Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday's Five Random Questions with @MelanieFiona

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When Melanie Fiona hit the scene, I was like damn!!! Her soulful voice just blew me away. Her album, The Bridge, was dope from front to back. Most recently Melanie teamed up with John Legend, The Roots and Common for a remake of "Wake Up Everybody."

The North of the Border songstress is currently working on the follow up to her debut album. I'm looking forward to that.

Anyway, thanks to my homeboy Kozza, Melanie Fiona decided to take the challenge this week. Check out how she answered five random questions.

Hometown: Toronto, ON Canada
Current City: Today... Chicago
How long have you been doing music: Since '86
Discography: The Bridge (2009), The MF Life (forthcoming 2011)
Label: Titlenine/SRC/Universal Motown
Describe your music in five words or less: Classic, Real, Live, Soulful, GOOD!

Picture via Rocawear NEXT Ad Campaign
TMB: Okay, first question. Your celebrity crush at age 10, 15 and now?

MF: 10- Larenz Tate. 15- Kobe Bryant. Now- Common

TMB: What TV character would you be and why?

MF: Buffy The Vampire Slayer- I feel I possess that unexpected super human strength in a female who can kick ass!

TMB: You're at dinner with five people from history (living or dead) who are they? What's the conversation?

MF: Bob Marley, Sam Cooke, Gandhi, Lauryn Hill, President Obama. The Conversation: Knowledge on how to make it as a revolutionary, musical, peaceful, female artist who will lead people to a better day.

TMB: Which three songs would be on the soundtrack of your life and why?

MF: "Part Of Your World" The Little Mermaid. "The Greatest Love of All" Whitney Houston. "Ay Yo" Melanie Fiona.

Cause I've always been a simple girl with big dreams, who believes in love, hope and the will to succeed. And I'll always be that way. All 3 songs are individually sooo special to me.

TMB: Okay, last question. You walk in the studio for a session and find out Jesus (yes, that Jesus) and Kanye West are producing the track for you. What's the name of the song?

MF: Destiny.

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  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Im digging her soulful sultry voice. I like some of the answers to her questions. Sam cooke wow one of my favorites,The little mermaid lol off the hook me to I can relate.Defintley enjoyed this one guys, As always TheMadbloggers refresh my life with some authenticity... ♥