Friday, November 30, 2007

Jingle Jam '07 Biggest Ever? Guess not...

So I hear earlier today that CT's radio station's Jingle Jam still had tickets. Still wasn't sold out. Even had some discounted. Really? Not sold out hours before showtime?

Expert from the radio station's website:(Year after year HOT 93.7 Hartford’s #1 for Hip Hop & R&B has brought you the biggest names in the game like Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent, Chris Brown, Akon, Ciara, Ludacris & more and THIS YEAR THE GIFTS ARE COMING A LITTLE EARLY WITH THE RETURN OF THE HOTTEST CONCERT OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON...HOT 93.7’S "JINGLE JAM 07" AND IT WILL BE even BIGGER THAN EVER - LIVE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH AT THE HARTFORD CIVIC CENTER!!!)

Bigger than ever? You kidding me?

B5, T-Pain, Hurricane Chris, Bow Wow, Trey Songz, The Dream, Cassidy, Mr. Vegas and last but not least Souljah Boy....

Now I don't dislike every single person in that line up. But........I can see why that show didn't sell out. Amazing considering how much of their music I'm force fed by "alledged" radio and tv requests. Makes me wonder if the artists' labels are just involved in the payola routine. Jay-Z can sell out a show in minutes just him alone. 9 artists plus surprise guests according to the radio station, over a month of promoting and available.

Some on that list can actually sing. Some...can't. Some can actually rap. Most on that list.....can't. Don't see many classics from those artists. But I can admit, I see some one hit wonder puppets on there. Goes to show you that not even hollering at A Bay Bay, falling in love with Bartenders, or Super Soaking that Hoe is enough to sell tickets. You got fans who aren't even that committed to spend $3 an artist, according to the radio station. Seriously? These are fans. Not even good ones. LOL!

Come on people. Get with the program. Cut the bullshit. Ban the wack cats. Stop supporting stupid music that just puts your brain cells to sleep. I can't, at 29, honestly like some shit that sounds like it was written by Dr. Suess nor can I listen to songs sung by what sounds like some kareoke 3rd place winner. Stop settling. I need quality music. I want quality music. I demand that shit. Cause yes...I still buy cds. I'm not making wack "rhymers" (cause most of them can't rap) and greedy money grubbing labels rich like I'm some ignorant, can't think for self, uneducated, middle school drop out who takes what they give me. Too smart for that. Music means too much to me to let that happen. Real music is out there. Just gotta wake your hinbernated brain up to look for it. I mean, it ain't like you don't spend 19 outta 24 hours online anyway. Be useful. Be proactive. Be in love with real music again!

I'm out..........