Friday, September 26, 2014

Hip-Hop Breakfast Ep 157

You know the drill. Eat up!

01. Theophilus London - Do Girls 
02. Jon Bellion - Pre-Occupied feat. Blaque Keyz
03. Open Mike Eagle - Doug Stamper (Advice Raps) feat. Hannibal Buress
04. Rapsody - Drama
05. Black Milk - Gold Piece feat. Bun B
06. The Black Opera - Behold The Opera
07. Otis Clapp - Wanda feat. Warren Britt
08. Daye Jack - Weeping Willow
09. Diamond District - Lost Cause
10. Praverb the Wyse - Professional Hobbyist
11. Signif - Alright
12. Choosey - Fly Me to the Moon
13. Kendrick Lamar - i

Thursday, September 25, 2014

What I'm Watching: The Foreign Exchange - "Dreams Are Made For Two" feat. Carlitta Durand

From the album "Love In Flying Colors". Video is as chill as the track featuring the always lovely Carlitta Durand.

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What I'm Watching: Jazz Spastiks - "Dumb!" featuring Yesh

Nod ya head. Get dumb! Check out the latest visuals from Jazz Spastiks featuring Yesh. This joint is extra chill and gives me a late 90s nostalgic feel to it due to the music and the Sifl and Olly type characters. Haha.

Jazz Spastiks' latest single Dumb! is brought to life by sock puppets in this brand new head nodding video. The beats remain tough even though the musical equipment is made from multicoloured felt! Dumb Remix is featured on 'The Product - Remixes' Album dropping very soon on CD, Digital and Limited Edition 12" Vinyl. Dumb! is taken from the highly acclaimed Jazz Spastiks album 'The Product' available now!

Jazz Spastiks - "The Product"

Keep up to date with Jazz Spastiks:

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Allen Poe - "Shrines From Dust" (Prod. by Amerigo Gazaway)

Poe's 3rd Single from his next record "How Gardens Grow" due to release in October. Should be a pretty good project. I'm definitely anticipating adding it to my rotation.

"This goes to MCs who didn't hop in and out of 'rap'. Holding Hip-Hop in a higher regard, allowed them to ride out the highs and lows of creating, respecting it as a craft helped them to build something from very little." - Allen Poe

How Gardens Grow will release mid October, more details on the release coming soon. S/O Amerigo Gazaway on the production and PJ Katz on the mix/master.

Diamond District (yU, Oddisee, Uptown XO) - "Lost Cause"

The latest heat from "March On Washington", releasing on October 14th. Maaaaaaaaaaan, I can't wait.

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What I'm Watching: Has-Lo & Castle - "Famished"

Go get that album "Live Like You're Dead". Good music.

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The 1978ers (yU & Slimkat) - "One-Nine-7-T-8"

New track off "People of Today" dropping November 11th. Get ready!

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What I'm Watching: J-Live - "Not Listening"

J-Live not trying to listen when you ain't even saying shit. Especially if it's sounds like a broken record. Truthfully, neither are we. Haha.

You on some next shit, really are you sure?
Stop me if you ain't never heard this before
Okay, you got on some jewelry, you push a nice ride
You really like the color of the leather inside
You grew up in the hood and you surprised you survived
You nice on the mic, top 10 dead or alive
You prefer pretty girls, especially thick
Coincidentally, that's the type that's on your dick
Your crazy misadventures are unique and bugged
Like remember that time you shot guns and sold drugs?
Your next album's about to change the game
The world's on notice to remember your name
You love where you live and that's where you get your style from
How I just summed up your last three albums?!

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Boyz II Men - "Underwater + Diamond Eyes + Better Half + Losing Sleep"

Taking a different approach to their usual style of music, Shawn, Wanya, and Nathan embark in a sort of unique directions with their upcoming album "Collide" set to October 21st. A part of me wishes for the days they collaborated with Babyface when they made them timeless, classic R&B joints. But that's just my personal preference. Check out their latest 4 tracks off the album right here and tell us what you think.

"The experimental album, described as a fusion of rock, pop and funk with classic R&B, has "a very big sound" Stockman says. It's "a landmark album for us not only because it contains some new stylistic elements, but also because it is a reflection of exactly who we are now."

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Download: @JustDizle - "Throwback Thursdays Mix #1"

Been up on the homie DJ Just Dizle's super dope mixes for a little while now and I'm amped for his new project he's doing every Thursday. This cat has some of the illest mixes filled with Hip-Hop that I loved and still do and he doesn't scream all over them either so that's dope too. Haha. Check out the tracklist, download it, and make sure you stay tuned to more of his music masterpieces.

Welcome to the 1st Throwback Thursdays Mix, every Thursday another Mix,
powered by Monster,, &

Follow @JustDizle on twitter, enjoy and share.
Tous les Jeudi un nouveau mix Rétro.


01 Bahamadia [@Bahamadia] - Biggest Part Of Me
02 Monica [@MonicaBrown] - So Gone (Remix) Ft @BustaRhymes
03 Sade [@SadeOfficial] - By Your Side (Neptunes Remix)
04 @JeruTheDamaja - Me, Not The Paper
05 Erykah Badu [@FatBellyBella] - Window Seat
06 @LesNubians - Makeda (@DJSpinna and Ticklah Remix)
07 AIR - Don’t Be Light
08 M.O.P. - Operation Lockdown [@FameMOP & @BillyDanzeMOP]
09 Shaquille O’Neal [@Shaq] - Still Can’t Stop The Reign Ft The Notorious B.I.G.
10 Jay Dee - Featuring @PhatKat
11 Brand Nubian - Mind Your Business
12 @RapperBigPooh - Move
13 @TheRealDwele - The Truth
14 A Tribe Called Quest - Stressed Out (Raphael Saadiq’s Remix) [@QTipTheAbstract - @IAmThePhifer - @Alishaheed]
15 Redman [@TheRealRedman] - Yesh Yesh Ya’ll
16 Zhané - Request Line (Remix) Ft Queen Latifah [@IamQueenLatifah]
17 M.O.P. - Got 2 Go
18 Outkast - She Lives In My Lap [@Outkast - @BigBoi]
19 Monsieur R - Quoi Ma Gueule
20 DJ Honda - Discotec Ft Camp Lo
21 Naughty By Nature - Craziest (Syrup & Water Vocal Mix)
22 Canibus - How Come Ft Youssou N’Dour
23 The Roots - Silent Treatment (Questions Mix) [@Questlove - @BlackThought]
24 De La Soul - Copa (Cabanga)

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hip-Hop Breakfast Ep 156

You know the drill. Eat up.

01. Open Mike Eagle - Dark Comedy Morning Show feat. Toy Light
02. CORNELIUS+ - Oxygen
03. Otis Clapp - Fiona feat. YC The Cynic
04. Rapsody - Hard to Choose
05. The Doppelgangaz - Barbiturates
06. OnCue - No Way
07. Daye Jack - Don F’ed Up
08. Top $ Raz - AllKings feat. Fresh Daily
09. Run The Jewels - Oh My Darling Don’t Cry
10. K. Gaines - Calvary feat. Johnny Voltik
11. Black Milk - Cold Day
12. Eternia - Final Offering feat. pHoenix Pagliacci
13. Dilated Peoples - Show Me the Way feat. Aloe Blacc
14. Signif - Travelin’ / The Connect 

Willie Green - "A Suite For Souled People"

The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri (as well as Staten Island, Beavercreek, Ohio, and Los Angeles) have lifted a veil of comfortable ignorance across this country. The murder of Michael Brown, resultant cover up and egregious treatment of protesters has shown that the perception of Black people in America has changed little since the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. Americans live in a country where the oppressed are dehumanized and told to be quiet and gracious about their anger; and where the oppressors are harbored by our government and rewarded by our peers. Where the media warps facts to prove agendas against citizens and digital voices rush to play devil’s advocate to conceal their own bias. These are terrifying statements and not exaggerations. I’m no revolutionary. But I am someone who wants to look his children in the eyes and say when his country showed its worst, he did something.

 - Paul “Willie Green” Womack, Sept. 15th, 2014

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Download: Madden Miles - "Bella Music" (Beat Tape)

Wisconsin-based-beat-maker Madden Miles delivers up his most personal project to do date in Bella Music. Enjoy his latest beat tape.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What I'm Watching: L'Orange - "Need You" feat. Blu


A post-apocalyptic Adam & Eve story...

Director's Note - "As a multi-media artist coming from a back ground in performance and video art, the first time I heard L'Orange's "Need You" I was struck with the songs dichotomy of beauty and melancholy.I wanted to create a world, a universe where this song could live and breathe to reveal and tease out the tension of these themes . The gorgeous ebbs and flows of the song partnered with the rhymes of Blu push the boundaries for the possibilities for imagery. With the amazing space of Murphy's Ranch practically in my back yard I was inspired to develop a post apocalyptic Adam and Eve story that again would play off of the themes of beauty and melancholy. Creating a more cinematic and filmic treatment allowed for collaboration with fellow artists to explore this post apocalyptic world where choosing life may mean choosing death." - EmaLee Arroyo

L'Orange - The Orchard Days

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What I'm Watching: Choosey - "Fly Me To The Moon" (Prod. by Exile)

New to my ears, Choosey drops the first joint from his upcoming release titled "Left Field" dropping on Dirty Science records Oct 14th, 2014.

After producing albums for Blu, Fashawn, Aloe Blacc, Dag Savage, and more, Exile is gearing up to drop yet another album with So Cal rapper Choosey. But before the Choosey and Exile album, Choosey is dropping the free "Left Field" album peep the first release.

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What I'm Watching: Apollo Brown & Ras Kass - "Humble Pi"

Ras Kass always got something for you to listen to and not just to hear. You know what I mean! "Blasphemy" is sounding like it's gonna be a dope one. Not that I thought otherwise. Check it.

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What I'm Watching: K. Gaines - "Calvary" ft. Johnny Voltik (Prod. by 2 Hungry Bros)

K. Gaines and Johnny Voltik are killing this 2 Hungry Bros track off "Rumspringa: The Wildman Chronicles" with warnings for those trying to test them. Ain't happening. Keep it moving. Haha. Check it!

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What I'm Watching: Luke James - "Exit Wounds"

"I hope you know this ain't a heart, it's just an exit wound that just won't close. My brain is gone. Each time I let you through, you left a hole. Stole my smile and all I've got left of you are these exit wounds. Well, fuck you!"

Love can be one hell of a rollercoaster. Check out Luke with his new video and you can cop the album here. "Luke James".

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What I'm Watching: Dice Raw - "Over"

Dice Raw of the Legendary Roots Crew with the visuals from a track off "Jimmy's Back". Check it!

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MC Johnny Wae - "The Year Summer Ended in September" (My Friend With Wings Pt. II)

Johnny drops by to release a very heartfelt records about a friend of his he's been keeping to himself for years until now. Check it.

"On September 7th, 2004, I lost my friend Rudy Eberstadt IV to suicide. This is my dedication to him. I wrote this song about 5 years ago and didn't feel right about recording it and releasing it till now." - MC Johnny Wae

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What I'm Watching: Allen Poe - "Sundazed" feat. Jalin Roze

New Allen Poe video off his upcoming album!

"Sundazed" is the 1st single off Allen Poe's new LP "How Gardens Grow" set to release this fall. This track captures two stories of summer love, as Louisville MC Jalin Roze adds the guest verse. DJ Calcutta adds cuts and LA based producer Manifest Beats provides the production.

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MC Lyte - "Dear John" feat. Common & 10Beats (produced by Loudbox)

After 11 years since her last album, MC Lyte is back and with the help of Common, she drops a new single that sheds light on the uplifting that's needed in the community. Check it.

"Dear John" is the anthem for #EducateOURMen, which is the signature scholarship initiative of MC Lyte's Hip Hop Sisters Foundation, which has presented two $100,000 university scholarships during the Soul Train Music Awards Red Carpet Pre-Show each year since the organization's founding. This year, the foundation will present dozens of scholarships earmarked to send men of color to HBCU's. Russell Simmons, Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Jada Pinkett Smith and Faith Evans are just of the few celebrities who support the foundation's movement (

For More Information:

What I'm Watching: CientifiQ - "The Science" (Prod. by Tony Emeraldz)

Check out the homie CientifiQ with this joint off the album from producer Tony Emeraldz - Gem Brown.

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Apollo Brown & Ras Kass - "H20" feat. Pharoahe Monch & Rakaa Iriscience

This joint is from Apollo Brown & Ras Kass "Blasphemy" out on Oct. 28th. Can't wait. Mello Music Group releases amazing quality Hip-Hop. With the flawless production from Apollo and the lyrical experience and artistry of Ras Kass, this album seems to be an automatic purchase. Check out the single with the incredible assistance of Pharoahe and Rakaa.

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What I'm Watching: Redman - "OutSpoken Freestyle" (Muddy Waters 2 Promo) (Prod. by Cartoon)

I don't give a damn what folks think, Redman is ill to me. STILL! This "Muddy Waters 2" is taking long, homie. I'm in need of some new Funk Doc Brick City shit. Let's go! Haha.

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Torae - "What's Love" feat. Pharoahe Monch & Akie Bermiss (J57 Sample - Free Remix)

Newly remixed joint by the talented J57 featuring some cats that don't play on the mic. Check it.
"Torae asked me to remix this track off his Admission of Guilt project, so I brought in Grammy Award Winning musician, Jay Jennings as well future legend/close collaborator of mine; ATR to play extra keys and backup vocals through out the track. This track is 100% sample-free -- all melodies derived from me humming them in voice memos on my iphone." - J57

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What I'm Watching: ¡MAYDAY! x MURS - "Beast Out The Box"

You have B-Boys, B-Girls, dope beats, and ill rhymes in the latest ¡MAYDAY! x MURS video. If you haven't got the album, I urge you to reconsider. This project is really good.

¡MAYDAY! x MURS - ¡MURSDAY! - album in stores now.
Purchase on -
Purchase at - -

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Top $ Raz - "ALLKINGS" feat. Fresh Daily

The homie, Top $ teams up with Brooklyn Good Guy Fresh Daily on the Ten-O-Seven & Ricky Vaughn produced cut. All Kings serves as the first single off the upcoming EP Regular Black. Regular Black, is a not-so-pc term used to describe African Americans that are unable to trace their roots past southern state lines. Top $'s new project definitely takes his music to another level.  This is just the beginning ... CHEA!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hip-Hop Breakfast Ep 155

01. FKA Twigs - Two Weeks
02. Jay Prince - Polaroids
03. Lafayette Stokely - Dollar $lice
04. Signif - Pressure
05. Torae - What's Love (J57 Remix) feat. Pharoahe Monch & Akie Bermiss
06. Statik Selektah - Alarm Clock feat. Ab-Soul, Jon Connor & Logic
07. Black Milk - 1 For Dam feat. Fat Ray
08. Hannibal King - Alter Ego
09. Rapsody - I'm A Beast (Hoover Street Freestyle)
10. Ugly Heroes - Naysayers & Playmakers
11. The Doppelgangaz Whole Wide World (Remix) feat. Apathy
12. Run The Jewels - Blockbuster Night Part 1
13. Dilated Peoples - The Dark Room feat. Vince Staples
14. C Plus - The Jhene Joint feat. Chuuwee & Mani Coolin' 
15. BJtheChicagoKid - Real Love Never Dies

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Signif - "Friction"

She's never been on 2 Dope Boyz but she's about to tour Europe ... again.

Our sis Signif drops off her latest offering, Friction. Having been involved in some way or another on her last few projects, and as a fan, it's so dope to watch the NYC by way of Milwaukee emcee continue to grow musically each time she steps in front of a microphone. On the new project she holds no punches as she delivers up hard hitting rhymes over production from the likes of Radio Raheim, Moteleola, JBM Beatz, Fate and more. This is her finest work and you should definitely be paying attention. Enjoy the tunes.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Hip-Hop Breakfast Ep 154

01. Hannibal King - Gospel feat. Jabee
02. Lil Herb - Fight or Flight (Remix) feat. Common & Chance The Rapper
03. Statik Selektah - The Imperial feat Action Bronson, Black Thought & Royce da 5'9"
04. MarkMyWord - Purgatory
05. Homeboy Sandman - America, the Beautiful
06. Has-Lo & Castle - Good Feelings (U Must Relax)
07. Mike Schpitz - City Council feat. Pedro Bizz Juanjulio & Stik Figa 
08. Your Old Droog - Hoodie Weather feat. Prodigy
09. The Audible Doctor - Leave Me Alone feat. Guilty Simpson
10. Dilated Peoples - Trouble
11. Apollo Brown & Ras Kass - H20 feat. Pharoahe Monch & Rakaa Iriscience
12. Black Milk - Ruffin
13. Rico Love - Bank Roll feat. Bobby Shmurda