Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Inbox: 8.17.10

We don't get as many emails as some other bloggers but we definitely get our fair share and even with two people checking the inbox, it's hard to keep up sometimes. Every so often we get a few days behind and that creates chaos in the inbox. I go in and try my best to sort through. Once I've weeded out the wack shit, instead of hitting you with a gang of posts, I consolidate them into one giant feature. I've done this a few times. Lazy? Perhaps. But it still gets the music out there. This time I decided to even simplify that by creating a new bandcamp album featuring those loose tracks from various projects. The tracks are dope and in no particular order. Check out more information about each below. Enjoy.

<a href="http://themadbloggers.bandcamp.com/album/the-inbox-81710">Radio Love (Remix) by The Mad Bloggers</a>

Track Info:

Radio Love - Reach ft MED
"In anticipation of the release of his upcoming mixtape, Pen Pusha, Kansas City veteran emcee Reach in collaboration with Wilshire Music District and Vtech Sounds has made available a remix to the initital single "Radio Love." This version contains original production from Daniel Riera, but is co-starring Stones Throw artist MED aka Medaphoar. Pen Pusha is slated for a Fall release, and features production from Dela, Daniel Riera, Black Spade, Max Miller-Loran, Soul On Pads, and Raze Brooks." www.emceereach.com

Spiritual Law - Shinobi Stalin & WordChemist
"In a random recording session for the Civil Mics, Domination Recordings, and Vets of Kin rep Shinobi Stalin's for his next album "Invisible Man" comes a song created on a whim. This is the very first collaboration between Word Chemist (who is Stalin's Cousin) on a Abbott produced track."

Fully Developed - T-West
"After experimenting on his latest release, T-West goes back to his roots with his new song “Fully Developed” (Produced By: Apokkalippz). Dope lyrics, energetic beat, hard-hitting flow A.K.A T-West is back! Look out for his EP “Fully Developed” to be released later this year. This is just a teaser of what is coming next." www.thisiswestmusic.com

Back Down - SoleBlind
"The young talent from Queens, SoleBlind is beginning to hit the underground circuit running. He's preparing the release of his mixtape debut The Sound of Thought."

Windy's - R.J. and Technique
"Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, IL, "R.J." Crawford and Byron "Technique" Johnson have released up to nine street albums combined, including three solo efforts. With the release of yet another LP, “Crash Sanaa,” they supply a unique offering to Chicago’s underground hip hop scene over tracks completely produced by Stevo." rjandtechnique.tumblr.com

3rd World Super Star - Mr. Rae
"Produced by Dj PeeWee and taken from the Brand New Masquerade Ep. Mr. Rae is a founding member of the Nigerian super Hip-Hop group Str8Buttah. Having solidified his rep as a high caliber lyricist amongst his peers, Mr. Rae steps into the solo terrain and in order to expand the ever growing Str8Buttah brand teams up with Zambian based producer Dj PeeWee on this hard hitting track aptly titled 3rd World Super Star."

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  1. Anonymous6:02 PM

    RADIO LOVE remix a banger, All tracks that BACKDOWN was killin me too.

  2. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Wow.Nice tunes bruv!

  3. Anonymous5:19 AM

    This is real hip-hop...just finished reading The Language of Hip-hop on this blog & i was impressed: http://naijamaniac.blogspot.com/2010/08/language-of-hip-hop-case-study-of-mode.html