll be honest, I was skeptical. But while there are a few tracks on this joint that are just alright, Zone Fam and Teck-Zilla definitely deliver with "The Full Script". The production is serious. Check it out, it's definitely worth a listen.
"This is the culmination of hard work, perseverance and consistency; going back and forth for over a year the Zone Fam and Teck-Zilla have put together, what is one of the best cross country collaborations that will be heard. Teck-Zilla from Nigeria is a rapper and Producer for Str8 Buttah Productions and Zone Fam are a six member Rap Crew from Zambia under Slam Dunk Records.

Hooking up on was the start of big things, they collaborated on the song ‘To be an African’ that featured on the ‘The Sequel’ Mixtape. Teck-Zilla being based in London and Zone Fam in Lusaka - proved not to be much of a challenge as the world wide web has made the globe so much smaller. The Full Script features 10 blazing tracks with Hip Hop and its influence on the collective being the main subject matter."

<a href="">The Full Script by Zone Fam</a>

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Check it ... Wrekonize (of ¡MAYDAY!) Freestyles!

Good, good stuff in the email today courtesy of ¡MAYDAY!. I gotta share. Check it...

Freestyles Galore

Wrekonize has probably been serving up freestyles since he jumped out of his mother's womb and the ¡MAYDAY! native recently lit up the net with a series of freestyles that would even make your momma proud.

His most recent release has the battle MC spitting fire over Lil' Wayne's "Single" instrumental, reminding us once again why that last shot of Jack is just a bad idea.

Listen to Wrekonize - "One Too Many" (Freestyle)and while your at it treat yourself to Wrek's last two freestyle gems over Diamond District bangers, "In the Ruff" and "Streets Won't Let Me Chill".

Wrekonize – "One Too Many" (Freestyle)

Wrekonize - “Don’t Stop The Music” (Freestyle)

Wrekonize : “Streets Wont Let Me Chill” (Freestyle)

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The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Connecticut: Expertiz - "Machinery"

Expertiz, out of Stratford, CT, hit me up with this track "Machinery" off his album Disrupting Nature's Balance which was released March 3rd of this year. He heard we were doing a special project for local artists in the state of Connecticut and wanted to be a part of it. Got it, listened, liked. So now I want you to check it out...

Balance, depth and intensity are at the core of the debut release from Expertiz, Disrupting Nature’s Balance. The 22 tracks move effortlessly throughout, each standing on it’s own as a separate pieces of a complex poetic puzzle. These ideas and concepts are his alone and shun the languid conventions of “radio” hip-hop. Expertiz wears his heart on his sleeve while lacing paragraphs littered with density throughout the project. Whether spitting fire like that found on “Let’s Be Clear” questioning Darwinism as found on “Weave Through Worlds” or looking within himself to find answers such as “Before Life Concludes”, the album has something for all avid listeners of classic hip-hop. With production by some of Connecticut’s finest producers, including Deto-22 Dirt E. Dutch, and Defnyshn, the music serves as a perfect compliment to the array of lyrics shown by the host emcee. Guest appearances include Hawl Digg of Workforce, Roc Doogie of Phenetiks, The Rising Sun Quest and Breez Evahflowin.

Expertiz - "Machinery"

Expertiz's MySpace
Expertiz's Facebook

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Check It ... @WillieGreen1 "David Lopan"

I caught this joint a day or so ago in the email in the midst of a gang of other music and releases. It almost slipped by me but I came back to it and I'm pleased that I did. "David Lopan" is off Willie Green's upcoming project "Dirty Jordans". The joint is fresh. Enjoy.
"The lead single from Willie Green's upcoming album Dirty Jordans, "David Lopan" is a hip-hop/dub hybrid loaded with samples from its namesake's film Big Trouble In Little China. The song is a feature from the producer's next instrumental release, a 30-track follow up to last year's acclaimed "...Of Heroes and Villains."

Willie Green is based out of Brooklyn, NY and possesses an impressive production resume including Cannibal Ox, LuckyIAm, Reks, Naledge (of Kidz In The Hall), MarQ Spekt and many more. As in-house producer/engineer for Backwoodz Studioz, Green has a number of upcoming projects with the label, including a one MC/one producer project with New Jersey's HiCoup titled Guerilla Jones, and production on the upcoming billy woods solo effort History Will Absolve Me."
Dirty Jordans will be available June 22, 2010 from Backwoodz Studioz Follow the madness: Check out more from The Mad Bloggers

Eternia & MoSS "IT'S FUNNY" RMX ft. RAS KASS [Behind the Scenes]

Oh, you thought the videos were over because she got the record deal? Nah homie, they continue. Check the behind the scenes video and be sure to download the "It's Funny" remix featuring Ras Kass.
"Finally the record label & release dates have been announced, but that doesn't mean the cameras stop rolling! Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Eternia tracking her final verses for "AT LAST" at Fat Beats HQ, premiering the "IT'S FUNNY" Remix on HALFTIME RADIO, and building w/ RAS KASS about a lil' controversy in his verse, and why he calls Eternia ... "Annie"?

Eternia & MoSS will release their highly anticipated album "AT LAST"June 15th, 2010 & the "AT LAST" Vinyl EP drops May 18th, 2010 on FAT BEATS RECORDS worldwide!"

Eternia & MoSS "IT'S FUNNY" Remix ft. RAS KASS: Clean | Dirty

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Tanya Morgan presents the First Book Charity Concert & Book Drive

Hey if you're in the City this Friday, show some support for the First Book Charity Concert and Book Drive presented by Tanya Morgan.
"On Friday, April 30th Tanya Morgan presents the First Book Charity Concert and Book Drive at Crash Mansion (New York, NY ). Curated by Tanya Morgan and Move Forward Music, the book drive concert will feature performances by hip-hop legend Buckshot, his Duck Down labelmates Skyzoo and Torae, and of course the Brooklynati trio themselves, plus many more special guest appearances.

Presented in association with Black Apple Intl., proceeds from the concert will be donated to First Book, a non-profit that provides books to underprivileged kids across the U.S. and Canada. In their 20 years of public service, First Book has donated 65 million books to children in need, combating one of the most significant problems in U.S. literacy and education: access to books. Right now, more than 80% of preschool and after-school programs serving low-income populations have no age-appropriate books for their children, which has led to 30 million people over age 16 in the U.S. who don’t read well enough to understand a newspaper story written at the eighth grade level or fill out a job application.

This is our chance to take part in making a change. Join us for this incredible concert, and get down with the cause!"

When: Friday, April 30th 7:30 - 10pm
Where: Crash Mansion, 199 Bowery
Admission: $12 (donated to First Book), Used Books also welcome!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Connecticut: Blacastan - "On and Off the Mic ft Apathy"

Check out Blacastan, out of Hartford, Connecticut, doing what he does on the mic with this track titled "On and Off the Mic" featuring another Connecticut native named Apathy. This guy holds his own on the stage, as I witnessed, when he guest appeared for Jedi Mind Tricks and Apathy as well at Toad's Place. This track is off The Master Of Reality album recently released in March 5. Go cop that.

This mix, full of 19 all new studio tracks features all original production from the likes of 7L (who also mixes and arranges the entire piece in his signature Bladerunner's cut and paste edit style), Columbeyond, Esoteric, Apathy, DJ Doom, Blacastan himself and more. Vocal contributions come from Apathy, Columbeyond, Krumbsnatcha and Blac's Branch Davidians crew.

This is a prelude and serves as what Blac calls "... the meal before the meal ..." referring to his upcoming full length opus entitled "Blac Sabbath." The debut album boasts production & vocals from some of the elite in the game: Statik Selektah, Blue Sky Black Death, Mr. Green, Colombeyond, Esoteric and Celph Titled.

Blacastan - "On and Off the Mic ft Apathy"

Blacastan's MySpace
Blacastan's Twitter

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Download ... Addifi "The Green Diner Mix"

I hit play and chilled for 18 plus minutes to the beats of Addifi, an indie LA producer/DJ. There's definitely a refreshing sound in his beats. Why did I listen? The email tells the story.
I'm a big fan of TMB, especially the mix tapes and esoteric, lesser known stuff, most importantly I love what you guys do for the indie artists, a big support there. I'm an indie LA producer/DJ who recently put together a Beat Tape of some instrumentals I've been working on and I was just looking to spread the word and see what people think.

Anyway, if you get a chance I'd love for you to check it out and hopefully you dig the tunes and it was worth the time, if not, thanks for taking the time and keep up the great work."
It's all about the approach. It's not because he said he was a fan but because he just wanted to share music and understood our website. We get a lot of emails from folks that have obviously NEVER checked the page because of some of the content they send us. Whether Addifi had copy/pasted this to a hundred different blogs (I doubt that's the case) I respect the approach in recognizing the content of our site.

I definitely enjoyed "The Green Diner Mix" and it was worth the time. Check the project and hopefully you'll dig it too!

&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;The Green Diner Mix by addifi&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

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The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Connecticut: @BigStat

I first heard about Big Stat back in September '09. It was his "Don't Quit Your Dayjob" mixtape that caught my attention. At the time he was doing some shows throughout Connecticut and elsewhere and his mixtape was hosted by Redman. So, I checked him out. Dude is cool. He hasn't stopped working hard for his music in the months that I've been following him. I dig his sound. I shared his mixtape back then but now I'll share a few cuts off of it that are among my favorites. Enjoy!

Open Up My Eyes (Produced by Ralphie-O)

I Gave You Everything (Produced by Nachural)

Download: "Don't Quit Your Dayjob"

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Download ... @Ritchcraft presents "The Big Band Blueprint"

It's an interesting concept for sure. But I'm not going to say much and let this be one of those joints that I'll let you decide about. Enjoy.
"Halifax producer Ritchcraft, has recently compiled a mixtape featuring the smooth jazz samples from the big band era accompanied by the infectious flow from Jay-Z’ rap classic The Blueprint. The mixtape is titled The Big Band Blueprint, is hosted by Nico Roth, 4 Plae, and Fresh Kut Ave and features 13 tracks, including revamped classics like H to the Izzo & Heart of the City.

Ritchcraft has been involved in the East Coast music scene for close to 5 years. His production credits include working with local MC’s Quake & Kayo, along with a handful of others. His skill lies in his ability to create genre-bending tracks that separate him from his competition. Ritchcraft’s musical influences range from funk to disco to classic rock, there isn’t a style of music that this producer does not borrow from."

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TMB's Track of the Week 4/27/10: @TheLyricists "Come On"

I have been sitting on this track for a little while, not because I didn't want to share it but because I wanted to share it as the Track of the Week. The jawn comes from the Port Huron, Michigan (just east of Detroit) crew The Lyricists. It's off their upcoming "Constructicons Mixtape". Enjoy "Come On"

Come On [Download]

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Check It ... Louwop ft Divine Brown "Stay Building"

Shoutout to the homie Chedo over at the for hitting me up with this new joint from Louwop featuring Divine Brown "Stay Building". Enjoy!

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What I'm Watching ... G.o.D. Jewels "All Things 'Go"

I first got put on to G.o.D. Jewels by way of his management team. They were cool about the approach in introducing his music. I respected that, so I checked it. I dug it. That was a few months back. Now, G.o.D. is less than a week away from releasing his new project "Greatness Opens Doors". I've heard the advance and it's fresh.

Check the vid for his single, "All Things 'Go". Vid directed by noahCHRISTOFER. Enjoy.

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TMB's Weekly Podcast, Episode 5

Check it, another dope episode of The Mad Bloggers Show. Last week we took a break from a regular mix to bring you all Little Brother cuts. Now we're back with music from Adrift, Reflection Eternal, J-Live, Blu, Nametag, Kidz in The Hall, Shad and more. It's a solid episode. Enjoy.

Oh, and don't forget to subscribe, so you can get greatness delivered directly to your music playing devices each week. Thanks for the support!

TMB's Weekly Podcast - Episode 5, tracklist

01. Ridin - Fresh Cut Collective
02. Mixed Emotion - Bitches Is Crazy (B.I.C.)
03. BossCo.2 - Blu
04. Kirby's Airwalk - Theo Martins
05. Nothin (Remix) - Mayday
06. City Playgrounds - Reflection Eternal
07. The Product - Nametag
08. Wait - Soul Plasma
09. The Grizzly Man - Kidz In The Hall
10. Yaa I Get It - Shad
11. Asian Girl - Murs and 9th Wonder
12. Cheap Sunglasses - Apathy
13. The Way That I Rhyme - J-Live
14. DUN EZ - Adrift Da Belle

TMB Podcast # 5 [Download]

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Download ... @DJHyphen's "Sunday Night Sound Session, #256" (Guru Dedication)

Check out the latest episode of Sunday Night Sound Session with DJ Hyphen and J. Moore. They took to the airwaves on Sunday and dedicated their entire show to Guru. I dig Hyphen's intro to the episode. Enjoy some great music!
"Soon after posting up last week’s SNSS on the blog, I heard the unfortunate news that the legendary Guru passed away. While the circumstances surrounding his coma and battle with cancer have been strange, suspicious, and possibly manipulated by his business partner Solar, enough has already been written and gossiped about on that front. Unless some new information comes to light, I’m leaving all that to the parties involved.

What I will hold on to instead is the incredible amount of quality work that Guru left us, both as a part of Gang Starr and with his Jazzmatazz projects. No, he wasn’t the best MC bar for bar and people seemed to either love or hate the monotone voice, but his contribution to this music and culture is one that few rappers will ever equal. Guru didn’t just talk the talk in his rhymes: he was a living embodiment of hip-hop, both the positive and negative aspects (like all great artists). He wasn’t a perfect man, as some in the Seattle hip-hop community can personally attest to, but ultimately, I’ll remember him for his classic records and constant effort to promote positivity in his music.

There have been plenty of great tributes to Guru already, but we wanted to pay our respect by dedicating the entire SNSS episode to him this week. We had about 400 records we wanted to play, ranging from the early Gang Starr stuff to Jazzmatazz to guest spots and b-sides, but we just ran through them live and picked ‘em along with our listeners as we went. We also dropped in a few snippets from our last interview with Guru in 2007. Shout to the entire Elam family, the Gang Starr Foundation, and 7 Grand Records. Enjoy the music and RIP to Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal…"

Show #256 (4-25-10)
RIP Guru Tribute

1. Gang Starr – “You Know My Steez”
2. Gang Starr – “Who’s Gonna Take The Weight”
3. Gang Starr – “Ex Girl To The Next Girl”
4. Gang Starr – “Work”
5. Gang Starr – “The ? Remainz”
6. Gang Starr ft. Nice & Smooth – “DWYCK”
7. Gang Starr – “Step In The Arena”
8. Gang Starr – “Conspiracy”
9. Gang Starr ft. Inspectah Deck – “Above The Clouds”
10. Gang Starr – “Just To Get A Rep”
11. Gang Starr – “Soliloquy Of Chaos”
12. Gang Starr – “Mass Appeal”
13. Gang Starr – “Full Clip”
14. Gang Starr – “JFK 2 LAX”
15. Gang Starr – “Skills”
16. Gang Starr – “Manifest (Remix)”
17. Guru ft. Jay Dee & Bilal – “Certified”
18. **INTERVIEW WITH GURU (7-24-07) (SNIPPET) #01**
19. Gang Starr ft. Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx – “The Milita”
20. Gang Starr ft. K-Ci & JoJo – “Royalty”
21. Gang Starr – “Code Of The Streets (Kenny Dope Mix)”
22. **INTERVIEW WITH GURU (7-24-07) (SNIPPET) #02**
23. Gang Starr – “In Memory Of”

Link to download the mp3 of the show.
back up/streaming link
2nd back up

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Check It ... P.Genz "Soul Clap"

This joint almost got overlooked in the inbox. Happy I listened. Check it.

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Download ... @ScholarMan "Indomitable Will" mixtape

I caught the email last night and got the chance to check out the project today. Good stuff! ScholarMan is good people and his music is dope. Check out "Indomitable Will".
Mixed by the ill DJ Nominal, this mixtape features the lyrical talents of K-Mynez, TrueBless, Kats, SoloCypher, Lolo Life’, Chima Anya and BEveready. It also features guest producers Lagbara, Jonesy, X3M, Labmatik, Ardel Limbo, Overlor and Reign.
"Indomitable Will" [Click to Download]

Soganic Music

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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Connecticut: Pruven - "Destiny's Path"

Pruven, an MC I've gotten to see perform numerous times already, is a very humble and down to earth individual for someone towering at 6'2"+. His album, 1st Words: Earn Everything, released in January of this year gives you plenty of cuts with a few surprising features from Mr. Lif to Copywrite as well as his affiliates Cee Reed and Roc One, along with others. I chose this track titled "Destiny's Path" off that album because I was digging it as I was going through a bunch of Connecticut artists' music. Anyways, check it out. Hear for yourself...

Pruven - "Destiny's Path"

Pruven's MySpace
Pruven's Facebook

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Connecticut: Man-U-Ill

(Photo by Selfmathematiks PhotoGraphy)

At Toad's Place last week, I networked with a few artists trying to get their music out as they were set to perform for the state's radio station's contest. That's where I met a bunch of people from Man-U-Ill's camp that was representing him as he was unable to make the night's show. I have seen Man-U-Ill perform twice before. This would've been the third time. Dude got skill on the mic.

Continuing on with our Journey To Hip-Hop: Connecticut, I give you music from Danbury, CT's Man-U-Ill with a video of his off his upcoming "Who's Man-u-iLL Pt 2 (You Should Already Know".

Man-U-Ill's MySpace
Man-U-Ill's Twitter

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

When She Speaks, You Listen: @LadyBlogga - "Music Breakers Nowadays: Is it still the DJ or has it become the Blogger?"

Music Breakers Nowadays: Is it still the DJ or has it become the Blogger?

The music that we get on mainstream radio was handpicked by some suits that run a record company. Who told them that’s what the people want to hear?? For years they’ve been giving us crap. Don’t get me wrong, they have let some gems out but for the most part, it’s garbage. These past few years especially, mainstream music for me, is on a rapid decline. This is why the underground/independent movement is detrimental to this here Hip-Hop game. It is music that gets created for the people and gets supported by the people. Yes, mainstream music gets supported by the people but only after continuous brainwash play on the radio. Sometimes, it feels as if you have no choice but to like it.

There used to be a time where the DJ at a club had the new tune in his crate. He would play a song, watch the crowd’s reaction and report back to the artist. Or, the artist would walk in and see how the crowd reacted to the tune. You knew if it was a banger based on that. DJs and artists still do that but now there are other influences. DJs are not true to the game and accept money and other bribes to break certain songs. Songs they know suck. I think that is a disservice to the people and they should have their turntables, I mean iPods revoked.

We don’t have to depend on those types of sellout mainstream DJs anymore. Underground DJs are still true to the game and there is a new force on the horizon...The Blogger. Blog sites and Internet radio are making and breaking underground artists. Bloggers and Internet radio shed light on artists who might not otherwise be heard. This is a big deal because blog sites and internet radio are read and heard WORLDWIDE!!! There are artists who look for certain bloggers to post their music because they have a huge following and their sense of music is keen. They will get a raw, honest opinion from blog readers as well as a real people perspective from the blogger.

There are some signed artists who don’t want their posts on blogs. That could be for various reasons. Either you don’t care what the public have to say because they know mainstream clown radio will play it anyway, or maybe you know the public will rip your wack shit to shreds or you know that the public will see right through your shenanigans and you will lose supporters rather than gain. *Take that. Take that.* #ShotsFIRED

At the end of the day artists, you should know that the public should be your top critic. DJs used to be a reliable source but some of them have become tainted and cater to the industry bullshit. Music companies will tell you whatever and turn an artist into anything they think will sell. Blog sites and internet radio is run by the people, for the people. I trust the word of the sites that I read and follow. We do it because we have a genuine love for it, definitely NOT because we get paid, which in my opinion, makes it a very credible opinion source.

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The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Connecticut: Governor Magnum

Here's another addition to the journey showcasing dope Hip-Hop in the state of Connecticut. I bumped into dude through a friend's Facebook page where he was asking them to suggest his page to their friends. Yeah, didn't happen. We gotta do a better job connecting. I'm looking for artists, he was looking for fans and the middle men are rarely paying attention. Anyways, that's another post. Haha. Check out his bio I pulled from his MySpace page and be sure to download his mixtapes off the link at the bottom.

I welcome to one of the most impressive lyrical MCs that seems to be creeping his way in from out the underground! The name is Governor Magnum. Born and raised in Hartford, CT, this 27 year old has the skulls to give you the Governor's side or the Magnum's lyrical side of word play. Only real Hip-Hop lovers and listeners will appreciate what this artist brings to the table. Rapping since he was 11 years old and keeping the same hunger and ambition that has him being mention with the greatest of the game. Enjoy and zone off into his mind as he takes you on a lyrical roller coaster. I present to you....Governor Magnum.

Governor Magnum - Hall Of Famer

"...Tired of hearing that pitiful rappin' / I'm the G.O.A.T. like LL, no Cool J, just a lyrical Latin / need your attention when Governor's teaching / mind of a conscience, heart of king and the blood of a Rican..." - Governor Magnum

Governor Magnum's

Governor Magnum's MySpace

Governor Magnum's Facebook

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Check It ... Hot 93.7's 6th Annual Underground Jam featuring CT Artists and Joe Budden

I checked out a bunch of winners for a contest the radio station was hosting for local artists to open up for Joe Budden. Caught some extra footage of these guys doing what they do as they got ready for the stage. Much appreciation to all the heads that were in attendance last night. Myk Feva, Willis, They Walk On Water, Man-U-Ill, Quest, & Chris Webby all held their ground on and off the stage. Pretty interesting night with the artists all bigging up each other and showing support for each other as Connecticut artists, often overlooked in this state regarding Hip-Hop. You'll be hearing more from these artists as we continue our journey in the state of Connecticut. Check it out the random pictures and videos I was able to get...

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Download ... Talib Kweli & DJ Chaps - "Early Mourning Signs (Mixtape)"

A gift from the fellas over at Year of The Blacksmith!

The long awaited mixtape from Kweli and DJ Chaps is finally here, as a special preview for YOTB members. Another piece of music to tide you over until Reflection Eternal's sophomore opus Revolutions Per Minute drops in May. Click this link to download.

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What I'm Watching ... Skyzoo "My Interpretation"

Digging this. I hope ya do too. Good music. Real chill video.

The final single from Skyzoo's critically acclaimed album THE SALVATION. Produced by Best Kept Secret. Directed by Artemus Jenkins. Starring Skyzoo, Skarr Akbar, & introducing Shaunetta Squalls. THE SALVATION is in stores now via Jamla/Duck Down Music. Click here to purchase:

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Downloads ... Theo Martins "You Can't Do That on Television"

I caught this joint in the email. I've definitely been checking out more joints that have come in recently and while I've been disappointed with a few projects, I was not disappointed by this joint from Theo Martins. The dude doesn't bombard you with 15 tracks, he just gives you six tracks plus a bonus on "You Can't Do That on Television", which leaves you anticipating his next project. I dig it!
Theo Martins, the Rhode Island native who released his Channel Surfin’ mixtape just last month, has hooked up with to present his latest street release, You Can’t Do That On Television. Inspired by the Canadian sketch comedy show (and, later, Nickelodeon staple) of the same name, the seven-track set sees Theo and producer $port blending elements of early-‘90s hip-hop with more futuristic musical influences. Included on the project are previously-featured, Booth-approved cuts “Kirby’s Airwalk” and (as a bonus track) “Goodwill Hunting (RZA ‘94 Dreams).”
Check out "Kirby's Airwalk" off the project and if you're so inclined, go ahead and download the full joint if you like.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Downloads ... Rocki Evans "More Songs About Girls" EP

I usually give a serious side eye to cover projects at this level. But I decided to listen. I dig it. Check out Rocki Evans.
Rising R&B star Rocki Evans has joined forces with to bring listeners his latest mixtape, More Songs About Girls. Inspired by‘s 2007 solo album, Songs About Girls, the project features six fresh new tracks from the Big Apple-based singer (“Lipstick Regrets,” a last minute omission, was intentionally included in the album artwork).

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Check It ... Tef Poe "Symphony"

Check out this pretty dope joint from Tef Poe off his "Money Never Sleeps" mixtape. If you dig the track, check out his full project. It's filled with that St. Louis sound.

Money Never Sleeps [Click to Download]

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The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Connecticut: D.W.I. - "Understand Me" featuring MakemPay

Found this searching for CT artists on my journey. This track I'm especially digging. Check it out...

D.W.I stands for "DARTS WIT INTELLECT" aka DEEDUBB aka DUBBZ, been into the realest Hip-Hop since this culture started. Born in Waterbury, Connecticut then moved and was raised in New Haven, Connecticut. In the late 80's, early 90's, he was in a crew called Ferse Priority named after Milk Dee & The Original First Priority Crew. They were on some cool out Hip-Hop music, dance, and basketball. In the middle 90's, D.W.I was affiliated with a group called Respected Mic Holders, who later changed their group name to Bare Essentials which also goes back to the members of Ferse Priority Fam. Together, they would write rhymes over instrumentals and always listen closely to the rapper's lyrics over the banging beat. Since the mid 90's, they've been putting it down in CT.

D.W.I. - "Understand Me" featuring MakemPay

For more info: D.W.I.

Follow The Journey To Hip-Hop in Connecticut...Here.

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