Friday, October 30, 2009

Black Thought & Mos Def - "75 Bars"

Shoutout to for this clip! Mos Def and Black Thought go back and forth on 75 Bars. Gotta love a dope MC who respects and gets hyped up by another dope MC.

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Jay-Z Ft Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind" [Official Vid]

Here it is, Empire State of Mind ... the Lil Mama-less version [LOL]

Plus Game 2 performance from the World Series

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vinnie Paz's "Drag You To Hell" Remix Contest

(Via Vinnie Paz's MySpace)

What’s up everybody,

We just announced the Vinnie Paz “Drag You To Hell” remix contest today. You can download the “Drag You To Hell” acappella here: (COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK INTO YOUR BROWSER - MYSPACE WILL BLOCK THE LINK IF YOU CLICK ON THIS HYPERLINK DIRECTLY)

Then work your production magic and e-mail your remix as an mp3 back to us at by midnight PST on December 1, 2009.

Please include your producer name in the mp3 file name, so we can track your submission.

Winners will be announced on December 15, 2009 and will have the chance to have their production work featured on Vinnie Paz’s debut solo album, “The Assassin’s Creed,” and will also be laced with a Jedi Mind Tricks prize pack from the official JMT Online Store.

So go to this link: to download the “Drag You To Hell” acappella, work your production magic, and then e-mail your remix back to us at by midnight PST on December 1, 2009.

Jedi Mind Tricks

Vinnie Paz on MySpace :

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Check It ... R. Kelly "Echo"

Check out Echo from R. Kelly off the new album.

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Check It ... R.Me "Ric Flair"

Check out Ric Flair, the first single off R.Me's project Still Untitled Til' This Day. This joint was produced by Saez. Check it out.

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Check It ... Wordsmith "Braggin Rights"

Check out this track Braggin Rights from Wordsmith off his upcoming project, The Overdue & Underrated, brought to you by 2Dopeboyz, HiphopDX, Coast2Coast Mixtapes and Frostwire. This joint was produced by Rafpak. The Overdue & Underrated is set to drop December 7 and features Chubb Rock, SoulStice, Fred Knuxx, Ruste Juxx,V-Stylez, Junclassic, Kontact & Black Knight, RAtheMC, Laelo Hood and more. Production on the mixtape includes Strada, Judah, DJ King Assassin, Capish, Professa, Street Level, Rafpak and more.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Check It ... OnCue "Because I Grind" Prod by Alchemist

Check out the new track from the homie Oncue, Because I Grind, produced by Alchemist

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Tha Lady Blogga: Hip Hop BET… Really?

Despite my wanting to watch the opening Cavs and Celtics game, my Twitter fam quickly convinced me to watch the BET Hip Hop Awards. I was watching the Tweets and laughing hysterically. Soon I joined the fun.

Let me just say that BET always guarantees disappointment. The over display of Gucci Mane (aka Leather Lips) and Soulja Boy Tell Em (aka Mr. Sharpie Shape Up) was just ridiculous. Every other performance featured those two fools and since this was a “Hip Hop” show, I couldn’t figure out why. It’s not like they are real Hip Hop artists. Hip Flop is more like it. Souljah Boy came out with his Sharpie hairline and at first glance, I thought he was Flava Flav. His marketing team put together a helluva package. He came onto the stage looking uncomfortably “hard and from the hood”. Saggy skinny jeans and a bunch of hollow gold around his neck. He looked terrible. His outfit was definitely influenced by his woman (ahem… Trina). As for the performance well, you already know. I had to listen and rewind the performance a few times to hear what he was saying. He and Gucci Mane need to see a speech therapist because their speaking skills are the worst. Gucci raps like he has a mouth full of marbles … How the hell did he get a record deal sounding like that? I guess that masks his wack-ass lyrics.

And can somebody please direct Jim Jones to the shower ... Mmmmmkay?

Oh and Busta, Canal Street is not the place for Award gear. Perhaps you could pick up an accessory or two but a whole outfit, no bueno.

They did re-birth a lot of artists who we haven’t seen in awhile. Missy Elliot (who had some fabulous hair *makes salon appointment*), the Goodie Mob reunion was great!! Cee-Lo looks like he shrunk though. Snoop was there too looking fabulous with his Dominican blow-out. I hope those young boys had their notepads out because Snoop knows how to do the damn thang. The show opened with Jay-Z (O_o) and Jeezy. And after that, every commercial was Jay-Z inspired (that must have been in the performance contract).

Now here’s where BET messed up. This was a Hip Hop show … Right? Well, in between the commercials was a 3-5 minute piece called "The Cypher" … well that was the best part of the show. They could have just played all of those in a row and I would have been happier than a pig in slop. You had artists old, new, non-English speaking rapping in a group and they were freestyling!!! For minutes at a time, BET actually represented Hip Hop. I am by no means a fan but lyrically, Nicki Minaj gave me something to listen to. She definitely needs to ditch that “Barbie” image and her mechanical voice. At that point, she might gain me as a fan (I said MIGHT!) Joe Buddens held his own as well. Gsan did the damn thing in Portuguese (but it would’ve been better without the sub titles #BETfail). Nipsey Hussle is another one to watch. His lyrics are beastly. He sounds a lil Snoopish but I am sure he’ll break free of that copied image and create his own. The best damn Cypher of the night… Mos Def, Black Thought and Eminem with DJ Premier on the 1 and 2’s. Dammit BET, why weren’t these Cypher’s stage performances? That was a humongous programming fail and this is why I think you folks at BET/EBT have no idea what you are doing.

If you missed last night’s Cyphers, here they are. Enjoy the first enjoyably vision ever on BET…

First Group: Nicki Minaj, Joe Buddens, Crown Royyal, Buckshot. Second Group: Nipsey Hussle, KRS-One, Gsan and Wale. Third Group: Mos Def, Black Thought and Eminem

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Clipse on KUBE 93's Sound Session ...

I caught this vid this week in the email from the homie DJ Hyphen out in Seattle. Check the interview with the Clipse from Hyphen's show, "Sunday Night Sound Session"

"In their second Sunday Night Sound Session interview, Malice and Pusha T stopped by Seattle's KUBE 93 to chop it up with DJ Hyphen on 9-10-09. They talked all about their upcoming "Till The Casket Drops" album, including breakdowns of their singles with Kanye West, Cam'ron, and Pharrell. They also looked back on their past work, detailed the success of their Play Cloths fashion line, doled out advice to younger artists, and much more."

The Clipse on KUBE 93's Sound Session from DJ Hyphen on Vimeo.

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Chris Brown "I Can Transform Ya" video

So the I Can Transform Ya video hit the airwaves this morning. Thoughts? Is Chris Brown back?

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Shad is that dude and he returns to New York on November 4 to rock a show at Pianos (LES). Check out the info below.

Shad ( is quickly becoming one of Canada’s most respected young artists. His sophomore record, The Old Prince, was received with top reviews by music critics across the board, snagging a Juno nomination for Best Rap Recording of the Year and securing a spot on the coveted Polaris Music Prize short-list. Shad will return to New York on Wednesday November 4, 2009 to rock a show at Pianos (158 Ludlow).

Completing three national tours in 2008 and performing in 46 cities this summer on the 2009 VANS Warped Tour, Shad has over 200 live shows under his belt and looks most comfortable when he’s in front of an audience. From the Hillside Music Festival to Warped Tour to opening for Common and Lupe Fiasco, Shad is able to connect with music lovers of almost any genre through his remarkable live show.

Shad broke ground with his 2005 independent debut When This is Over, earning praise for its honest and clever lyrics and its distinct musical aesthetic. His sophomore release, The Old Prince became an Internet hot-potato, received 10/10 on, and equal comparisons to Kanye West and Common on

Shad’s skillful wordplay and smooth flow on The Old Prince, combined with his engaging live shows, and four outstanding music videos (The Old Prince Still Lives at Home became YouTube’s #1 featured video World Wide) have allowed Shad to develop tribes of devout fans right across the globe.

With two slow-roasting classics under his belt, Shad continues to walk the humble path. He appreciates the chance to make and share his thoughts through music.

Shad – Live at Pianos:
Wednesday November 4, 2009
Pianos (
158 Ludlow St. (at Stanton)
$10 Advanced Tickets, 21+

"...Fools wanna make stars, instead of music that's smart and special, because art at a level that's real can be harder to peddle ..."

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Jamie Foxx on Plies

Jamie Foxx open with talking about "I only heard the good records" in reference to Plies music (What good records?) But then he bounces back with calling Plies out for being fake and running from "real n*ggas" and hiding in the bathroom. I said a long time ago that Plies was wack and fake. He's just a gimmick.

(I caught this link over @

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#MusicMonday ... Black Box "Everybody Everybody"

Q had to bring it back so now I'm feeling nostalgic. Enjoy!

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#MusicMonday ... Luther Vandross "Never Too Much"

Yeah, I'm going to take it back just a bit! Happy Monday and enjoy!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Foreign Exchange Live at B.B. Kings in NYC

I got the pleasure to see Foreign Exchange perform at B.B. Kings recently in NYC this past weekend. If you didn't go, you missed a great show. Waited in line for a while in the rain for it. Well worth it. Check out the pics and videos.

Foreign Exchange - House of Cards

Foreign Exchange - Nic's Groove featuring Rapper Big Pooh

Foreign Exchange performing Bobby Brown's On Our Own from the movie Ghostbusters II

Foreign Exchange - Ig'nant Songs Done The Neo-Soul Way

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What I'm Listening To....Brian McKnight - What I've Been Waiting For

Brian McKnight "What I've Been Waiting For" / Evolution Of A Man In Stores & Online 10.27.09

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Friday, October 23, 2009

What I'm Watching ... Raheem DeVaughn "Bulletproof"

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Check It ... Diamond District "Hologram"

I caught this Diamond District track over at This track Hologram is dope and is suppose to be on the upcoming project from the crew out of the DMV. Check it ...

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Check It ... Tony J "U Need a Man"

Check out new music from Tony J. According to his bio, Tony J is on a mission: "With the new generation of R&B artists singing tales of promiscuous lifestyles, today’s R&B music has lost its connection with love and romance. Houston native, Tony J, wants to change that." The track is pretty dope. Check it out.

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Download ... Jermiside "Die Jerm Die"

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

@OCSupreme Presents...Sex, Lust & Pain

Do you love R&B music? Slow jams? Music from the 1990s to now? Well, I finally finished the 3rd installment to my slow jam series I started putting together for my listening enjoyment and yours. These mixes are not easy to make. So hard to remember some of the older tracks that were dope when they came out. So hard to choose from the many new tracks slipping through the racks. And last, it's so hard to put them in an order that flows from beginning to end. Ultimately, I will be the one happy with the results but honestly, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Because I know the feeling when you're listening to a CD from start to finish without wanting to skip a single track. The feeling you get when all you want to do is play that CD over and over. Well, hopefully, this is it. Thanks!

"Sex, Lust & Pain"
1. Bilal - Soul Sista
2. Cassie - Leave You a Message
3. R. Kelly - Put My T-Shirt On
4. Keith Sweat - Chocolate Girl
5. Donell Jones - Think About It (Don't Call My Crib)
6. Glenn Lewis - Storm
7. Next - Butta Love
8. Amerie - Just Like Me
9. Tank - Sex, Love and Pain
10. TLC - Red Light Special
11. Mary J. Blige - It's On ft. R. Kelly
12. LSG - Door #1
13. Janet Jackson - Together Again (Jimmy Jam Deeper Remix)
14. Boyz II Men - Uhh Ahh
15. R. Kelly - Naked
16. Joe - All The Things (Your Man Won't Do)
17. Aaliyah - Can I Come Over
18. Tamia - Last First Kiss

Download Here: Sex, Lust & Pain
(For Promotional Use Only)

Get Vol. 1 Here: The Lights Off LP

Get Vol. 2 Here: Good Moanin'

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Battle of The Voices

Listening to my Zen on random is a beautiful thing when you have 7000+ songs in it. That's exactly what I was doing and that's exactly what it was when out of nowhere, it lands on a Lauryn Hill song titled "To Zion". Got me thinking about how much I missed her voice, her videos, her impact to the game of R&B and Hip Hop music. She was a very talented and uniquely amazing individual that comes once in a blue moon. A rare voice that can penetrate the soul of millions of listeners.

I can remember the first time I ever heard and saw Ms. Lauryn Hill when she was still Ms. before she became Mrs. Lauryn Hill-Marley. I was watching Sister Act 2 and there she was on a piano with another singer practicing off somewhere apart from the group. She didn't start singing until after her friend had trouble with a part. So she ask Lauryn, "Rita" in the movie, to join in to help. That moment there gave me goosebumps as soon as I heard the first 5 seconds. "I sing because I'm happy." And so I listen because you make me happy. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Check it out.

'To Zion' by Ms. Hill got me to thinking, I wonder who people would choose if they had to in a Battle of The Voices between Lauryn Hill and Beyoncé Knowles. I'm only asking about their vocal talent. Not about the overall package. If it came down to singing ability, plain and simple. Who can sing better?

You can go by Grammy's if you'd like. Beyoncé has 7 as a solo artist, 10 total. Lauryn has 5 as a solo artist and 8 total. You can argue the amount of years, albums and collaborations it took to win those Grammys, but my question was purely looking for people's opinions about their voice and nothing else. Here's the answers I received.

@thaLadyBlogga no question. Lauryn Hill. She wasn't running around in a leotard and heels but she could lay a track lyrically and vocally.

@djkoast just straight singing? B. But Lauryn has her beat with lyrics 20 fold.

@clarity4kia Lauryn. She made you feel. Beyoncé has gorgeous voice, but there is no depth to her songs or her interpretations.

@Karlnova Lauryn Hill's voice has more soul and she's more vulnerable in her singing. You can feel her. Beyoncé is strong but guarded

@CUTE_NESS Lauryn Hill hands down. Even on her live album when her voice is breaking she sounds amazing.

@CUTE_NESS Lauryn Hill also because of content. She has something to say and she says it beautifully..

@42TheGreat Lauryn Hill, hands down. She delivers her message with more sincerity, while I believe B knows her ish is mainly for the club.

@fancyxpaants no doubt Lauryn will make a grown man cry .. but vocally Beyoncé has more range.. =/

@ThroatChopU Lauryn! Beyoncé got a look, a sound and an audience. Lauryn has the same but is more genuine tho!

@BORNININIQUITY Lauryn, hands DOWN! and I'm a Bey fan..

@blunted215 Lauryn Hill, hands down.

@ReadBeanpie Vocals Lauryn. Beyoncé has 1 sound. L-Boogie has range!

@DontBeASkeptik Lauryn had more emotion in her voice than bey ever can

@BelascoBlack Beyoncé sound like she devoted her whole life developing her voice. Hill sounds like she had her skill down from jump.

@BelascoBlack Beyoncé = polished. Lauryn Hill = effortless.

@fiveeightyseven RT @BelascoBlack Beyoncé = polished. Lauryn Hill = effortless. <---- I agree. My vote goes to Lauryn hill.

@MellyMelss Lauryn Hill... Damn it now I'm gonna listen to her "The Miseducation...". "Loving you is like a battle and we both end up wit scars."

@Da_Bean_Counter Lauryn Hill... HANDS DOWN!!!

@_peech: I'd say Lauryn Hill - she's flexible in the sound she brings. Beyoncé can do a lot of runs but at this point, who can't?

This can go all day with opinions going back and forth for so many reasons. I thought it was a good debate to start and a good challenge considering both parties involved are vocally incredible singers. Completely jaw-dropping talent.

So, what are you thoughts, reasons, choice as to who's your winner in this Battle of The Voices?

P.S. We miss you, Lauryn.

Talib Kweli - Ms. Hill

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What I'm Watching ... Shad "The Calling"

I caught this vid on Shad's Facebook page. You probably know by now I think the dude is dope based on endless post here on the blog. This joint, The Calling featuring Jermiside and Destruments, is dope. The video was done by 360 To Nowhere and the track is off the Danny Diggs' EP, Introducing. Check the video ...

Shad - The Calling from 360 To Nowhere on Vimeo.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Check It ... Nneka "The Uncomfortable Truth"

I posted up some joints from Nneka a few months back here on the blog. Caught this new single, The Uncomfortable Truth, that's suppose to be on her State-side debut, Concrete Jungle, which is due out early next year. The joint is dope! Check it out.

Also check November promo dates:
Monday, 11/9 - New York, NY -- Joe’s Pub
Tuesday, 11/10 - New York, NY -- Highline Ballroom w/ The Roots
Thursday, 11/12 - Boston, MA -- Café 939
Friday, 11/13 - Philadelphia, PA -- World Café Live
Saturday, 11/14 - Vienna, VA -- Jammin' Java
Tuesday, 11/17 - New York, NY -- Highline Ballroom
Thursday, 11/19 - Santa Monica, CA -- Zanzibar
Friday, 11/20 - San Francisco, CA -- Café Du Nord

(Caught this over @

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Check It ... Jermiside "Push It" (prod. Mike Jaye)

Check out the second leak from the Jermiside and DJ Low Key's "Die Jerm Die" mixtape, which will be available for download on Thursday, October 22.

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The Rising Sun Quest: Fire in the Sky [Music Video]

The Rising Sun Quest hit me up with this video. Dope song, dope video. Be aware. Check it out!

The Rising Sun Quest: Fire in the Sky [Music Video] from Elasticbrand on Vimeo.

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What I'm Watching....Alicia Keys - Doesn't Mean Anything

So beautiful.

Alicia Keys - Doesn't Mean Anything

Alicia Keys | MySpace Music Videos

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#MusicMonday ... The Gap Band - "You Drop The Bomb On Me"

Gotta love the old school. This is one of my favorite jams. Gets me off the floor everytime. Wish I found a spot on the weekends that played joints like this!

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What I'm Watching ... "Turn My Wack On"

"Did you know that the sky is up ... yeaaah, I didn't know that ... oooohh" LMAOOOOOOO!!! The only time you'll EVER see Soulja Boy on The Mad Bloggers is when he is getting CLOWNED like this! "Yeaaaah turn my wack on"... Classic! Enjoy ...

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Jay-Z x Michael Jackson

I caught these two tracks off a Jay-Z Blueprint 3 and Michael Jackson hits mashup, CR the Beast Presents: MJ3: "FADE TO JACK" THE RE-FIX. The mixtape is over a month old but these two joints jumped out at me, so I figured I share. Thoughts?

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Tha Lady Blogga: Celebrity Buns In the Oven …

Being that I just had the pleasure of delivering a 9lb lil Lady Blogga last month, I have been on a focused “mommy track”. I am trying to get back into the swing of things, hence my brief departure from the blogging world. I do stay live on Twitter though via my BFF Mr. Blackberry. I can Tweet anything. Anytime. Any place. I tried to Tweet her birth but it was too intense and everything happened so fast that I couldn’t. I did keep my followers updated and I appreciate all the Congrats and Well Wishes.

Ya know I always read stories about how celebrities are expecting. And I have to tell you, I wonder how they do it. Being pregnant and delivering a child is a very “hands-on” experience. Some of these celebrities don’t even know how to wipe their own asses and have people to do that for them. I would love to see how they handle the joys of pregnancy and delivery. I’m not talking walking around and posing in front of the grocery store or walking down the Red Carpet in the latest maternity clothes. I’m talking the real gut of the experience.

The 5 million trips to the bathroom. The nausea and vomiting.The hemorrhoids. The food cravings. Those dreadful mood swings. The weight gain. The swelling. The labor and epidural free delivery. The sex (or lack thereof) And that is just to name a few.

The most recent “possibly pregnant” celebrities, Mariah Carey, would be oh so fun to watch. That chick strikes me as clueless to everyday life functions. I can’t imagine her dealing with some of the great things being pregnant has to offer. And her husband, Nick Cannon, would irritate the hell outta me on a regular day so I don’t know how tolerable he is going to be to a pregnant Mariah. I want to know how she is going to deal with this. Her high-strung diva requests are going to be insane. And I wonder how the weight gain is going to treat her. I was 125lbs before my pregnancy and I weighed in at a brutal 175 the day I gave birth. She has always had weight issues so this should be interesting. I wish there was some reality show that was going to follow her around to catch her in action. Maybe I should write a proposal. I am sure MTV, the reality TV channel, would gladly pick that show up.

Halle Berry is also on the list of pregnant famous chicks. She doesn’t strike me as one to have a problem with it though. Aside from being a visual Stunna, her man-friend Gabriel Aubry seems like he would be an awesome support. He seems very in-tuned to what she needs, caring, loving and it isn’t all about jokes with him. And Halle looked fabulous during her last pregnancy and snapped back just the same so she has nothing to worry about. She strikes me as a natural girl, delivering sans epidural.

There are a few other mommies that have walked the pregnant path successfully. Angelina Jolie, Madonna… Oh wait. They kind of don’t count because as of recent, they have just been flying to Third World countries and picking their children up.

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#MusicMonday ... Ryan Leslie - "Valentine"

Yeah, figured I'd throw Ryan Leslie's Valentine out there for this Music Monday! I really think this dude is highly underrated! I personally think he's dope. Happy Monday and enjoy!

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What I'm Watching ... House of M "The Initiative"

Check out the new video from House of M, "The Initiative", directed by Grown Man Collective

Drake ... My BlackBerry, Part 2 (spoof)

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009


(Via Kanye's blog, Kanye Universecity)



Interview with tour collaborator Spike Jonze

288 pages with gatefolds / 9?” x 13” / 400 photographs /CD with unreleased music and interview

HC w/jacket $50.00 U.S., $62.00 Canadian, £30.00 U.K.

Deluxe edition with Clamshell case: 12½” x 16½” / 978-0-8478-3294-1

Release date: October 2009

Trade Edition available on; Limited Edition available through
Rizzoli Bookstore 1-800-52-BOOKS

Rizzoli International
Publications, Inc.

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