Friday, July 31, 2009

Tha Lady Blogga pays homage to the only Lady “Rockin’ the Bells’…

(Photo via

Rock the Bells has been a part of my vocabulary for years. So when my hubby surprised me with near front row seats for my birthday, I was ecstatic!!! Being at Rock the Bells is like being at Hip-Hop school and all the wack acts (Souljah Boy, Hurricane Chris, etc. etc.) need to come and sit in the audience with a pen and notepad to take notes.

First and foremost, I want to address the fact that there were no ladies on the bill this year. Until the tour came to NYC and had a contest about winning an opening performance spot hosted by Ed Lover. Many were called but the chosen was one and SHE (yes I said she) did the damn thing. The winner of the contest was a female DJ/rapper by the name of Jasmine Solano (@jasminesolano).

She has been on the scene for a while now and can be found spinning for various spots in NYC, including the popular Monday night “Electric Punanny” party at Sway. When she’s not manning the turntables, she’s on the mic, performing “That’s Not It” or “Coco Puff”. My personal favorite is “That’s Not It”. Wearing some cool ass leopard black tights, she worked the stage at Rock the Bells and made her presence known. My only gripe is that the crowd wasn’t as big as it should’ve been for her. She was the only chick on the bill. That deserves kudos in itself.

The line-up this year was impressive. I am not going to get into all that but…
I was thoroughly impressed with the Wu-Tang performance. It was only supposed to be RZA, GZA and Ghostface Killah. We were pleasantly surprised when the other members of the Wu stepped out and blessed the stage, right down to my man Meth!!! Yes, Method Man blessed the stage, ran through the audience and the whole bit. Needless to say, my love for the Wu was rekindled and I cannot wait to see what they bring next. In memory of Old Dirty, they reincarnated his performance in his eldest son who had the look, knew the lyrics and had the spirit of his father (may he R.I.P.). That was definitely a good look for the Clan!

In the wake of all this wack ass music I am forced to listen to on the radio, Rock the Bells and the BHF (Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival) have helped me get through it. There are still more performances to be seen and I wish I could hit them all up. I urge you to support REAL hip-hop and all that these artists bring to the table…

Check out Jasmine Solano -

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Check It ... Skyzoo "The Beautiful Decay"

Watch the music video for Skyzoo's "THE BEAUTIFUL DECAY" off his upcoming album THE SALVATION, in stores September 29th on Jamla/Duck Down Records. Directed by Artemus Jenkins. Song produced by 9th Wonder.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Road to Release Day: Eternia & MoSS: "AT LAST" Episode 7 & 8

"QUILOMBO!" Eternia & MoSS - Road to Release: Ep#7 ft. BOCAFLOJA & the People of Mexico!!

Eternia travels to Mexico City to perform with Mexico's well renowned veteran MC, Bocafloja. Fans line-up around the corner by 2pm and the sold out show literally SHUTS THE CITY DOWN when there's a power outage for 2 hours. E is joined by Gabriel Teodros (Seattle) and Para La Gente (The Bay) in this unforgettable experience of a lifetime. "Quilombo! Mocambo!"

"Come See Me!" Eternia & MoSS - Road to Release: Ep#8 ft. Agallah & Big Zoo!

Eternia will be Live on Stage Friday July 31st at DROM in NYC! In Episode #8, E visits Canada, Mexico, U.S.A., & Australia in a trip down stage-show memory lane. E invites the world to "Come See Me" and presents her compelling invitation with co-signs from Agallah, Big Zoo (EODUB) and more!

Check Episode One
Check Episode Two
Check Episode Three
Check Episode Four
Check Episode Five
Check Episode Six

Check Dead Prez ... Summertime

Dope Mixtapes (Download)

Check DJ Mr. President's Raising the Bar, Raising the Standard

Check Flash G's Birth of a Hero. Dope project.

Check Cueyfornication, OnCue

Mick Boogie, Terry Urban, Christopher Truth & present, a classic genre bending mixtape. New comer, OnCue takes Red Hot Chili Peppers records ranging near 2 decades of great records and reinvents the songs with a hip-hop state of mind.

I've followed the homie OnCue for a minute now and dude is a dope emcee. Check out this amazing dope mashup!

Download Cueyfornication

OnCue x Terry Urban Interview @ Shade 45 from geoff sarubbi on Vimeo.

What's Really Good Stephon?

Someone sent me the link to this story from the Orlando Sentinel. It's brilliant. Check the piece from Shannon J. Owens

Never did I envision writing these words in a sports section, but the inexplicably odd behavior by NBA free-agent Stephon Marbury has forced my hand.

Do not eat Vaseline.

Seriously, crude oil byproducts are not for consumption.

Marbury, who has a birth certificate claiming his 32 years of age, recently shot a 24-hour live stream of what we assume is a typical day during the offseason last week.

His most notable events? That would be dipping a finger in a jar of Vaseline, which he swallowed to soothe a sore throat, and a near six-minute crying session to a Kirk Franklin song.

I'm not saying Marbury is crazy. Just crazyish.

Maybe he was looking for a Vaseline endorsement because he repeatedly yelled "CTC" (cut the check). Maybe he thought an entertainment agent would see his tremendous acting abilities.

What I do know is that this is another classic case of TMI.

That's right. Terrible Media Instincts.

Granted, our world is becoming increasing small and intimate with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and that oldie but goody, reality television.

For some professional athletes, today's media landscape is an ideal playground. They can self-promote, market and directly communicate messages to their fan bases like never before.

For others, it's like putting a tub of ice cream in front of a 4-year-old. They don't know when to stop.

Remember Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett and his YouTube bit about the "Black Olympics"? Several black writers blasted him for his fried chicken and watermelon-eating contests.

Terrell Owens is continuing his quest for stardom through his VH1 reality show. One episode showed him shopping for overpriced Bentleys and mansions.

It's probably not the best way to win new fans if you're casually looking to spend the sum of their life earnings 10 times over.

But reality viewing isn't always bad. Shows that entertain and educate can be intriguing.

That's why Top Chef, Project Runway and The Amazing Race are network hits.

And a few pro athletes have reality shows actually showcasing a real talent.

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones travels around the world testing his skills in various lesser known sports on his show Dhani Tackles the Globe on the Travel Channel.

Shaquille O'Neal is premiering his own reality show, Shaq vs., Aug. 18 on ABC.

Instead of spending another year bored training in a gym, he wanted to sharpen his skills competing against other elite athletes like Ben Roethlisberger, Oscar De La Hoya and Serena Williams.

"You also have to know the rules," O'Neal said. "If you put something out there, it's going to be out there forever."

Granted, he's been in hot water a time or two or 10 for controversial YouTube comments.

None of those, however, involves eating a swab of Vaseline.

"Marbury eating Vaseline got a lot of hits. I don't know if it's positive, but I know he got a lot of looks," O'Neal laughed. "I don't know what he was trying to accomplish there."

Try relevance.

The life span of a professional athlete's career isn't very long unless that athlete is named Brett Favre or Dara Torres.

If they're smart, athletes will look beyond the 15 seconds of fame and fortune and make plans for the next life transition.

"You can understand why athletes are trying to expand their brand through reality shows," said Guy Troupe, president of the capital management firm Troup 21. "But in today's world where paparazzi and private citizens care so much about the behavior of athletes, that overexposure can expose the weaknesses they have in personal and professional life."

And hopefully, that doesn't include eating petroleum jelly.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sophia Fresh - "What It Is" ft Kanye West

Sophia Fresh (Crystal, Cole Rose & Skye), T-Pain's group, comes through with Yeezy as a feature on this track called "What It Is". Personally, it's ok. Not bad. I can throw back a few and bug out on the floor with a P.Y.T. if this came on. Check it out...

Sophia Fresh - What It Is ft Kanye West

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Heltah Skeltah - "Midnight Madness" ft DJ Revolution

One of my all time favorite grittier Hip Hop duos, Heltah Skeltah drop this heat titled "Midnight Madness" featuring DJ Revolution cutting and scratching. I got no problem with this track at all! Check it out.

Heltah Skeltah - Midnight Madness ft DJ Revolution

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Camp Lo - "On Smash" ft Styles P & Pete Rock

I think I can bang this track by Camp Lo featuring Styles P and Pete Rock titled "On Smash". Tell you this, I rather here this in the club than some of that other stuff they're killing.

Camp Lo - On Smash ft Styles P & Pete Rock

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Mos Def - "Brooklyn We Go Hard"

I honestly don't know if there's a track that I don't like by Mos Def, whether original or not. This track here, he flows over Jay-Z's Brooklyn We Go Hard. Check it out.

Mos Def - "Brooklyn We Go Hard"

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David Sides - "Best I Ever Had" on Piano

I was told about this guy sometime last year being that the piano is my favorite musical instrument. I've seen a ton of this guy's youtube videos where he covers various genres of music and does it so effortlessly. This time, David Sides tackles Drake's Best I Ever Had. Check out the video and tell us what you think.

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Fonzworth Bentley - "Greener" ft Anthony Hamilton

Been a while since I heard a track from Mr. Fonzworth Bentley. This track titled "Greener" features one of the South's greater vocalist in Anthony Hamilton. Check out the track.

Fonzworth Bentley - Greener ft Anthony Hamilton

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Drake - "Think Good Thoughts" ft Phonte & Elzhi

Drake featuring Phonte and Elzhi???? Wow. Track's called Think Good Thoughts produced by none other that 9th Wonder himself sampling Anita Baker's Sweet Love. Check it.

Drake - Think Good Thoughts ft Phonte & Elzhi

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What I'm Listening To ... Ryan Leslie - "You're Not My Girl"

Ryan Leslie's back with "You're Not My Girl". Funny title. Hahaha. Check out the track. Let us know how you feel about it.

Ryan Leslie - "You're Not My Girl"

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Johnta Austin - "Lost"

Johnta Austin comes cool with this track called "Lost". Check it.

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R. Kelly - "Number 1" ft Keri Hilson

R. Kelly's got a new track featuring Keri Hilson called "Number 1". I am feeling it. Check for yourself...

R. Kelly - Number 1 ft Keri Hilson

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Slum Village - "Climax"

Felt like bringing it back some. Relax and vibe out with this track from Slum Village of Fantastic, Vol. 2 called Climax (Girl Shit).

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Old Dave Chappelle Clip Speaks Truth to Henry Louis Gates Incident

I was sitting around talking about the madness of the Henry Louis Gates incident. She immediately brought up this Dave Chappelle stand-up. It's right on point! While this is an older clip from Dave Chappelle (comic genius) it's so relevant right now as it pertains to this Henry Louis Gates incident. Really, really relevant!

As if the madness of the arrest wasn't enough, now the president of the city's police union is demanding that President Obama apologize to members of the Cambridge Police Department. GTFOH! That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. The President called them out and now he's wrong? Nah, a lot of folks in America feel the same way. Cambridge Police, you were WRONG!

Cops make cops look bad. It's a damn shame!

Anyway, this video clip is sooooooo relevant! Enjoy!

Jay-Z - Run This Town ft Rihanna and Kanye West

Jay-Z returns with another single off his highly anticipated album Blueprint 3. This track was released today everywhere and tons of websites are getting their hands on. Track is hot. Despite the controversy about Drake being replaced on this track, it doesn't change the fact that this track is ill. Personally, of course. Check it out.

Jay-Z - Run This Town ft Rihanna & Kanye West

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

J.C.I.T.Y - "What I Got To Say"

J.C.I.T.Y, an MC from Boston, comes through on this track with dope east coast flavored production on the track titled "What I Got To Say" off his latest, a concept album "From The Bottom To The Top" (a collection of his flows over south and up north influenced beats, hence the title). You can download his music for FREE off his MySpace page. Check out the single.

Download the entire concept album here for Free:
J.C.I.T.Y - "From The Bottom To The Top"

The Bottom (1-9 tracks flowing over Southern Style Beats)
The Top (10-18 tracks flowing over East Coast Beats)

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Jordan Crawford Dunks On LeBron

Shout out to for this...

Jordan Crawford speaks on the whole incident on First Take.

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Consequence featuring Kanye West & John Legend

There's nothing wrong with spreading G.O.O.D. music, is there? Single from Consequence off his upcoming album that's being produced by himself, Kanye and Q-Tip. I'm in anticipation.

Consequence - Whatever You Want ft. Kanye West and John Legend

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Rakim - Holy Are You

Just a reminder that Rakim's album titled Seventh Seal drops this fall. More of what I need musically. Hope you guys go out and support the music. Check out his new single off the album.

Rakim - Holy Are You

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Pres Obama on Henry Louis Gates Arrest ...

The entire situation with Henry Louis Gates and the Cambridge Police is absolutely ridiculous! You break into your own home and then get arrested for disorderly conduct? Really?! How many folks have forgotten their keys or misplaced them and then had to break into the house? Yeah, I would imagine a lot of us. The President definitely drops knowledge on race relations in America. Even as the first black President, he knows that race issues are far from over.

Throwback Thursday - A Tribe Called Quest "Check the Rhime"

Chilling at work and someone mentioned this song. We immediately put it on. We've been vibing to this joint ever since. So, I decided to share. Enjoy a little throwback Thursday joint.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Joe - "Signature"

Oh what a nice surprise it was to go to the stores and pick up Maxwell's BLACKsummers'night and run into who I think is one of the most vocally talented R&B singers out. Joe's Signature, released on July 14th, is yet another breath of fresh air for quality music. It's the kind of music I won't find on the radio. Why? My guess is because it's too good. It's not simple or raunchy or gimmicky. And you know what? That's just how I love them. Q says "slow it down for the ladies". I asked him if he was ready for that. Check out this video off Joe's latest release. Song is called "MAJIC". And do good music as well as yourself a favor, go buy this album!!!

Joe - Very Special Friend

Joe - Friends Don't Let Friends

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Check It ... Nappy Roots featuring Anthony Hamilton "Down N Out"

Haven't heard from these dudes in a minute. Check it...

Nicolay & Ugene "Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)"

Post straight from the homie producer Nicolay!

Today, I am another year older, and what better to commemorate this than with a particularly festive 'Off The Shelf' download, aimed for the dancefloors!

In the previous installment of this series, I broke down the story of how I first met the lovely and talented Moon Baker, many years ago. That story really isn't complete without acknowledging another good friend of mine, the amazingly talented Dutch singer and keyboardist Ugene.

My bandmates and I had seen Ugene perform on a late night television show one night in '95 or '96, and we were all floored. A voice like Ugene's, you just don't hear everyday, especially in The Netherlands. It took us a while to track him down, but we eventually got a hold of him and somehow persuaded him to sing and play with us for a while. Fortunately for us, he ended up playing with us for several years. Most of my favorite memories from those days involve sharing the stage and the rehearsal studio with Ugene and Moon, who formed an incredible vocal tandem together.

To make a long story short: Ugene and I recorded this cover version of the Quincy Jones produced Donna Summer track "Love Is In Control (Finger In The Trigger)" in April of 2005. It was originally intended for a compilation album on an indie label, but they didn't use it and so the track ended up on the shelf.

Ugene is another artist that deserves any and all attention. He's currently working on a new project with a formation that actually includes two other friends of mine from Europe, Krewcial
and Gus. Until next time, and as always...

thanks for listening,

Check It ... Hezekiah

Stumbled upon Hezekiah randomly. I dig dude! Caught his album on iTunes and peeped this video featuring Bilal. Check him out. He's definitely doing his thing!

Affion Crockett spoofs Drake's Hot 97.1 Appearance

Um, waaaaaaaaaaaay too many bombs! Waaaaaaaaay too many! Check Affion Crockett spoofs the Drake "Blackberry freestyle" on the Flex Show. Affion is a funny dude.

Watch First ... (original)


Eyedea & Abilities "Burn Fetish" (Live)

It's an interesting and different type of sound but I like different. I dig it. Plus these dudes have an album called By The Throat (which is cool by me). Check Eyedea & Abilities.

Shad Performance from Toronto

Support quality music. Check out the homie Shad!

It's a Blouse ...

Dude wore a blouse. Yes, I said blouse! There is no way to get around it, plain and simple ... Chris Brown is wearing a blouse in his apology vid. I don't have much to say about his words because I was distracted by his blatant wearing of a neon colored blouse. To me, that's an EPIC fail!

Here are some of my tweets from @ThroatChopU

- I'm pretty sure the shirt Chris Brown wore in that apology vid can be categorized as a blouse

- The rest of chris brown's clothes was at the cleaners. He was also wearing bball shorts as underwear

- TMZ is reporting that the blouse Chris Brown wore in apology vid is actually Rihannas'. It was a secret msg to her. lol

- They prob spent so much time working on the right words for Chris Brown would say but not enough time telling him not to wear a blouse ...

- TMZ Reports that Chris Brown got his shirt in vid from Forever 21 ... Nice blouse!

- My bad, I'm being unfair to Chris Brown ... but so was his stylist for picking out that neon blouse!

- It says a lot about a man to 1. apologize 2. wear a blouse when apologizing. Thanks Chris Brown!

- In all fairness, I didn't listen to what Chris Brown was saying because his neon blouse was distracting

-TMZ is reporting Chris Brown 2 do apology vid for shirt he wore in 1st vid. It's rumored he'll be wearing a "wife beater"

- In his apology vid Chris Brown wore a shirt that a chef at a restaurant named the Pink Flamingo would wear

- TMZ is now reporting that Chris Brown apology vid was also audition tape 4 Cosby Show movie hence Gordan Gatrell shirt

-"Birthday Blouse" Chris Brown's comeback single produced by Bobby Brown feat. Pacman Jones

Check It ... MC Lyte "Rocking w/the Best"

I dig it. Check the MC Lyte "Rocking with the Best".

Monday, July 20, 2009

What I'm Listening To...Keelay & Zaire - "Alright With Me" feat. Dminor and Phonte

Much appreciation goes out to @Summa_Reign for dropping a little tidbit of music in my ear. She mentioned she was listening to a Dminor. I searched for him and found this video by Keelay & Zaire featuring Dminor and Phonte. Dope, smooth, great vibe with this kind of music. I love finding this kind of music for my listening pleasure and I hope you do too. Check it out!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Krizz Kaliko "Misunderstood"

Check the vid

"Make it Rain..."

I remember the first time I heard this story, I thought it was absolutely ridiculous. Watching the clip today on made me laugh, especially the Sports Center Intro "Jones infamously took to the club stage to quote, 'make it rain'". Like my man said on his blog, lets go ahead and file this one under "Never should have given you n*ggas money".

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Slaughterhouse - One

Shout out to Got That Good?'s blog for this video. Slaughterhouse's 1st single off their upcoming album that will be released August 11th. Check out the video and cop the album when it drops!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Knock You Down" Acoustic Cover

This Keri Hilson, Kanye and Ne-Yo song may be a bit overplayed on the radio (actually very overplayed) but I dig this acoustic cover. Homegirl's voice is good and dude comes in and definitely does his thing. A friend sent the link and I figured I'd share. Peace.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Road to Release Day: Eternia & MoSS: "AT LAST" Episode 6

In Episode #6, Eternia revisits the playground with 88-Keys and makes a grown man cry in Queens, after an impromptu performance on the block with Mauikai. 88 & E reminisce over recorded tracks that never leaked (including a song w/ Kanye West & E?!) and Skyzoo recalls the 1st time he saw E spit @ Squeeze Radio.

Check Episode One
Check Episode Two
Check Episode Three
Check Episode Four
Check Episode Five

Did Drake Drop the Ball with "Best I Ever Had" vid?

Music Monday - Soul Position "Hand Me Downs"

This track is real talk! It's been kicking around for a bit but it's still relevant.

There is some crap coming from the mainstream music market right now. No disrespect to folks that attended a community college (I did) but it's like mainstream music is turning into a community college, because anyone and everyone can get in. The music industry use to be Harvard but now it's your local community college spot.

Here's the forumla: Just give us a catchy hook and no content... Oh, and a dance step or too also. Who cares, right?! Labels don't care about artist development, because you'll be out and irelevant when the next instructional-dance-ringtone-song hits the scene. Nah, I want more from my music.

For music cats out here just looking to enter the industry for a job to make money, look elsewhere if you don't have any passion or love for your craft, because it's disrespectful. Be an artist, because right now a lot of these cats are record company employees. You know the difference? An artist does what's in their heart and an employee does exactly what their boss says.

Check this Soul Position joint, Hand Me Downs. Happy Monday and enjoy!

Come on say it loud
Look what we handed down
Don't it make you proud?
Look what we Handed Down

Come on say it loud
Look what we handed down
Don't it make you proud?
Look What We Handed Down

[Verse 1]
My mommy gave me Donny Hathaway
I miss the Positivity, I want to bring it back
But Rap now-a-days is by a bunch of ignorant cats
No young gifted and black
Just guns, bitches and crack
I react by turning off BET and Sambo's telling me what blackness is supposed to be
Used to give us world news now it's all videos replaced Tavis Smiley with reality shows
If you let the TV define what black is you think ice and violence is all we think that matters
I guess this is what happens when rappers look up to thugs
And kids look up to rappers
To some of y'all if I don't talk about the gat enough
Or sell crack enough
I ain't black enough
But I rather be a pro at being myself
Than be an idiot trying to be somebody else, what?!

Come on say it loud
Look what we handed down
Don't it make you proud?
Look What we Handed Down

Come on say it loud
Look what we handed down
Don't it make you proud?
Look What We Handed Down

[Verse 2]
I'm at the bus stop with my bike
Been there for awhile
Mom's taught me how to catch this route when I was a child
-Another kid walks up freakin up black and mild
Fifteen same age, I learn shits wild
An older lady walks up greets us with a smile
Asks how we both doing and sits down
She knows what's it's like to grow up in the south
Civil Rights when the whites was hosing us down
I started thinking to myself that even though that time's were tougher
They still took time out to speak to one another
But look at us, me and this young brother
Acting to proud to break down and speak to each other
So inside I felt ashamed
Not sure of how to but I wanna change
And as long as I'm alive than the fact remains
That it's never too late for us to break the chains
Come on y'all

Come on say it loud
Look what we handed down
Don't it make you proud?
Look What we Handed Down

Come on say it loud
Look what we handed down
Don't it make you proud?
Look What We Handed Down

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What I'm Listening to Right Now ... "Rather Be With You"

Listen closely, because Rather Be With You is one of my joints. Check out the Wale track featuring J Cole & Currensy, produced by 9th Wonder off that Back to the Feature mixtape. Enjoy!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Maxwell ... Grown Up Music

Maxwell's new album BLACKsummers' night is a problem! From beginning to end, the neo-soul artist proves he hasn't lost a step since his last studio album. In an industry saturated by the unoriginal, Maxwell steps forward to provide some grown-up music! Hope they are asking folks for id when they purchase this album, because this isn't for the ringtone music generation (even though it would provide one hell of an educational lesson).

I personally grabbed the album immediately on Tuesday from iTunes and haven't stopped playing it since. This is the definition of baby making music. I'm not sure what his first week numbers will look like in terms of sales but I'm sure conception rate via his album will be through the roof and a lot of babies will be born nine months from now (all with Maxwell as their middle name). If you don't have it, get it.

The only drawback is that the album is just nine tracks long. I guess Maxwell is a drug dealer and is just giving us a taste. When the next two cds drop, we'll know exactly where to go for a follow up hit. Maxwell definitely sets us up for his follow ups.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

What I'm Watching...KRS-One & Buckshot: Robot

KRS-One & Buckshot finally did a video to the fire track titled "Robot". I'm sure you have heard about it. And if not, this video should refresh your memory. Take another listen to the lyrics. Hip Hop music needs a mainstream revamping. Check it out...

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"Gone too Soon" Goodbye Michael ...

The media is relentless. I don't know what they were expecting today with Michael Jackson's memorial service but they seemed surprised at how well organized and classy the event was. The service was moving and memorable.

And as I watch clips over and over throughout the night from places around the world paying tribute to the man who will always be known as the King of Pop (or the greatest entertainer of all time) I am moved. As a father, the words spoken by his daughter Paris touched my heart. And even as much as I am against Al Sharpton on many issues, his words were for the most part inspiring and truly heartfelt (weirdly enough it was the first time I ever felt like Al was a reverend because he brought us to church). From beginning to end it was a very respectable and classy service, that spoke to the man as an artist and the man as a friend and a human being.

In a way I felt like the memorial allowed MJ to reclaim a bit of what the media and others tried to chip away from him over the years, with accusations, rumors and lies. "Maybe now Michael, they will leave u alone..." his brother spoke from the stage. Sadly though, I doubt it will happen as the exclusive hungry media continues to examine the details of his untimely death and follow what will happen to his children in the coming weeks, months and probably even years. They're vultures. But I still think MJ was honored in a way that they will never be able to take away. He was honored as a King.

A friend sent this video link over to me. I'm not sure if it's legit or not but I thought that it was well put together and allegedly could have been a part of the BET Awards show (what a travesty that event was in it's entirety and clips). I don't normally post things I can't confirm (because we aren't TMZ) but again I thought that it was a pretty dope video.

So whether legit or not, we post this video as a respectful tribute to MJ.

I still can't believe the man is gone. Michael was simply an amazing artist and person and his music was a cornerstone growing up. As if he could hear me, I yell out "I LOVE YOU MICHAEL"

"In Our Darkest Hour

In My Deepest Despair

Will You Still Care?

Will You Be There?

In My Trials

And My Tribulations

Through Our Doubts

And Frustrations

In My Violence

In My Turbulence

Through My Fear

And My Confessions

In My Anguish And My Pain

Through My Joy And My Sorrow

In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow

I'll Never Let You Part

For You're Always In My Heart."

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tha Lady Blogga Asks...Where's Hip Hop?

Given the recent events in the music industry, we can't help but realize that the hip-hop culture is on a rapid downward spiral. We lost the King of Pop, Vibe magazine folded, XXL featured a cover full of shiny suit rappers. What the hell is going on with hip-hop? It needs to be revived and quickly. We have been bombarded with parties and bullshit, bling and swag, titties and asses (thanks, Drake), but no talent. Where did it all go?

Pandora Internet radio has become a necessity in my Blackberry. While mainstream radio caters to the artists that pay the most for spins per day, Pandora gives you a mix of stuff you want to hear. I can't stand listening to mainstream radio anymore. Every hour, the line-up is the same...and it's a shitty line-up at that.

So, here I am jammin' to my Pandora "Nas" station, listening to Nas, Jay-Z, Tupac and then it plays Ma$e? WTF is this? Ma$e? Where did this come from? How does he fit in here? He doesn't and that's the problem. I can't deal with the shiny suit rapper. I can't do it. So then I got to thinking, where did hip-hop go wrong? When did we lose it to talentless gimmick promoters with expensive cars? First I thought it was Puffy and his shiny suit movement. But then what about Hammer? And who the hell gave Vanilla Ice a record deal?

The new age of rappers is coming equipped with everything but talent. I mean, it's one thing to have a sales pitch or a certain image but you have to have talent to back it up. I am not even knocking the use of auto-tune. I was rocking to "Computer Love" and it was all good. If artists were saying something worth listening to, it wouldn't matter if it was auto-tuned or not. Having to listen to the likes of Soulja Boy, Hurricane Chris, New Boyz and other talentless "Hip-Hop" acts makes it difficult for the real Hip-Hop acts to shine through. In my opinion, their music isn't considered "Hip-Hop", it's just noise. Soulja Boy will never live down the fact that he lyrically compared himself to Nas! Nas is a rapper, Soulja Boy is not. So for him to compare himself to a lyricist such as Nas, he deserves to be smacked.

Not for nothing, I think Drake is lyrically inclined and has potential to be something special, but he is allowing himself to be pushed in that bullshit artist direction and that isn't a good move. He is going to lose a lot of fans because of that. He really needs to think about staying true to himself and his talent and not following behind the likes of Kanye West. Honestly I think Kanye just wanted to kill his competition a little bit so he created that video to put Drake on hold for a second. Drake created a buzz without tits, ass and jewels. He can continue to make moves sans that crap in his act.

We have always had underground rappers. The underground movement in the Hip-Hop culture was real serious at one time but now all the real Hip-Hop artists are being pushed into that category. We need to start moving in a direction to bring back Hip-Hop as we knew it. Supporting bullshit music is a problem. We have to start supporting real music and stop helping these "lucky" mediocre artists who knew the right people get ahead. We have new rappers emerging with ridiculous talent and they deserve to be heard on a mainstream level. How awesome would it be to turn on the radio and hear tracks from Diamond District, or Tanya Morgan, some Marco Polo & Torae, or how about "Queens' Anthem"? That would be a revitalizing breath of fresh air. I wouldn't have to cringe every time I turned on the radio or kill my Blackberry battery listening to my Pandora Internet radio.

We need to bring it back and it's going to take a lot of work, can be done.

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