Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Check It ... EPonym "Show Me Love" feat. Keno (Prod. by Sauce Fonda)

EPonym teams up with theOTHERSIDE for this track off his new project. Keno on the feature, Sauce on the beat and DJ Jun on the cuts. Yeah, good stuff! Enjoy!

<a href="http://themadbloggers.bandcamp.com/track/show-me-love-prod-by-sauce-fonda">Show Me Love (Prod. by Sauce Fonda) by The Mad Bloggers</a>


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Check It ... Nello Luchi (@ItzYaGurlNello) "All I Need"

Here's another random find today. It's funny because they told me that female emcees don't exist in Hip-Hop today. Weird. *straight face. sarcastic voice* Check out Nello Luchi's "All I Need" off her "Breathe In" The Mixtape. The whole joint is pretty dope. If you dig "All I Need," you should definitely get the full mixtape.

<a href="http://themadbloggers.bandcamp.com/track/all-i-need">All I Need by The Mad Bloggers</a>

Download: Breathe In The Mixtape


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Download ... K.Raydio "Significant (Other)"

I haven't been let down by a project that Man Mantis has been involved with. This K.Raydio project is no different. I stumbled upon this project today and it seems as though K.Raydio came out of no where (to me at least). In between working on other posts, I kept finding myself coming back to her Significant (Other) project, which just dropped. This project is soooooo soulful and refreshing. Listen, download and enjoy! CHEA!

<a href="http://kraydio.bandcamp.com/album/significant-other">Intro by K.Raydio</a>


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Interview: The Cranberry Show talk Sex And Pencil Shavings

Pic courtesy of David Szymanski
Just look at their cover artwork and you know this project is gonna be something different. Sex And Pencil Shavings is just that. Different, eclectic and at the end of the day, enjoyable. When I hit play on their new project, I had only having heard one previous track from The Cranberry Show (Arcane and Young Focus). I knew I liked their sound and was curious as to what a full album would bring from the Milwaukee based duo.

Things kicked off with "Electric Girl." The production is crazy on the intro track and carries throughout the project. Tracks like "I'm Horny," and "Perks" continue to build on the have fun and live life attitude of S.A.P.S.. After several plays of the album, I can tell you that The Cranberry Show definitely didn't go the safe route. This album is who they are.

The rhymes won't blow you away but you will laugh and enjoy their word play, sometimes making you rewind to catch a punch line again.

The album will definitely appeal to a younger audience but not all old heads will write it off. It's a fusion of fun tracks and high energy, with a comical approach. It's worth a listen.

I reached out to the duo for a Q&A. Buckle your seat belts because just like their album, they don't hold back with the interview. Enjoy!

Pic courtesy of David Szymanski
TMB: How long have ya'll been collectively been doing music? Both from Milwaukee?

Arcane: Yeah, we we're both born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. We have been doing music together now for a good 2 years. It's been a wild ride.

Young Focus: Actually I'm not from this Mil-wau-kee you ask about. I'm from a small land inside of a woman called a Vaginero. See, many many moons ago there was a great war in the land of Testicalonia. It ended in a monumental race between the males and the females, though back then we were only pods with little tails attached. We bursted in and broke down the the walls of Vaginero. Then we raced to the safe egg in the realm of Ovareesha. Long story short I WAS THE WINNER.

TMB: How'd you explain your sound in five words or less?


YF: Rock, Rap and Pop orgy

TMB: What's the concept behind Sex and Pencil Shavings? I mean, the name is random, to me at least. How did you guys develop it?

A: Sex & Pencil Shavings is metaphor for the beginning and the end. See, the "SEX" brings life so that's the beginning. And the "PENCIL SHAVINGS" are the end because its what you leave behind as you get sharper from life grinding on you. What we truly believe is our music covers all basses, from the beginning, middle to the end. So the name was really fitting.

YF: Actually it came from a wild one night stand I had with a pencil sharpener. I know what your thinking... and the answer is yes, yes it was worth the hospital visit. Next question.

Pic courtesy of David Szymanski
TMB: Who are some of the people you worked with on your project?

YF: We actually only have two songs on our album with features. The first song on the album features the vocal stylings of a beautiful young lady by the name of Shylea Marie. She gets backed up on that same song by the very talented Jonathon Frost. And there is another song called "Rock The World" which contains vocals from a true music renaissance man by the name of Nov. But we worked really close with a producer by the name of 40-Mil, so he produced most tracks on the album.

TMB: What's the one track on S.A.P.S. that speaks to who you guys are as a group?

A: I think the one track that really speaks to us as a group is the last track on the album entitled "THAT MUZIK". It's a rebel, fuck the world, rowdy track that will give people an idea of our stage show because of the high energy.

YF: The song I would choose is "Im Horny." I dont think i really have to explain more than that

TMB: What's the one track on S.A.P.S. that speaks to who you guys are as individuals?

A: I feel like the track "PERKS" is the track that defines me the most. It's a super steezy and cocky track, but also just laid back.

YF: I'd have to say the song "Electric Girl." It's very eclectic and percise while paying great attention to detail.

TMB: What's your overall favorite track on S.A.P.S.?


YF: I would have to go with "Electric Girl"

TMB: Which track off of S.A.P.S. would be on the soundtrack of your life and why?


YF: Most definitely "Rock the World." I picked this one because it's all about taking charge of your own destiny and making the world pay attention to you.

Pic courtesy of David Szymanski
TMB: Where do you guys wanna see your music go?

A: OVER SEAS!!! It's already creating a buzz in places like the UK and Japan but that's not good enough. I want it to be like, we go over there and they have a hotel with Madonna half naked, crapes and those pretzel filled M&M's (but only the blue kind). We wanna be the best thing since slice bread internationally so we have A LOT of work to do.

YF: I just wanna see it in every porno featuring big girls with midget men.

TMB: What's next?

YF: The World Pinky (brain voice) No, really we have a tour in the works as well as a mixtape dropping on Thanksgiving day.

TMB: What's one thing you'd like people to take away from listening to S.A.P.S.?


YF: It's the herpes of the music world. Once you have it, it's a part of your life FOREVER!

<a href="http://themadbloggers.bandcamp.com/track/moon-song">Moon Song by The Mad Bloggers</a>

The Cranberry Show Sex And Pencil Shavings is available on iTunes


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Download ... @RAtheMC "Heart of a Champion"

RAtheMC is a fiery emcee on the mic! She definitely brings it with her new project too, which oh by the way is NOT a mixtape. Dig it to Heart of a Champion and enjoy.

Download / Preview Heart of a Champion


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theOTHERSIDE x TMB "In Pursuit of Realness"

"You couldn't be a blogger 'cause you bloggers ain't MAD..."

If you follow The Mad Bloggers Show, this track should sound familiar as our intro music. For those not up on the show or playing catch up, we wanted to share this track with you from theOTHERSIDE (Keno on vocals and Sauce on the boards). Those dudes are dope (collectively and as individual artists) This track is our super hero theme music shit! Enjoy and check out more great music from theOTHERSIDE (links below).

<a href="http://themadbloggers.bandcamp.com/track/in-pursuit-of-realness">In Pursuit of Realness by The Mad Bloggers</a>


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What I'm Watching ... Slakah the Beatchild - "B-Boy Beef"

Pretty chill video from Slakah the Beatchild and music to go along with it. B-Boy Beef. We need to bring it back to that level. It's just much more fun. Check the video out and see for yourself.

Directed by: Marc André Debruyne
This song appears on Soul Movement vol. 1 Released on BBE Records. Album available on iTunes.
Much love to the crews (Ground Illusions, Twisted Ankles) and dancers for reppin'!

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What I'm Watching ... R. Kelly - "When A Woman Loves"

Kellz is back with a song reminiscent of the golden years of soul music. Here, he sings about the amazing strength and heart a woman has for the one she loves. The depths she goes through, the patience she exhibits. This dude got some serious chops. I'm definitely digging this and can't wait for "Arra's (R's)" next album to drop. Check it.

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Vote TMB for Best Hip-Hop Blog!

Yeah, so voting ends tonight (midnight) for the Black Weblog Awards! If you dig what we do, then it's time to support the movement AND vote for The Mad Bloggers in the Best Hip-Hop Blog category!

Voting is easy, go here ---> VOTE

We appreciate your support.

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Download ... 100 Akres presents "The New Edition Beat Tape"

Interesting concept. Check it out and share your thoughts down in the comment section.
New month = new beat tape. Do you remember New Edition's 1984 self titled album? You know....the one with Mr. Telephone Man, Cool It Now, and I'm Leaving You Again. Wait 'till you hear what I did to those plus every other song on that album. No sample is safe, hide your vinyl.
<a href="http://beattape.100akres.com/album/the-new-edition-beat-tape">Hongry by 100 Akres</a>

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Check It ... Quake "Do My Thing" feat. Quake and Reks

 Check out another cool track from Halifax emcee Quake, featuring Reks (Boston) and Kayo (Halifax). "Do My Thing" is featured on his LP, The Myth. Check it.

<a href="http://quake.bandcamp.com/track/do-my-thing">Do My Thing by Quake</a>


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Download ... @HPThaHybrid "The PURGE" (Beat Tape)

A lot of these joints are just cool to chill to and a gang of them I'd love to hear someone flow over. Check out the new old project from the homie HP Tha Hybrid. I challenge someone to rhyme over "Deetwa Bound" or "Kewl Depression." Those two are among my favorites. But do your thing over any track and be sure you hit up the homie HP when you're done.
The premise behind "The Purge" is progression. In order to move on in my growth as a musician I felt it made sense for me to cleanse my hard drive. "The Purge" is a collection of beats made between the period of 2007-2009 that were unused, unfinished, and unappreciated. I figured instead of hoarding these beats for myself another 3 years why not let people hear it. This is my gift to all the artists that are looking for quality production but don't have the money to purchase the production. If you are an artist and you decide to use any of the tracks I would love to hear what you did. You can contact me via twitter @hpthahybrid or via email hpthahybrid@gmail.com. Feedback is welcome. Peace and Enjoy. HP
<a href="http://hpthahybrid.bandcamp.com/album/the-purge">The Purge Intro by hpthahybrid</a>


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Check It ... @TheRealJayMills "Trouble" feat. @RaTheMc and @Emperess

Remember that time they said there weren't any dope female emcees in Hip-Hop? Guess those folks weren't looking hard enough because these three DMV emcees, who happen to be women, are dope. They all have individual projects out and together on this track they kill it. Part of The Real Jay Mills' Summer Madness project, this is easily one of my favorite tracks released this year. With a new edit, check the updated version of "Trouble." Enjoy.

 <a href="http://themadbloggers.bandcamp.com/track/trouble-final-edit">Trouble (Final Edit) by The Mad Bloggers</a>


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Check It ... @LolaMaxwell "Black Madonna (Y.O.U.)"

Lola Maxwell is dope. I first caught the twenty something year old DC born and raised emcee when she was pushing her Basik Edukation project. The first track I recall hearing from her "Assembly." The track was (is) so fresh. A few weeks later when Basik Edukation dropped and it was filled with so many dope cuts. It still gets rotation from me. Now Lola is back pushing new music with her single "Black Madonna (Y.O.U.)." Fresh. Enjoy.

<a href="http://lolamaxwell.bandcamp.com/track/black-madonna-y-o-u">Black Madonna (Y.O.U) by Lola Maxwell</a>


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Monday, August 30, 2010

Check It ... @TheRealSkyzoo & @illmindPRODUCER - "Speakers On Blast"

Damn, my speakers are smiling. Joint bangs right here. Always a good thing to get a track in the email from the likes of Skyzoo and production by !llmind. October 5th is looking real good. Check out the single.

The lead track off Skyzoo & !llmind's 'Live From The Tape Deck' album in stores October 5th on Duck Down Music. Music video premiering shortly.

Skyzoo & !llmind "Speakers On Blast" by duckdown

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Where tha Lady Was: Rock The Bells Wrap-Up

On Saturday, Hip-Hop invaded Governor's Island in a major way. Rock the Bells 2010 was on deck and it was the best Saturday I had spent in awhile. Great music, great company and best of all, I witnessed the return of Lauryn Hill. Yes, Lauryn Hill, whom we have been summoning back to existence since I started Tweeting last year, finally blessed us with her presence. Since this is the biggest RTB news, I will start with her. I have been hearing people's opinions about her performance. Now I am going to give you mine. Granted, she is not the Lauryn we knew from '95 but, she can still do the damn thing. No, her voice is not the same but she can still flow. She took us through her hits with re-vamped beats and melodies. I caught up with Ms. Hill backstage where we had a brief chat. The area backstage was hectic so we had to do things quick and when we could get it in. She basically expressed to me that she had been to "hell and back" but that she "remains positive". I made sure to tell her that she is almost a daily conversation topic when discussing the best female rapper. The smile on her face made me wanna cry. She shook my hand and said. "Thank you sis. I appreciate the love folks are sharing with me here today. I really am." And then she went about her way. The look in her eyes still seemed distant. I can't imagine what she went through but it definitely took it's toll.

Lauryn Hill performing "Ready or Not"

*wipes tears* Okay enough of that...

Old school represented as usual. Eric B and Rakim, KRS-One, Slick Rick (and his entourage of chains) all represented their respective albums, performing the classics. It is a shame that albums are not created like those any more. People are focused on the single, not the album.

The show was on point from beginning to end. Aside from seeing Miss Hill, I was excited to see A Tribe Called Quest. Their set was amazing. Their energy was through the roof. I dug deep into the "lyrics learned" section of my brain and went in as if I was a member of the group. They went through all the classics, "Bonita Applebaum", "Scenario", "Electric Relaxation". They did a J. Dilla tribute and out of the mouth of Q-Tip, "J.Dilla The best producer ever..." while Swizz Beats stood on the stage... LMAO

Tribe performing "Scenario, Check tha Rhyme"...


Backstage View of A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes and Spliff Star

Consequence and Phife Dawg

The Wu shut it down as usual. If you have ever been to a Wu show, you know what it is. With the entire Clan in tow, including Old Dirty Bastard's son who performed his father's parts from the songs on the 36 Chambers album. He looks and sounds just like his father. It is a little freaky.
Wu performing "Da Mystery of Chessboxing" with an appearance by lil ODB

A Wu performance is definitely something you have to see. Outside of the Dogg Pound, they are the only other Rap "Group" that can deliver a hardcore performance. The Snoop moved through Doggystyle and enlisted the help of the Dogg Pound usual suspects. Warren G, Lady of Rage and RBX were also on hand to perform. It was amazing to see this crew, created so many years ago, still come together and deliver a Class "A" performance. Snoop did the damn thing, long blue bandana suit and all.

Snoop on his way to the stage, focused on tearin' it down


Snoop doin' the damn thing... "It Ain't no Fun"

Ladies Rage and Blogga playing with the Blackberry taking self pics before she hits the stage.

Jay and Bey...

RZA choppin' it up with my camera ace @IRunsNY

I did a few interviews and have a few cameos on film. Footage coming soon!!! There were a lot of people on deck to see the show as well. Jay and Bey, Swizz and Alicia, Chris Rock, John Legend, Mary J. Blige were all backstage enjoying the show. Rock the Bells is a show that I make it my business to attend. If you have never been, you need to re-evaluate your love for music and get to one.

Hip-Hop Breakfast Ep 13

Yeah, it's Monday. I don't really like Mondays! So, I figured since Mondays are bullshit, why not start it with Yung Lil Bullshit this morning ... enjoy!

01. I'm Horny - The Cranberry Show
02. Lucifer - Jay-Z
03. I Get Money - 50 Cent
04. Kirby's Airwalk - Theo Martins
05. Monster - Kanye West

<a href="http://themadbloggers.bandcamp.com/track/hip-hop-breakfast-ep-13">Hip-Hop Breakfast Ep 13 by The Mad Bloggers</a>

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Download ... Kang Miko Part II (Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute Mix)

Yeah, so I woke up this morning with the urge to throw a few more tracks out there. These were some of the joints initially on my first playlist but I didn't include them. Now I'm throwing out Kang Miko Part II. Enjoy.

01. Remember The Time
02. I Just Can't Stop Loving You
03. Liberian Girl
04. Man in The Mirror
05. Human Nature
06. I'll Be There

Download [Usershare | Divshare]

Kang Miko Part I

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Download ... Kang Miko (Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute Mix)

It's Michael Jackson's birthday. I just felt the urge to put together this mix, so I went through my collection and threw this together. It's some amateur shit but it's a mix nonetheless that I hope you will enjoy.

Happy Birthday, Kang Miko! (c) LuvvieIG

01. Interlude (MJ Radio Interview)
02. Remember the Time
03. I Wanna Be Where You Are
04. PYT (Pretty Young Thing)
05. Rock With You
06. Off The Wall
07. Smooth Criminal
08. Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough
09. Working Day and Night
10. Dirty Diana
11. The Way You Make Me Feel
12. You Rock My World
13. Interlude (MJ Dating Show)
14. I Want You Back
15. Never Can Say Goodbye

Download [Usershare | Divshare]

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Download ... @Fashawn - "Grizzly City 3"

Fashawn continues to impress me with his music. From seeing him perform for my first time at Toad's Place to watching him rip the mic at Brooklyn's Hip-Hop Festival. He's doing this thing. Download this mix and hear for yourself.

Boy Meets World emcee Fashawn has joined forces with DJBooth.net to bring fans his latest street album, Grizzly City 3.

Presented by the West Coast’s own DJ Skee, the project features 18 brand new tracks you can vibe out to whether you’re sitting at home relaxin’ or ridin’ through your city bumpin’, including Booth-exclusive freestyle “Midnight Groove.”

Joining Fashawn throughout the project are Grizzly City Boy representatives Bravo, Dirty Money, Grafik and Night, as well as heavyweights Lil Wayne, Ron Artest and The Jacka.

Download Here: Fashawn - Grizzly City 3

Fashawn - Grizzly City 3 Tracklist

01. Grizzly City Boy (ft. Bravo & Grafik)
02. Santiago’s Revenge
03. California Streets (ft. The Jacka & Diego Redd)
04. Pass the Cohiba (freestyle)
05. The F (ft. Lil Wayne)
06. Ride & Smokin’ (ft. Night & Dirty Money)
07. Use Somebody (ft. Ron Artest)
08. G’s Up (So High)
09. 5 On My Dub
10. Bart Simpson
11. Give You All I Got
12. Midnight Groove (Freestyle)
13. Maybe Tomorrow (ft. Grafik)
14. I Can’t Go On This Way (ft. Bravo)
15. Remember the Times
16. Desperado
17. I Need to Know
18. Outro

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Check It ... Expertiz - "Before Life Concludes" (prod. by Dirt E. Dutch)

Dopeness. Antfarm Affliates continue to supply us with some dope Hip-Hop. Check it and leave your thoughts.

The Bridgeport Brawler Releases the Dirt E. Dutch Produced Single Off His Debut Album.

Balance, depth and intensity are at the core of the debut release from Expertiz, Disrupting Nature’s Balance. The 22 tracks move effortlessly throughout, each standing on it’s own as a separate pieces of a complex poetic puzzle. These ideas and concepts are his alone and shun the languid conventions of “radio” hip-hop. Expertiz wears his heart on his sleeve while lacing paragraphs littered with density throughout the project. Whether spitting fire like that found on “Let’s Be Clear” questioning Darwinism as found on “Weave Through Worlds” or looking within himself to find answers such as “Before Life Concludes”, the album has something for all avid listeners of classic hip-hop. With production by some of Connecticut’s finest producers, including Deto-22, Dirt E. Dutch, and Defnyshn, the music serves as a perfect compliment to the array of lyrics shown by the host emcee. Guest appearances include Hawl Digg of Workforce, Roc Doogie of Phenetiks, Rising Sun Quest and Breez Evahflowin.

Coming straight out of Connecticut’s much heralded super-group the AntFarm Affiliates, comes Expertiz, with his debut album Disrupting Natures Balance. Expertiz has crafted this opus with precision, leaving no stone unturned as he troops through the jagged terrain on a landscape that only he could present. The anticipated release represents the culmination of years’ worth of sacrifice and commitment to excellence from this up and coming emcee. Expertiz is a one man army on a mission. Merciless on the mic, he has spent over a decade constructing an arsenal of creative and intelligent lyrics summoning scientific images, unconventional historical episodes, cultural commentary and an oral attack on a flurry of unsuspecting victims. With unyielding verbal skills, it may be surprising to note that this seed was planted in Bridgeport, CT, a working-class city an hour north of New York City. Though residing a relatively short distance away, the influence of New York City is evident when listening to DNB. Expertiz is driven by love for hip hop. Unsatisfied with the current state of hip hop and driven by a passion for the genre and culture has been the stimulus for creating DNB. His songs have been featured on mix tapes and local compilations and the word is beginning to spread within Connecticut hip hop circles, a buzz that is certainly welcome.

<a href="http://dirtedutch.bandcamp.com/track/before-life-concludes-prod-by-dirt-e-dutch">Before Life Concludes (prod. by Dirt E. Dutch) by Dirt E. Dutch</a>

Buy the album here: "Expertiz - Disrupting Nature's Balance"


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Check It ... QuESt - "If You Wanna"

Today is the release of the next single off of my upcoming free LP, "The Reason: A Defense Mechanism", entitled "If You Wanna". This single was produced by my in house producer A.I.(ICE). Hope you all enjoy!

Also, the Re-Launch of www.YesIamQuESt.com is finally here so make sure you check that out as well. Designed by the talented E.Y.E. (XV's Everybody's Nobody Mixtape Cover).

"The Reason: A Defense Mechanism" Coming Soon! Presented by www.YesIamQuESt.com & Dope Couture Clothing.

Are you ready for the truth to shine?

<a href="http://themadbloggers.bandcamp.com/track/if-you-wanna">If You Wanna by The Mad Bloggers</a>


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What I'm Watching ... Time Crisis - "Blue Lips"

This summer the debut album by Time Crisis was completed, and we will release it on Fameless Fam September 14th. The first single, "Blue Lips", is a perfect example of what Time Crisis sounds like: electronica, hip-hop, and rock occurring together peacefully, and with confidence. This music video marks the debut of Time Crisis. The video was directed by Nicolas Heller, who recently did videos with the likes of Diplo, Homeboy Sandman, and C-Rayz Walz.

Time Crisis welcomes the challenge of pushing modern music forward by blurring the traditional lines that separate genres. The Pennsylvania-bred duo fuses electronic and organic sounds to produce an audio experience that is both progressive and catchy. From sequencer to six string, vocoder to violin, Time Crisis takes full advantage of an expansive sonic palette.

The duo began when Will Brown and Jon Markson met in Connecticut, where the PA natives attended college. Upon meeting, both were equipped with a unique take on music shaped by their respective upbringings. Markson was accustomed to the eclectic buzz of Allentown, while Brown embraced the urban boom bap of Pittsburgh. Markson was taken aback by Brown’s vertical stature and hip-hop instrumentals. Brown was equally enthralled by Markson’s moustache and guitar playing. The two bonded over a shared sense of humor and a passion for wildly expressive music, and Time Crisis was born.

Blue Lips (Time Crisis) from Nicolas Heller on Vimeo.

Be the first to get Ricky Shabazz updates by follwing twitter.com/Nicolasheller
Directed by Nicolas Heller
Photographed by Houston Yang
Produced by Danny Joseph
Gaffed by Max Blank
Music by Time Crisis with partyboobytrap
Starring Adam Kipfer, Courtney Preiss, and a bunch of dope kids from Conn College
This has been a Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys production.

Time Crisis in Facebook

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What I'm Watching ... J. Cardim - "G Like Me ft. G-EYEZ, Sha Stimuli, Termanology & Danny 'Sky High' McClain"

G LIKE ME is the lead single off producer J. Cardim's new mixtape, Dice Music Group Presents: The In Crowd. The track features G-EYEZ, Sha Stimuli, Termanology and Danny "Sky High" McClain. It was shot at Union Hall (in Park Slope, Brooklyn) and all over New York City. Enjoy.

J. Cardim ft. G-EYEZ, Sha Stimuli, Termanology and Danny "Sky High" McClain - G LIKE ME (Directed by Raf Moses) from rafmoses on Vimeo.

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What I'm Watching ... @jrdnmusic - "U Can Have It All"

Canada’s newest R&B star JRDN (aka Jordan Croucher) is excited to announce the release of his official debut album I AM JRDN in stores November 2, 2010, on Kuya Productions/Fontana North. The video for first single “U Can Have it All” was recently added to Heavy rotation at MuchMusic and MuchVibe, was the #1 Most Added single at CHR radio last week (Mediabase) and hit #29 at Top 40 Radio this week, with adds at the top urban and CHR stations across the country.

- Directed by Cazhhmere HD

JRDN on Myspace
JRDN on Twitter
JRDN Facebook
Official JRDN site

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Throwback Sessions w/ EMS ... Aaliyah - "Try Again"

So many try to be like you. They can't. RIP Aaliyah 01/16/79 - 08/25/2001

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What EMS Is Watching ... @MelanieFiona - "Ay Yo"

In light of TMB's "Friday's Five Random Questions with Melanie Fiona," I figured it'd be more than appropriate to post one of her videos. I remember when I first heard this song on the radio... I was like, "who is that? Is that Melanie Fiona?" and sure enough it was. In my personal opinion, I haven't heard ENOUGH of this caliber of music on the radio. What I love most about Melanie Fiona is that her spirit and music is raw, she wears ALL of her clothes and the girl has got a set of pipes. If nothing else, she, along with Chrisette Michele, Jazmine Sullivan and a few others are examples of how it is possible to have a great music career and be fully dressed and not have to shake your tail in front of a camera. You don't need gimmicks or any of that. You just need raw, unadulterated talent. So I tip my hat to you Melanie. Show'em how it's really done. Ay yo!!

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Friday's Five Random Questions with @MelanieFiona

Picture via Rocawear NEXT Ad Campaign

When Melanie Fiona hit the scene, I was like damn!!! Her soulful voice just blew me away. Her album, The Bridge, was dope from front to back. Most recently Melanie teamed up with John Legend, The Roots and Common for a remake of "Wake Up Everybody."

The North of the Border songstress is currently working on the follow up to her debut album. I'm looking forward to that.

Anyway, thanks to my homeboy Kozza, Melanie Fiona decided to take the challenge this week. Check out how she answered five random questions.

Hometown: Toronto, ON Canada
Current City: Today... Chicago
How long have you been doing music: Since '86
Discography: The Bridge (2009), The MF Life (forthcoming 2011)
Label: Titlenine/SRC/Universal Motown
Describe your music in five words or less: Classic, Real, Live, Soulful, GOOD!

Picture via Rocawear NEXT Ad Campaign
TMB: Okay, first question. Your celebrity crush at age 10, 15 and now?

MF: 10- Larenz Tate. 15- Kobe Bryant. Now- Common

TMB: What TV character would you be and why?

MF: Buffy The Vampire Slayer- I feel I possess that unexpected super human strength in a female who can kick ass!

TMB: You're at dinner with five people from history (living or dead) who are they? What's the conversation?

MF: Bob Marley, Sam Cooke, Gandhi, Lauryn Hill, President Obama. The Conversation: Knowledge on how to make it as a revolutionary, musical, peaceful, female artist who will lead people to a better day.

TMB: Which three songs would be on the soundtrack of your life and why?

MF: "Part Of Your World" The Little Mermaid. "The Greatest Love of All" Whitney Houston. "Ay Yo" Melanie Fiona.

Cause I've always been a simple girl with big dreams, who believes in love, hope and the will to succeed. And I'll always be that way. All 3 songs are individually sooo special to me.

TMB: Okay, last question. You walk in the studio for a session and find out Jesus (yes, that Jesus) and Kanye West are producing the track for you. What's the name of the song?

MF: Destiny.

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Throwback Sessions w/ EMS ... Mint Condition - "U Send Me Swingin'"

I figured I'd try a little something new. Add a little more to my plate. We all get mad excited when we haven't heard something in a long time. You know, that good 90s music or stuff in the early 2000s? Well, I'm starting the "Throwback Sessions w/ EMS" series. I'm taking suggestions from you, the fans, on classic throwbacks that we all know and love. Plus, I'll give you a little shout out/kudos for bringing me the great music. To start things off, enjoy Mint Condition's "U Send Me Swingin'" ...

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Kudos: @J1Lyrical

What EMS Is Watching ... @MarcBroussard - "Come In From the Cold"

You know here at TMB we always like to give you a little something different. Today, I bring you one of the most soulful men I've heard sing in a long time, Marc Broussard. I first heard about Marc from working at this bottle opener company I worked for right after college. Only two people worked there so on alternate days, they took turns listening to the kind of music each person liked. The Boss liked rock 'n roll, some country and soul music. When "Come In From the Cold" came on his iPod, I instantly liked it and looked at the Boss' menu to find out who it was. I've been in love with Broussard's music ever since.

"Lonely Night in Georgia" is another song that's absolutely one of my favorites. I can't figure out which one I like more. I couldn't find a non-live version of "Lonely Night in Georgia," so here's Marc Broussard performing one of his most popular hits at Center State in Atlanta, GA.

If you'd like to keep up with everything else Marc Broussard is doing, check him out at www.marcbroussard.com and Myspace Music


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Hip-Hop Breakfast Ep 12

I had a little technical difficulty this morning posting this episode of Hip-Hop Breakfast. Okay, I overslept. Hahahaha! I was up working on Soulful Summer last night and uh ... anyway. Ha! I'm back to the regular schedule next week of Monday and Wednesday. Happy Friday and enjoy!

01. Morning - Psalm One
02. Warning - Notorious B.I.G.
03. I'm Ready - JDantexDawnsSon
04. Grindin' - Clipse
05. Cypher Pas De Trois (Feat. Savant) - R.J. and Technique
06. So Fly (Feat. Rasi Caprice) - The Real Jay Mills

<a href="http://themadbloggers.bandcamp.com/track/hip-hop-breakfast-ep-12">Hip-Hop Breakfast Ep 12 by The Mad Bloggers</a>

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What tha Lady is Listening to ... "Home or Away"

J-Live is at it again. With a new album, S.P.T.A. due in stores 10/12/10, he gives us a taste of what's to come with a free download. The single "Home or Away" doesn't disappoint. With his usual clever lyrical style and dope beats, J drops another banger. Can't wait for the album. Check it out!

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Jasmine Solano: Take Two

As promised, here is part deux to the interview that was posted earlier this week. In this part, Miss Solano talks to me about what success means to her, her DJ skills, mp3's versus vinyl and what her grind is like. Aside from doing big things for our listening pleasure, her blog is up and running. After the interview, check her at www.JasmineSolano.com Here she is, part deux...

Check her out:

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Download ... The Mad Bloggers Presents Soulful Summer


It took me a few days to put this together and I'm happy I did. For all the Hip-Hop music I share, soul music is what I was raised on. The actual tracklist on Soulful Summer changed a few times. Some joints found themselves on the cutting room floor because it didn't go with the vibe I was trying to set. For those curious, Soulful Summer is the first part of a multiple part soul compilation series. Obviously there are a gang of tracks that I could have put on this first installment but I believe these 16 jawns set a cool vibe. Well, I hope you enjoy my humble attempt at putting together an enjoyable soul mix. Oh and ladies the cover doesn't mean you should get naked and smoke a cigarette while listening to this, although I've been told it helps. Enjoy.



01. Think About it - Otis Redding
02. Kiss and Say Goodbye - The Manhattans
03. Cause I Love You - Lenny Williams
04. For the Love of You (Pt. 1 & 2) - The Isley Brothers
05. Tired of Being Alone - Al Green
06. Cigarettes and Coffee - Otis Redding
07. When You Love Somebody - Leela James
08. Wish I Didn't Miss You - Angie Stone
09. Since I Seen't you - Anthony Hamilton
10. Bad Habits - Maxwell
11. He Loves Me - Jill Scott
12. Feeling Good - Nina Simone
13. Do You Feel Me - Anthony Hamilton
14. Soul Sista - Bilal
15. You - Raheem Devaughn
16. The Point of It All - Anthony Hamilton

<a href="http://themadbloggers.bandcamp.com/album/soulful-summer">Think About It by The Mad Bloggers</a>

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Check It ... All I Want Is You (People's Remix) by Rodstarz and Baron

Shouts to YC The Cynic for hitting us up with the link to this joint. Talk about powerful content.  Rodstarz of Rebel Diaz and Baron of Red Clay took the Miguel and J. Cole joint and flipped it, making it a bit more socially conscious. It's dope. Hit up the comment section and tell me what you think. Enjoy.

<a href="http://themadbloggers.bandcamp.com/track/all-i-want-is-you-peoples-remix">All I Want Is You (People's Remix) by The Mad Bloggers</a>

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Check It ... OnCue "Let Loose" feat. Nickelus-F & Theo Martins

OnCue is back with the third leak off his Cuey Sings The Blues project. "Let Loose" features Nickelus-F and Theo Martins. It's pretty dope. Enjoy.

<a href="http://themadbloggers.bandcamp.com/track/let-loose">Let Loose by The Mad Bloggers</a>


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Interview: AUTOMatic is Everlasting

The Milwaukee emcee / producer duo A.P.R.I.M.E. and Trellmatic, known as AUTOMatic, deliver on their latest project, Transistor.

The album is sort of a homage to the days of good music, laced with soulful beats, dope rhymes and classic interludes.

When I heard their first leak, "Brown Leather," a few months back I knew they were cooking up an amazing project. When I finally received the full album, I worked my way through their 19 tracks and at the end I wanted to listen again. That's rare with much of today's music, where many projects are often over sized. Every track and every interlude make sense on the album. Ultimately, Transistor keeps you interested.

Their sound takes you back to a time when everything about Hip-Hop was dope. When it was less gimmick and more music. When the radio had variety and music channels played ... well, music.

What Prime and Trell do on Transistor is prove contrary to popular belief, quality Hip-Hop is alive and well.

I reached out to the duo for a Q&A just ahead of their August 28th release of Transistor. Check it.

The Mad Bloggers: There are a lot of producer / emcee duos. What makes your partnership successful?

Trellmatic: Its kinda hard to explain but I think we just have that natural chemistry that flows well.

TMB: Trellmatic, how is it working with A.P.R.I.M.E.? What's something you've learned from your partnership?

T: Well, it’s rather easy working with Prime. I can make a gang of beats and know exactly which ones he’d like before he even hears them. 9 times out of 10 I’m correct.

TMB: A.P.R.I.M.E., how is it working with Trellmatic? What's something you've learned from your partnership?

A.P.R.I.M.E.: We vibe so well that Trell knows the direction I’m going without me having to tell him.

TMB: Transistor is the second project. How is it different from the first project? What have you both learned from the previous project that you applied to Transistor?

T: The one thing I definitely notice was growth and maturity, both production wise and lyrically. What I applied production wise was more so broadening the soundcape without taking away from any of the original elements that’s found in our music.

A: We learned how to trust each other. The first album was more so an experiment that turned out well. The one thing that I learned and applied to this album is that you can do the impossible twice.

On the first album, we kinda played it safe. Choosing joints that we thought people would dig, considering that we had so many detractors from the moment we announced that we were forming a group. So, it was a lot of beats with soul samples and that went over well. This time around, I feel, we were more in-sync. We both were heavily into jazz, suffered from the HB's and were determined to make a project completely different from the last. Trell helped me with song topics and I assisted him with sample selection. I think that we were successful with that mission. The one thing that I learned and applied to this album is that same ol' dope beats/dope rhymes philosophy can do wonders.

TMB: Tracks like "Everlasting" and "Once Again", among others, more or less reminisce on what Hip-Hop use to be. How do we get back to producing quality projects and get away from the gimmicks that seem to have over-saturated Hip-Hop music today?

A: Turn off the radio and break out the cassettes and just take in that vibe.

T: I would say turn off the radio and the flat screen, and break out the vinyl and open your ears and mind.

TMB: What's the dopest track lyrically on the project?

T: “Gauntlet”

A: I'm a self-depreciating emcee, so asking me about my dopest song could get a bit messy. However,“Teenage Love” is my favorite. I think because of my detailed account of that relationship, it makes it relatable to an array of people.

TMB: What's the dopest track production wise on the project?

T: “Do you want it” is the dopest. I love the way that I freaked the baseline over that sample. And those drums...bananas.

A: “Nobody" is my favorite. Trell played that beat for me a week before I went to NY and I kept hearing it in my head while I was there. When I got back, I asked him for the beat and he hated that track. Fortunately, he trusted that I would make it hot and now he loves it.

TMB: It seems like the House of M crew have an uncanny ability to put together some amazing interludes and skits. Where do the ideas come from?

A: I went to a comedy college that I found on the back of a bottle of Swag-glo.

As the resident comedian of House of Mutants, my inspiration comes from everywhere. For example, "White Girl Chicken" was inspired by my friend making an ignorant comment about my other friend's white wife, making fried chicken better than black people. Other than that, most ideas come from me clowning between takes in the booth.

TMB: What's the one thing you'd like people to take away from Transistor after listening?

T: That the music we make is honest and comes from the heart.

A: Hopefully you’ll walk away with the feeling that “Damn, Automatic makes some fiiine mediocre music”.

<a href="http://themadbloggers.bandcamp.com/track/everlasting">Everlasting by The Mad Bloggers</a>


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