Thursday, December 31, 2009

Download ... The Five One "Free Remixes"

I've been slacking on checking the email over the last few days, mostly because I've been overworked at the day job. Yeah, day jobs suck but they pay the bills. I was pleased to find this project in the email. This The Five One project has been sitting for a few days too. I finally got the opportunity to check it out today. I'm definitely not disappointed. The band, out of the DMV, is pretty dope. Check out the Wale "Pretty Girls" cover, as well as their full project. Enjoy.

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Download ... The Life Of A Teenage Champion (Beat Tape)

I caught this in the email. Definitely worth a post. Enjoy the beat tape.
"As Thelonious' third beat tape this year, The Life Of A Teenage Champion is 21 tracks worth of proof that Thelonious Martin is no beatmaker to be slept on. This young beatsmith's hard work and determination are reflected in his latest release, available for download below.

"The Life Of A Teenage Champion is the basic sleep-eat-create lifestyle. To me, I’m doing what I love in simplest form and I rarely let anything bother that tranquility." - Thelonious Martin"

Download: The Life Of A Teenage Champion

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2010 Canadian Rap Future Superstars

I caught this over at You know I dig Canadian artist reppin hip-hop. This project is a great example of the skill coming out of the country to our north. Check it out, well worth the listen.
"He does this every year and it is very successful because of the good resources, knowledge and marketing Brockway Biggs has. This year he has decided to release it for free. Brockway Entertainment’s ‘2010 Canadian Rap Future Superstars’ contains 23 of their favorite Canadian rap tracks. It features 34 Canadian artists and 24 Canadian beatmakers, spanning 11 Canadian cities including obsolete corners such as Comox, BC and Clarks Harbour, NS."
The 2010 track listing features:
  1. Manafest (Toronto) – Free
  2. Monark (Fredericton & Saint John) – Playground feat Phakt
  3. Hellafactz (Halifax) – Thought Of U feat Yvette Jarvis & Michael Beals
  4. Relic (Toronto) – Just The Day feat Saukrates
  5. Drumbo (Def3 and Factor) (Regina & Saskatoon) – Take Me Higher
  6. Mantrakid (Comox, BC & Calgary) – My Calling
  7. Ricca Razor Sharp (Calgary & Clarks Harbour, NS) – Rampage
  8. Iron Lion (Calgary) – Take a Breather feat King Lou
  9. Joe Buck (Halifax) – Who We Are feat Jay Bizzy
  10. Cale Sampson (Toronto) – C-A-L-E
  11. Chris Quotes (Toronto) – Where’s the Cash At
  12. Eye2Eye (Montreal) – Wing Man
  13. KG (Ottawa) – Megatron
  14. Solid Mas (Toronto) – Ridin Dirty feat Nova Kane & Priceless
  15. RahZemos (Toronto) – Bad Apples
  16. HeatWave (Vancouver) – Bills To Pay (CFRO ‘Urban Renewal Project’ Choice Pick)
  17. Josh Martinez (Vancouver) – Responsibility feat Evil
  18. Brass Tackz (Vancouver) – Broken Promises
  19. Ghettosocks (Halifax) – R. Kelly’s Ghostwriter Skit feat Jordan Croucher
  20. Dan-e-o (Toronto) – Yesterday
  21. Tru-Paz (Toronto) – My Lady
  22. Empire ISIS (Montreal) – Four In The Morning
  23. Shaun Boothe (Toronto) – Music Man feat Amanda Diva
Download 2010 Canadian Rap Future Superstars

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Little Rock Cypha Featuring Epiphany, Asylum and 607

Check out Epiphany, Asylum and 607 rock the mic at Rock City Kicks sneaker boutique in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Little Rock Cypha Ft. Epiphany, Asylum, and 607 from We All Scheme on Vimeo.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

#MusicMonday ... Prince "1999"

It's the last Music Monday of the year and so I decided to throw out Prince "1999." Be safe out there on New Year's Eve and on behalf of the team over at The Mad Bloggers, we hope you have a healthy and prosperous new year! Happy Monday and enjoy!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays from The Mad Bloggers (and Run DMC)

From our family to yours, happy holidays from OC, Q and Tha Lady Blogga! Enjoy!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What I'm Watching ... "Young Forever" Jay-Z & Mr. Hudson (OFFICIAL VID)

Check out the official video from Jay-Z and Mr. Hudson, "Young Forever". Thanks @SinnamonS for the link.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Happy Joy JOY ... @EricMire and @MelissaCzarnik "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" [LIVE]

I caught this joint in an email from Melissa Czarnik (one of the coolest people I've ever met that I never met in person). Czarnik performed "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" with the Eric Mire Band down at WMSE 91.7 FM (Milwaukee) as part of a 12 song Christmas album sponsored by ThirdCoast Digest and WMSE.
"Poet/emcee Melissa Czarnik often performs live with the Eric Mire Band, a jazz-hip hop group, to blend Czarnik’s heartfelt and punchy lyrics with the bands funky and soulful rhythms. They were partners in our holiday song project, and the result is “O Come All Ye Faithful” as it’s never been heard before. The band comprises guitarist Eric Mire on guitar, Chip Baily (drums), Brad Bloom (sax), Don Bradshaw (Latin percussion) and Maurice Cotton (keys/vocals)."

You can view more videos from the project here:

Melissa Czarnik, "Strawberry Cadillac" - ($7.99)
Eric Mire Band, "Spooky Love" - ($7.99)
Eric Mire, "eric mire" - ($7.99)

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Blitz the Ambassador Performs at OkayPlayer Holiday Jammy [VID]

Check out this joint, "Remembering The Future" performed live by Blitz The Ambassador at The Roots/OkayPlayer Holiday Jammy. It's dope! The homie Blitz has definitely been making moves throughout 2009 and I'm looking forward to more great music from him coming into the new year. And his team is looking forward to the same, "Look out for 2010 to be the year that Blitz busts that door off its hinges and smashes it to splinters."

Blitz the Ambassador • Remembering The Future at The Roots Holiday Jam • 2009 from MVMT on Vimeo.

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#Music Monday (Bonus) -- Clearing Out the Inbox

I'm clearing out the inbox and decided to share a bunch of good music with you on this Music Monday. Enjoy!

The Milwaukee emcee Kid Millions recently released "Recession-Proof Rap", which is now available on Ski School/Uni-Fi LPs and CDs. "With nine huge-sounding tracks that take you from snooze alarm to pavement in seconds each, Kid Millions does not waste time or money." Check out the sample from his new project.

Kid Millions "Victim to the Beat"

Ritchcraft has been dropping remixes for the last six Tuesdays and today he released his remix EP, Say It Ain’t So. "The EP features remixes of hip hop notables such as AZ, Nas, Large Pro, The Roots, and Saigon, and also includes bonus tracks by local talent Kayo, Coolera and Ritchcraft himself." Check it out. [Download]

AZ "Do or Die" (Ritchcraft Remix)

Check out Frankie Flowers, another dope emcee out of Milwaukee. Check out this track from him and if you dig it, go ahead and purchase the full project. I've checked it, it's quality.

Frankie Flowers "For You"

Check out BIC a young upcoming group from the Bronx. They have a new mixtape out "Light Something - A Festival Of Light(ing Up)s"

Light Something - A Festival Of Light(ing Up)s [Download]

BIC "Supremacy"

The fellas of Ashy L Bowz crack me up. Check out the Jodeci inspired "Dry Humpin^2: Diary Of A Ashy Band", the new mixtape from the duo out of NYC. Enjoy.
Dry Humpin^2: Diary Of A Ashy Band [Download]

Ashy L. Bowz "Pheenin"

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#MusicMonday ... Eartha Kitt "Santa Baby"

"Maaaaarrrrcuuuuuussss" It's the Music Monday before Christmas and I decided why not share one of my favorite Christmas Songs, "Santa Baby" by Eartha Kitt (RIP). Enjoy, happy Monday and happy holidays too!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

MVPuppets: Blitzen Raps

The Most Valuable Puppets are back. This time, Blitzen, voiced by Lupe Fiasco, has a message for Santa, Kobe & LeBron.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

What I'm Watching ... Corinne Bailey Rae "I'd Do It All Again"

There's a list of women that I would marry instantly and Corrine Bailey Rae is in the Top Five (TMI? LOL) Her voice is amazing and her music is great. I caught this joint from Corrine and love the video. I had to share. This is the live joint but check out the video for "I'd Do It All Again". Enjoy.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Anarch Eighty Presents....Masta Ace & Edo.G's Album Release Party

December in New York City is always fun. Between Holiday Parties, Industry events and shows, BUSY is the way to stay during this time of year. As the year is coming to a close, there are some super events and shows on deck! On December 22nd, I urge you to come out and join me for Masta Ace and EDO.G’s album release party at Southpaw. Set to perform are Sadat X, Jean Grae, Toure, DOITALL (of Lords of the Underground), Sha Stimulu and special guests. Mister Cee is providing the tunes so the music promises to be on point! Check the flyer below and get your tickets!. For immediate info, hit up @FROactiv on Twitter. See you there!!!!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

J.Cole Interview w/The Come Up Show

I caught this J. Cole interview in an email from the homie Chedo over at the Come Up Show. "He is one of my favorite new artists and I am really excited to see him go far," Chedo said. "The Warm Up in my opinion is one of the best mixtapes I have heard, music with feeling as I like to call it."

Chedo had the opportunity to interview J.Cole while he was in London, Ontario opening up for the Blueprint 3 concert. Check out the full interview over at

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The Foreign Exchange's Grammy Nomination Video

Check out this video with The Foreign Exchange members Phonte and Nicolay talking about their Grammy nomination for "Daykeeper". I am proud of them for staying true to themselves and their music.

The Foreign Exchange's Grammy nomination video from The Foreign Exchange on Vimeo.

Click here to download "Daykeeper" for free.

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Alicia Keys on Colbert Report

Alicia Keys was a guest last night on Colbert Report where Stephen interviewed her and also surprised the guests and myself with a verse on her song "Empire State of Mind Part 2 (Broken Down)".

Check it out...

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Alicia Keys
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorU.S. Speedskating

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorU.S. Speedskating

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Stuck On Broke" @BLCTXT ft. Life The Great [VIDEO]

Check out the video from the homie BLCTXT for "Stuck on Broke" featuring Life the Great. Also download his full project, "Acknowledgment". Enjoy!

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When She Speaks, You Listen: Tha Lady Blogga "Club Etiquette 101"

Let me just say that I got a rude awakening that people still do inappropriate things in the club. Perhaps if I put some of these behaviors on blast, they will be seen and cease, IMMEDIATELY!!!

Rules for the Open Bar:
When you are at an event and it is open bar, posting up at the bar for the whole damn event is just ridiculous. Let other people be great and drink. Get your drink, leave, enjoy it and then come back for another. Your butt print should not be in the barstool. And even though the bar is free, you still have to tip the bartender!! And please don’t ask for more than one drink at a time. Walking away from the bar and sitting in the corner with 3 drinks at a time looks sad. And asking a woman if you can buy her a drink during open bar is just an automatic life fail…

Bathroom Visits:
The bathrooms in the club have to be the nastiest on the planet. I would much rather risk the chance of my bladder exploding than using a club stall. Vomit all over, people missing the toilet… And who actually goes to the club to do #2? Yes, I’ve seen that in an unflushed toilet too. And for those of you that are nasty enough get your groove on in the bathroom stall, please remove all condom paraphernalia. Keep in mind that you are exposing yourself to way more than the random person’s germs because those bathroom germs are lethal. And make sure the stall is LOCKED (O_o) Please and thanks.

Ladies, coming outside in last summer’s outfits in December is an automatic FAIL. When all else fails, grab a black tee and some jeans and pumps. Peek-toes are acceptable as long as there is no snow on the ground. I know you are going to be inside but, you have to arrive at the club first. Muffin tops, belly shirts (belly included) and booty-crack pants are also on the fail list. There is a simple solution to all of this, check the mirror before you leave the house. And fellas, leave the saggy pants, corduroy jackets, run-down shoes and all that at home. Please and thanks.

We all know that people are in close proximity of each other at the club. So it is important that certain things are in check. Your BREATH needs to be in check at all times. Gum, mints, cough drops are all inexpensive ways to keep your breath in check. Trying to holla at a person with dragon breath is just wrong. Drinking alcohol puts an automatic stench in the mouth that shouldn’t be shared. And armpit and other body odors need to be checked at the door as well. If you didn’t shower, applying cologne or perfume is NOT going to help the situation. And if I know you stink, you have to know you stink too.

Being on the dance floor is a must. Some people need to know the meaning of personal space. Dancing with a person does not include feeling them up over clothing or breathing and drooling heavily on ones neck. If there is a vibe, the parties involved will let each other know and they will act on it. Please don’t take it upon yourself to do things like that. And when the reggae comes on, please exit the dance floor if your idea of a dance is a dry hump with an erect penis. Grinding on a woman’s buttocks with your penis to the beat of your favorite Serani tune is NOT how it goes down. If a woman feels like having that done, she will let you know. Do not take it upon yourself to do that. Please.

Line Static:
You know damn well you need to have ID. I do not do lines. We are not friends so don’t ask me to get you in. Watching some of you squirm and wait and then get to the gate with no ID, is a life fail. How do you NOT have ID? And if you try to flex like you have juice with the door dudes and you get rejected, everyone should laugh at you. You know your place on the line chain. Don’t try to act extra.

Attempting to cuff:
If we just met, we will not be cuffin’ in the corner. If you buy someone a drink, I am sure they are thankful. But please don’t think that y’all are married now. Following someone around and killin’ the vibes with other people because you bought them a drink is irritating. If you exchange numbers, wait for the phone call. We didn’t arrive at the club together, we will not remain together after initial contact. And ladies, attempting to crotch block in the club is no bueno. If a female is having a moment with a dude you are feelin’ too, wait until he is finished. Competition is healthy but in the clubs, it will get you smacked.

So that’s basically it for me. If I missed anything, please feel free to comment below and let me know. I am sure there are other things I missed, these are just the most irritating to me.

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Download ... @TheRealEternia "Get Caught Up"

You already know my favorite rapper wears a skirt and now she has a new mixtape out. Check out Eternia's "Get Caught Up" presented by 2DopeBoyz & Kevin Nottingham. Enjoy!!
These are not ‘pop’ songs. These are not video singles. These are not Top 10 hits.

This is the heart and soul of why I do what I do when I do it. This is a personal offering.It’s my huge THANK YOU to all of the people who have supported the Eternia & MoSS: “ROAD TO RELEASE” video episodes online over the last 6 months. I hand-picked these songs from the past decade, b/c I felt they are overlooked, they are the most personal to my life, and they reveal my growth as an artist.

To those that this mix was made for: ENJOY.


Eternia – Get Caught Up (Mixtape)


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Leah Smith's Feels Like I’m Running Contest

O shared some music from Leah Smith a few days back. Her voice is AMAZING! Her people reached out to us about a contest they are running and asked that we post this info. No problem! Check out the contest details below.
Leah Smith is looking for the most creative interpretation from her fans of her latest single, "Monster". 30 second videos can be uploaded to and can be anything from dancing, singing, miming, etc. You must include your name and email address with your submission. The best video submission chosen by Leah will be featured in one of her upcoming fan videos. The winners will also receive an autographed copy of Beautifully Made EP, framed lyrics to Monster with exclusive artwork from Leah’s graphic designer, and a free iPod shuffle. All submissions must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Monday, December 21.

Leah Smith "Monster"

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Nneka is dope. An artist you should NOT sleep on. I discovered some of her music a few months back and have been anticipating more music from her. J. Period - the name that really needs no introduction in regards to dj'ing and mixtapes. The two have partnered to present "The Madness", which features guest appearances from M-1 (Dead Prez), Jay Electronica, Zumbi (Zion I), Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), Aceyalone (Freestyle Fellowship), General Steele (Boot Camp Clik) and Talib Kweli.
"Nneka presents The Madness (Onye-Ala) as an introduction to her first US album, Concrete Jungle in stores February 2, 2010 on Yo Mama/Decon/Epic. The album is collection of tracks detailing her personal experience growing up in Nigeria, the corruption and beauty found there and the universal themes of love, growth, and seeking the ultimate truths. The Madness (Onye-Ala) is a peek into the life and sounds of Nneka, as well as a tribute to the influence Hip Hop has had on her music.

Fresh off a featured role in the blockbuster video game, DJ Hero, J.Period presents The Madness (Onye-Ala) as the next chapter in a long line of game-changing mixtapes presented in his unique, storybook style. The acclaimed DJ, Producer & Mixtape King has redefined the mixtape genre with collaborations with the likes of Mary J. Blige, Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Q-Tip, Talib Kweli, The Roots, Nas, Big Daddy Kane, and others. J.Perid’s most recent work, “The Messengers” (a collection of Fela Kuti, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan remixes featuring K’NAAN), has yielded over 150,000 downloads since its release in September 2009."
Check this joint out! Enjoy!

1. Can You Hear? (Intro)
2. Let the Madness Begin (J.Period Exclusive)
3. Wake Up World (Interlude)
4. Wake Up Africa (J.Period Remix)
5. The Uncomfortable Truth
6. Untainted Love feat. Damian Marley (Interlude)
7. Spread Love (Brooklyn to Zion) (J.Period Remix)
8. Human Rights (Interlude)
9. Changes (J.Period Remix) feat. M-1 & General Steele
10. Conscious Lyrics (Interlude)
11. Gypsy/Infamous (J.Period Exclusive)
12. Hip Hop Comes From Africa (Interlude)
13. Walking (J.Period Remix) feat. Jay Electronica
14. In Transit (Interlude)
15. Show Love (J.Period Remix) f. Rakaa (Dilated Peoples) & Aceyalone
16. For the Good of Humanity (Interlude)
17. God of Mercy (J.Period Remix) f. Zumbi (Zion I)
18. Suffri (Nigerian in Berlin Remix) feat. Fela Kuti
19. Perseverance is Character (Interlude)
20. Strength/Kangpe (J.Period Dubplate) f. Big Boi (Outkast)
21. Heartbeat (J.Period Remix) feat. Talib Kweli
22. In the Heart of Man (J.Period Exclusive)
23. Symptoms of My Madness (Outtro)

[ Bonus Mix: J.Period Dubplates ]
24. Mind vs. Heart (J.Period Dubplate) f. 2Pac
25. Changes 2 (J.Period Dubplate) feat. Lauryn Hill & John Forte
26. Walking 2 (J.Period Dubplate) feat. Nas

Click to download:

Find out more online:
Nneka –
J.Period –

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Monday, December 14, 2009

#MusicMonday ... Zaki Ibrahim "Joy"

I caught Zaki Ibrahim a few days back in a track with the homie Shad and Louwop. I was really digging her voice so I went on an internet search for more and more and more of her stuff. I have not been disappointed. She's dope. I figured I'd throw out one of her joints on this Music Monday. This is "Joy" from a live set at HMV in Toronto, Canada. Peace to We Fans for the footage.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

When She Speaks, You Listen: The Lady Blogga "Something Stinks… Oh, It’s Just the Jersey Shore"

(Photo courtesy of MTV)

Driving across the bridge and into New Jersey yields a horrid smell. Well I was nowhere near there last night and managed to get the same effect. All from a TV show. For the first time, I sat down and watched the MTV masterpiece “The Jersey Shore”.. I have to say, I watched in awe…

Never in my life have I ever been proud to NOT see minorities on a TV show. Actually that is a lie. There is an African American on the show and he is the cast members’ boss, the irony, and they have to report to him. LMAO, sorry...

Anyway. Let me just start by saying that if I was Italian, I would be hella pissed. The Jersey Shore is nothing but an hour long stereotypical depiction of Italian Americans. I am trying to figure out why MTV would even air such a thing in the first place. The characters alone are annoying as hell. They are 8 Italian American strangers put in a house with a big giant Italian flag on the garage and a 'gynormous' Scarface poster on the wall. Let’s not forget the tacky leopard thing on the wall too.

So we have Angelina, J-Woww, Mike, Snooki, Pauly D, Ronnie, Sammi and Vinni. Staten Island, Frankiln Square and the Bronx are where some of these people reside and if you’ve been there, you already know what it is. These folks play into all of the stereotypes… “Affliction” glitter shirts, gelled up hair, pumped-up bodies (I actually appreciated that part...don’t judge me), long acrylic nails, fake tans, obnoxious tones, the whole bit. It’s amazing because while everyone else thinks the show sucks, those who live this kind of lifestyle probably thinks it’s the best thing since candy.

The women on this show are super-de-duper obnoxious. Snooki needs a muzzle. She doesn’t shut up for a second. Angelina is an attention whore who leaves the house because of her married boyfriend. J-Woww and her tattered blond streaks is a dirty party girl who cheats on her boyfriend (and I can call her dirty because she was wearing the T-Shirt). Sammi is a closet freak, or so it appears. The fellas are surprisingly not so bad. The only real male irritation is Mike...he uses the word “situation’ more than he blinks his eyes. I can list their vocabulary on a gum wrapper citing the words “Yo”, “Situation”, “ova here” multiple times.

Now although I swore not to watch this garbage ever again, next week, a NYC gym teacher commits an assault on one of the characters. Snooki gets man-punched in the face something terrible. It was not a punch, she gets SNUFFED!!! Now I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that a teacher created such a crime or that MTV aired it after the fact. I am slowly but surely thinking that MTV is becoming the white counterpart of BET. The crap that they have been putting on the air is not even quality. It is hot garbage! They should have just stuck to music.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Enter The Cipher, Ant Farm Affiliates, Hydrostatic Equilibrium, an interview of The Rising Sun Quest by Sketch Tha Cataclysm and more...

The Rising Sun Quest and Defnyshn

So I got to check out The Rising Sun Quest at his release party a week ago and caught some dope music off his latest album titled Hydrostatic Equilibrium as well as tracks off the free Surviving Life and Journey Towards The Sun.

I got to see him perform a couple weeks before his release party at the same spot in Danbury, CT. At Cousin Larry's, the 50th edition of Enter The Cypher, an Open Mic & Hip Hop Showcase, was held. This spot, on a side street that took me 15 minutes to find after driving by it about 6 times is a local bar in Danbury where most likely, the people that go there know each other. It's a very relaxed bar with stickers and posters covering what looked like every square inch of every wall, with a pool table and tvs tuned to sports. A small spot where it cost $5 to get it and $4.50 for a Heineken. Haha. They also sell CDs from what look like locals who may have performed there with prices ranging from $6 to $12 by the end of the bar. I thought that was very unique for a bar and pretty cool that they do that. Never know, you might find a diamond in that kind of rough.

Enter The Cypher is hosted by two school teachers by day, MCs by night named Othello and Nemesis Alpha, collectively known as d_Cyphernauts. There were acts from Connecticut to Maryland performing trying to get their name out at a venue that has held 49 previous shows on every 3rd Friday of the month. From Deto-22 doing cuts off Sharing is Caring, collaborated with Sketch Tha Cataclysm, to The Protege and Roc Doogie (who are both a part of Phenetiks as well as Deto 22 and DJ SirCumference), to a group who called themselves The Presence as well as others from out of state that I can not recall. While some did fairly ok, any one of the Ant Farm Affiliates came out to show and prove. I'm still wondering why most have never heard of them, either as a whole affiliation or as separate artists.

Sketch Tha Cataclysm - Compartments of Darts

The Protege - Provisions

Deto-22 & Sketch Tha Cataclysm - Rebel Music

Phenetiks - AF

It was pretty dope to know there's a spot where heads can come through and hang out, chill, politic (as they say, haha), or kick a freestyle or two. I almost got inspired to get on stage myself but I decided to let the pros do their thing. As the night went on and acts showcased their skills on the mic, it seemed like the crowd was in anticipation for the guest of honor and The Rising Sun Quest didn't disappoint.

I spoke to Quest briefly before he took the stage to perform and asked him a couple of random questions. For a man that has been spitting for about 10 years, I noticed a different tone in his latest music. A little more edgier, more boom bap, more hunger. In my opinion, it sounds like he's going harder at the mic than before. He says that he felt the need to go back to the roots of rhyming back in the days where he used to cipher in Spring Brook, a neighborhood in Waterbury, CT, his hometown.

As he hit the stage, the crowd got amped, live, hyped ready to hear what we all drove to Cousin Larry's for. Many in the crowd knew the words, heads playing pool were nodding while trying to concentrate on not scratching, and I even saw the bartender vibing to the sounds out the speaker. You can tell that Quest has been here and done that before. No stranger to the mic, stage or hip hop. This guy definitely seems like he was born for this. As the show was winding down, I felt inspired to be involved in the movement in some way so I'm playing my part with my blog. With production ranging from Sketch Tha Cataclysm, Deto-22, DJ Syruz and the majority by Defnyshn, Hydrostatic Equilibrium proved to be a great collection to my hip hop catalog.

It's a must hear, in my opinion, and with a sound this dope, it should be your opinion as well. Definitely check it out. You might be missing something you wish you hadn't when he reaches the stars, or in his case, just the big one we all know as the sun.

AntFarm Affiliates Flyer

Othello and Nemesis Alpha of d_Cyphernauts

Othello of d_Cyphernauts

Cee Reed

Roc Doogie

Some audio I caught at the live show...

Nemesis Alpha

Roc Doogie

Roc Doogie

The Mad Bloggers also got together with Sketch Tha Cataclysm on the story of The Rising Sun Quest. Sketch was able to get Quest to take some time out to interview him about his release, past work, Hip Hop in 09 and everything else under the sun. Check it out.....

What's up folks. Thank you for hitting us up for the second installment of Conversations With Tha Cataclysm. Every Friday, I will feature a guest here discussing the finer points of creating hip-hop. In the future, we will discuss a range of topics such as the technical aspects of beatboxing, the mindstate of a battle MC, engineering a hip-hop record, and more. We will also be featuring artists discussing the technical aspects of their albums.

This second episode is co-sponsored by my boys The Mad Bloggers. My guest this week was a frequent guest on my former television program during its tenure on CT public access. (R.I.P. Hold Up And Analyze) Since then, he has gone on to drop for solo projects including his latest EP Hydrostatic Equilibrium. You could pick up his past releases on Little Ax and his own Ladies and gentlemen, The Rising Sun Quest.

Sketch Tha Cataclysm: So coming off of a solid full length project like Journey Toward The Sun, what made you want to go back to the EP format?

The Rising Sun Quest: Well, basically, though I loved the LP, I felt like I didn't showcase some of the skills I had in terms of straight spittin'. A lot of those joints were conceptual, so the new EP just kinda has that raw MC feel; without structure and more aggressive.

Sketch: Was that decision based on a fan response you got to JTTS or from you?

Quest: JTTS was my most embraced project to date. Lots of people tell me how complete that album was. They're right *laughs* but though it had some elements that the new EP displays, I didn't feel it was enough. It was still in me to let out. Thus the title for the EP Hydrostatic Equilibrium. It was recorded to create a balance between the two projects. (With the previous Surviving Life LP)

Sketch: How has your recording techniques changed through all of the projects? I know the music was created with entirely different production tools back on Stellar Evolution (his debut EP).

Quest: Not much really. Yeah we got different production tools, but we use basically the same recording techniques. Its that Roland digital recorder, just a different version. . . same booth. I think I just take more time when I mix my stuff down. If anything, I'd say that's the biggest difference. Plus, the fact that I stopped making beats frees more time for me to focus on the mix downs and all.

Sketch: There seems to be two schools on recording vocals. Punch-ins and cats that like to rhyme straight through. What's your perspective and which did you use on the new project?

Quest: OK, me and Expertiz go in on this topic a bunch. My feeling is that if you're going to record your shit than do what you feel is best for the track. Don't let that MC pride get in the way of a good recording. First two albums, I hated to punch in. But, that's only because I didn't do it properly, so I could hear the big difference between my words. Now, in some cases its dope to have a contrast in your words when you want to emphasize something, but now I found a way to have a nice transitions between the punch-ins if needed. The bottom line is, punch ins, I'm ok with it, but if you can't spit your shit straight through on stage, then that's where I question your ability.

Sketch: Interesting point. As a performer myself I go back and forth. . . but. . . I have found that it is hard to duplicate some punch-in tracks live. Have you encountered this?

Quest: Not really because, like I said, certain times you want those punch in for the contrast, but that's not really my style. So usually, when I punch-in its only because I haven't perfected my delivery due to it being a new verse or maybe an off recording day. Onstage, I usually get through it, even if it means my vein is going to pop out my forehead; i.e. "Fire In The Sky", I punched in two spots for that track, but when I rock it, I spit it straight through with no hypeman.

Sketch: Lets get into the actual content.

Quest: Hip Hop has content? in 2009?

Sketch: Not really. . . I like to pretend its a serious art form from time to time. *laughs* You don't just straight spit on this EP. . . you take on some heavy topics. . . more on the dark side of things.

Quest: Ok you're right, but I would not feel right if I made an album without that element that is a Quest staple. If you go back, there has to be that one song that stabs at the heart: "Then You Die", "Helpless", "Mistaken", and "You Don't Know", those are a requirement for me.

Sketch: How about "I See You"? We talked about that being included briefly, but do you want to touch on the origin of that song for people who don't know? Quest: Oh yeah, but that's different. I guess the other tracks I named were more for shock value where as "I See You" and "Escape From What" were more the heart stabbers but yeah, "I See You" was an important song to me. I won't say I have my homies dying on a regular basis or nothing like that, but I have lost a few people in my life and also had family and friends locked up. And like I say in the song, we only think of them when there gone and I wanted to try to help realize that though we cant forget those we lost, we have to appreciate the ones we have. Songs like that are why I continue to do music. If I couldn't produce that right there and only could give you darts I would have stopped a long time ago.

Sketch: Something I wanted to bring up before we bounce was the music videos. You've now done four with 3 different directors. How do you approach music videos?

Quest: I don't *laughs* they approached me. Sketch: *laughs* Quest: Arjen (of Elasticbrand) was inspired by "Why I Write" (from Journey Toward The Sun) and he asked if he could do a video for it.

Sketch: Nice.

Quest: Before I hit him back, he e-mailed me a full story board with sketches and all and I was blown away by the work he put in. Before he even heard from me, well maybe he sent them on the second e-mail but regardless. And Snare did "Rock To The Rhythm". He was following me to shows for like a few months, stealing footage from different events. Of course, Dre from Make A Video, he just like you have been helping me out since before I can remember. I guess he had some new camera tricks he wanted to try but he wanted to do "Walk With The Beat". . . *laughs*. . . I don't even really like that song.

Sketch: *Laughs* Honesty!

Quest: But, I say if he is inspired to do the video for it, then let's do it. I'll stand in downtown like an idiot with four people looking like a weirdo in the middle of traffic rapping to no music. *laughs* It's so uncomfortable to do a video.

Sketch: Have you given any thought to how you are being portrayed? Since you put it in their hands?

Quest: Not at all all. Those cats I trust, with the exception of Arjen whom I didn't know at the time. I trust him now after that "Why I Write" joint and "Fire In The Sky" whooo!

Sketch: You look way more comfortable in the "Fire In The Sky" video.

Quest: That's because I was at the southern cross. The REAL southern cross. (Waterbury, CT's site of the former Holy Land U.S.A.)

Sketch: Slow motion shots of you turning and shit. *laughs*

Quest: *laughs*

Sketch: Arjen is the man!

Quest: Yeah man. That's all Arjen. He gave great direction. He had a vision and I just did what he asked. They are artists like me. . . they have a vision and I was their pen.

Sketch: So what's happening next for you? Another album?

Quest: Definitely already have some real dope concepts in mind.

Sketch: There's concepts in hip-hop? After this we cracked jokes for a second and he also reminded me to tell everyone to vote for him in the Hot 93.7 contest.


We leave you all today with the video The Rising Sun Quest's "Fire In The Sky". I want to thank The Rising Sun Quest for taking the time and The Mad Bloggers for spreading the word. I'll see you all next on where my guest will be Cee Reed talking about his new album, Fight Or Flight.

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What I'm Watching...DJ Crazy Toones and Kurupt - 2 Microphones & a Mic

I keep hearing this on XM and I know heads are posting this track from DJ Crazy Toones and Kurupt titled "2 Microphones and a Mic". It's got that old/true school feel. Check it.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Check It ... SPEAK Easy "Ice Cold"

Here's another dope artist out of Milwaukee, SPEAK Easy. His album,"Well Spoken" is solid from beginning to end. Check out "Ice Cold" as an example.

Ice Cold (Free Download)

Well Spoken (available on iTunes)
SPEAK Easy on ReverbNation

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Check It ... Tje Austin "The Attention of Love"

I caught this joint in the email from Tje Austin out of Texas. I definitely dig the sound. Check it out and tell me what you think. Enjoy.

The Attention of Love (Download)

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Check It ... Nneka "Walking" featuring Jay Electronica

Caught the audio link via @sdot.

Nneka and J.Period are releasing a free project "The Madness" on December 15. "Walking" featuring Jay Electronica, is one of the leaks from the mixtape. I dig Nneka's work and I'm excited for the project, which "is a collection of new tracks and remixes from Nneka." Check ou this joint. Enjoy.

Walking (Download)

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Leah Smith - Beautifully Made

Got this gem in my email. Really feeling this soulful R&B track by Leah Smith called "Beautifully Made". Check it out.

Buy her EP here: Leah Smith - Beautifully Made

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Blitz the Ambassador "Dying to Live" from his MTVu House Band sessions

I caught this from the homie over at Move Forward Music. Check out Blitz the Ambassador talking about the making of his Live Sessions video and EP featuring John Forte, Bajah, and Kate Mattison. Enjoy the preview and full song below.

Blitz the Ambassador - "Dying to Live" ft. John Forte (Complete Song):

Blitz the Ambassador Live Teaser Part 2. from MVMT on Vimeo.

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What I'm Watching ... @PriscillaRenea "Lovesick" (Acoustic)

Another great joint from Priscilla Renea. Check out "Lovesick" acoustic.

Official Site:

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