Sunday, February 28, 2010

Check it ... @MaGestiKLeGenD "All Eye Know"

I caught this in the email from the homie MaGestiK LeGenD. Dope track. Check it.
"Hey! Its been a minute! Hope everyone has been great and paid! Here is a new MaGestiK LeGenD track. Amongst other projects, ML and Astronote have formed a powerhouse crew called ((CLASSIC STEREO)). Much more to come."

"All Eye Know" produced by Astronote

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The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: @DanaCoppafeel

Dana Coppafeel was among the first Milwaukee heads that we featured on the blog. He was surely the first interview. At the time it was Dana's video for the track "88" that caught my attention. His rhymes and style were fresh, with that old school Hip-Hop feel to it. That his music contains that old school feel shouldn't be a surprise from the self proclaimed "old head" who is in his second childhood.

There was something cool about his lyrical flow and it’s not just on one track. It carried. Coppafeel has been blessing my inbox since we first exchanged emails online and is among the cool heads from Milwaukee that I've never met outside of the matrix. He's my connection to the House of M, KingsHellBastard, Uni-Fi Records and more.

But now Coppafeel is in the midst of his first project, "Coppa's Welfare Foods", and the timing couldn't be better considering our spotlight on Milwaukee this month. He hit me with the advance copy a few weeks ago and I'm very pleased with the new joint (which is available for purchase on CD Baby and preview on

"Coppa's Welfare Foods" is dope from beginning to end. I sat through two solid listens after I unzipped the file. Joints like "Another One", "Chemistry" and "I See Now" speak to the smoothed out side of Dana. Then there are joints like "Damage", "Keep the Motor Runnin'" and "Welfare Foods" that bring that hard-hitting side.

It's all dope Hip-Hop.

Whether it's the smooth side or the hard-hitting side of Dana Coppafeel , it's all lyrical and he has a great handle of word play, plus his features compliment many tracks. As with other joints, "Coppa's Welfare Foods" boasts solid production too.

I reached out to Dana for a Q&A. Here's what he had to say about making music, the new project and what's been going on since the last time we spoke.

The Mad Bloggers: It's been a while since we spoke, what's new?

Dana Coppafeel: To tell the truth, a lot... right now I'm gearing up to push my first ever solo project called "Coppa's Welfare Foods", which is dropping March 13th but you can get it right now on CD baby. I just got done shooting a video for "I SEE NOW" which is what I'm trying to lead off with. I try to stay away from calling it a single. ya know, its Milwaukee, so here it's just some music. My friend D Woods of Alpha Bang Productions is putting it together for me.

At the same time, one of the groups I'm in, KingHellBastard, is currently working to wrap up a vinyl EP with some dope features. We've got Sadat X of Brand Nubians, White Shadow of Norway, Arkobatic, Raashan Ahmed of Crown City Rocker and Strick of EMC. We are on the brink of finishing that... as well as an album called WarRoom, which we are knee deep in already.

The House of M, my other group, we just launched our website Everybody in the M is working on solo or other inner group projects at the time.

Last but not least I'm working on another joint project with my homie Da Ricanstruckta. We got a nice size chunk of songs done, we just need to polish them off. So, that's pretty much everything in a nut shell for the most part.

TMB: How do you find time for all your projects?

Dana: [Hahaha] I don't even know. I ask myself that sometimes.. maybe super powers. I guess its just being focused and mainly that I will things to happen. I just feel right now is the time for me to let the me that knows what I'm capable of doing take control. I've been doing this for years in Milwaukee, like 93... so, the knowledge of following something through is quit relevant right now. It gives me perspective on ideal time frames for projects. So, time is nothing but the catalyst. We don't got forever just right now...

TMB: "Coppa's Welfare Foods" is your first solo project, how did it feel putting it together?

Dana: It's a good feeling... this collection of songs, I never really meant them to be an album. Maybe, a free online mixtape or something like that. When I first started this project it was '07 and I was just recording. I wasn't recording for anything, I just wanted to get better at recording and see how other people did their thing. I really just had the Royallton booked every Wednesday night to record. I got a lot of features from all over on the album. Germany to the UK, I got heads from Jacksonville, Savannah, Phoenix, Rockford, Pittsburg, Milwaukee, Madison and New York. I want to connect people with different heads. So, at one point I had like 27 songs all recorded, my friend Dima thought I should turn those songs into an album. I was like NO, lets just do it as a mixtape or something like that. I just thought it was too random a collection of songs but, once we got them mixed a few of them turned out real good and had a great vibe together.

"I See Now" featuring Michael Mic Check

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: *hitmayng

I caught this a few days ago from *hitmayng, a young producer and DJ out of Milwaukee. As we begin to bring things to a close for our Journey to Hip-Hop series featuring Milwaukee, I felt the need to share. He's been DJ'ing since '04 and as he said, over time he got into producing. Last summer he released a compilation of remixes featuring acapellas from Lupe Fiasco, Common, De La Soul and others. He's got an ear. Check out "Mighty Healthy."

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Check It ... @SlimIsGOLD "In For the Kill"

Check out this joint from STS, "In for the Kill" [click to download] Produced by MPIII. It's pretty dope.

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The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: @EricMire

Eric Mire is a cool dude.

Many may know him as the sound behind Melissa Czarnik but Eric is a musician in his own right, with two albums of his own available.

Eric is a band leader, a fan of Hip-Hop (and music in general), a producer (composer) and runs his own label.

I recently reached out to Eric for a Q&A for our Journey to Hip-Hop series.

The Mad Bloggers: How long have you been doing music?

Eric Mire: I’ve been into music a little over twenty years. I started with piano as a kid, picked up guitar in middle school and got really into composition and recording during high school. From there I went to school for music to study composition and wound up in a program that exposed me to more recording and music technology. In terms of Hip-Hop, I've been in and out of the scene in Milwaukee for about 10 years. Back before Melissa and I started Hyperdrive Motivator Productions, I was the producer for a group called the Nowhere Mine.

TMB: When did you form the Eric Mire Band? Who are the members?

Eric: The Eric Mire Band formed in 2007. I recorded and released a solo album and created the group and started performing shortly after. It began with Maurice Cotton phenomenal Gospel/Jazz keyboard player and producer, whom I met while we both worked at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. He played on one of the tracks off the album and was a natural first step when I put the group together. Maurice helped bring Don Bradshaw on board for congas and aux percussion, whom we both knew from the Conservatory and who also played with at Maurice's church. Eventually Brad Bloom, who I went to school with, joined on saxophone. He recorded with us on Melissa's Strawberry Cadillac album and started performing with us after that. And finally we have Chip Baily on drums. Chip was on the church scene with Maurice and stepped up after other drummers didn’t work out.

TMB: How would you describe your music?

Eric: I like to just call it good music. To be more technical it's a blend of Hip-Hop, jazz, gospel, folk, soul and classical. The beauty of the group is that we have such rich and different backgrounds. It's kind of a Hip-Hop/soul band with a jazz methodology. We tend to rehearse a very basic framework for our music, put it in motion and let it go where it needs to.

TMB: What do you see yourself as more, a producer or ...

Eric: I think of myself mostly as a composer.

TMB: What led you to form Hyperdrive?

Eric: I think it grew out of being in the scene for a while and trying different things and realizing that I needed a place that I could pursue my own ambitions. I had very a very clear idea of the music I wanted to create and the business model I wanted to follow.

Check out the Eric Mire Band's video for "Saturday" featuring Melissa Czarnik and shot by my favorite Milwaukee director, Darren Cole.

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The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: The Hollowz

I caught this EP a few weeks back when we first started this series. A fan of the crew had hit me with an email and a few tracks from Premonition. The project is dope.

Edward Cayce (producer) and Logic (emcee) make up The Hollowz.
It took me a little while to track down .

I was able to get in touch with Logic for a quick Q&A.

The Mad Bloggers: Born and raised in MKE?

Logic: Ed is born and raised on the north side of Milwaukee. I was born in Milwaukee, raised in a lot damn places but rooted on the south side.

TMB: How long have yall been doing musically collectively?

Logic: Ed has been producing locally for over a decade, and I am on about eight years performing and since the first cd release. Been rapping for quite some time I guess. Together as a group we have been working for probably the last two years.

TMB: How can people get the new project?

Logic: Garage band should let you download for free. If not, hit up The Hollowz facebook page or shoot us an email We'll next day air you a free copy with a free keychain and a membership card to The Hollowz fanclub .... or we'll just email you the EP and call it a day!!

"It's You"

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010 and Milwaukee's @WMSE presents MKE's BEST... and Milwaukee’s own 91.7 WMSE have teamed up to bring you “The Journey to Hip-Hop…Milwaukee” (also known as MKE’s Best), a compilation of some of the dopest Hip-Hop artists and producers in the Milwaukee area.

The “Journey to Hip-Hop” series is a new feature on, spotlighting a city/region’s Hip-Hop scene over the course of a month. They decided to dedicate the first series to Milwaukee.

At the beginning of February 2010, The Mad Bloggers set out on the journey with a simple goal in mind: feature Milwaukee’s best in Hip-Hop. They had always been impressed with the lyrical emcees and talented producers that Milwaukee had to offer since stumbling on the city back in April of 2009.

The Mad Bloggers love Milwaukee, though they've never set foot within city limits or even in the state of Wisconsin. However, something about the Hip-Hop scene there had spoken to them.

The compilation will include The Lab Partners, KingHellBastard, Scott Knoxx, Kid Millions, Melissa Czarnik, House of M, Yo-Dot, Ka$h, Prophetic, Haz Solo, JC Poppe, Frankie Flowers, Taiyamo Denku, Signif, Dana Coppafeel, A-Biz with production from Dylan Thomas, Adlib, Eric Mire, Dave Derrilykt, Trellmatic and several more emcees and producers.

"While no list is ever complete and we're sure we missed some artists with our compilation," said Q of The Mad Bloggers, "we made a humble attempt to spotlight and feature as many artists as we could find and could find us. We hope we did the city's Hip-Hop scene some justice."

With so much music to share, “The Journey to Hip-Hop … Milwaukee” will be a two volume compilation, dubbed “MKE’s Best, Draft” and “MKE’s Best, Light”. The compilation will be available for free download starting March 4, 2010.

Written by C. Noelle

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rhymefest & Skyzoo - "Crack The Code"

Gotta love when we get good music in the inbox. Here goes Rhymefest and Skyzoo doing what they do and well. Wanna hear it? Here it go. Haha...

Rhymefest & Skyzoo "Crack The Code" taken from Closed Sessions Vol. 1 which will be released on 3-2-10.

DJ RTC Commentary On "Crack The Code":

"I really dug into Skyzoo's material while making the first Brainiac Mixtape with Naledge. He put two Skyzoo tracks on the mix and I was more than impressed. I went back into Sky's catalog and eagerly awaited the release of his debut LP, The Salvation. Shortly before the album's release, I had the chance to interview Skyzoo and he told me that he heard about Closed Sessions, and our Dimes and Dozens party in which we bring out of town artists into Chicago and have them perform at our monthly event. He expressed interest in doing the same and I was definitely with it. We organized a show for Skyzoo at The Darkroom, and setup a Closed Session for him the following day. Virgil and Ruben took Sky all around the city before his show, and when he hit SoundScape we could all tell that Chicago had made an impression on him. Rhymefest ended up just being at the studio during Skyzoo's session, the two hit it off very quickly with help from this K-Salaam and Beatnik track and the concept for "Crack The Code" was born. Skyzoo's verse centers on the intricacies of Chicago, while Rhymefest raps about the nature of New York City. It's an homage to two great homes for Hip Hop, and a pairing of two great emcees."

DL Link to Rhymefest & Skyzoo's "Crack The Code" (produced by K-Salaam & Beatnik) from Closed Sessions Vol. 1:

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The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: ¡OYE! - In My Mind EP

Got this in our email at

¡Oye!, an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is gearing up for the release of his solo music debut. The project features Milwaukee’s Klassik, a fellow emcee, songwriter, and producer as well as Rafael Casal an emcee, playwright, and director from the Bay Area. It’s scheduled to release by the 9th of February.

MKE, Wisconsin – February 10th, 2010--Karl Iglesias, the man better known as Oye, is a Puerto Rican emcee from the Southside of Milwaukee. He is currently a sophomore student at UW- Madison and member of First Wave Arts Ensemble. The In My Mind EP is the first time the world will get to hear Oye’s solo musical work.

The five-track EP takes a holistic journey inside the head of Oye as he travels from aspiring emcee, to a boisterous artist developing his own name and securing himself in Hip Hop. Mid-way through the EP, Oye gives us, “Not Even” a fun and hard-hitting track that exemplifies the self-proclamation “I’m here.” Klassik, the producer responsible for all of the EP’s musical arrangements, also delivers an impressive feature on the record. The title track, which features HBO Def Poet and Bay Area Monster Rafael Casal, gives a personal look into the struggles of being an artist and holding on your relationship.

“Working with artists such as Klassik and Rafael Casal has been incredible. They understood the vision of the project entirely, which was to give a haiku style introduction of myself in the form of an EP. Taking you in my mind, even if it's briefly.”

Oye has shared the stage with the likes of Wale, Lemon, Denizen Kane, Rhymefest, Young Chris, Rafael Casal, Colin Munroe and Ludacris among many others.

Oye is, also, the premier artist sponsored by Chicago based InkRed Clothing, a grassroots clothing company dedicated to highlighting the best up and coming artists from around the country.

Upon release, the EP will be accessible via the artist’s site, OYE414.COM.

¡OYE! - In My Mind (Title track)

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"WE GOT A RECORD DEAL!!" Eternia & MoSS EP#15

Yeah, you already know what it is, another episode of Eternia and MoSS "Road to Release".
"In Episode #15, Eternia does the radio show rounds and announces on air to the world, "We Got a Record Deal!!" The Record Label remains a secret, however, as Eternia promotes the "AT LAST (We Got a Record Deal) JAM!" on Friday February 26th @ Sputnik in BK!. A.G. (D.I.T.C.) and El Da Sensei (Artifacts) extend their congrats, and E gets open on the 'Exhibit C' track @ Beatminerz Radio w/ Crazy DJ Bazarro."

Check Episode 1
Check Episode 2
Check Episode 3
Check Episode 4
Check Episode 5
Check Episode 6
Check Episode 7 & 8
Check Episode 9
Check Episode 10
Check Episode 11
Check Episode 12
Check Episode 13
Check Episode 14

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Download ... Avery Storm & The Heatmakerz "Diary of the Takeoff"

Caught this from my email via
"Avery Storm, the rising R&B star who brought us reader-acclaimed mixtape Category 5, is back to take fans on a musical journey to destinations unknown with his latest project, Diary of the Takeoff. The street album consists of 12 brand new, previously-unreleased tracks, all featuring the boardwork of Bronx production duo The HeatmakerZ (R’sonist, Thrilla). Fans of Avery Storm should keep it locked to the Booth for the latest release details on the singer’s debut studio album, Shotgun Love, “coming soon” via Universal Motown/Deerty Entertainment."
Avery Storm & The Heatmakerz "Diary of the Takeoff"

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The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: Raze

Peace to the homie JC Poppe for putting this together for me. We've featured Raze by way of House of M and Elle Razberry. This joint, "Welcome II the Show" is dope. Enjoy!
"Raze, also known as the International Sex Symbol and a major creative pillar of House of M, is another Milwaukee Hip-Hop artist setting himself up for a return to the solo side of making music, developing his follow up to 'Dreaming In Grayscale', entitled 'Living In Technicolor', and 'Welcome II The Show' (produced by D'Matikk) is a perfect introduction to this new project."

Music Playlist at

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The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: Streetz N' Young Deuces

Editor's Note: Due to some technical problems, I had to repost this piece. It's written and compiled by the homie Egypto Knuckles. Enjoy.

Meet Streetz N' Young Deuces. They've been pretty much featured on as many press outlets a rapper could dream of: being featured in such publications as The Source, being played on Sirius, So So Def Radio and sponsored by the Lil' Jon caffeinated juice, Crunk! But aside from that, they are Milwaukee's own and they are poised to bombard their fans and media alike with the current mixtape titled Straight Drop Muzik and the upcoming release of their album, Hustlers Never Sleep. Here, the duo took some time out to talk to The Mad Bloggers, so let's hear what they have to say, shall we?

Egypto Knuckles: Talk about your first memories of music, especially Hip-Hop. What was the exact moment in time where you said "This is what I want to do"?

Streetz: Seeing my heroes at the time Pac, Jay, Nas, Big, Mase around 96- 97, I think I just fell in love with music. Those years a lot of those albums help shape me into the artist I am today but the moment I knew I wanted to do it is when people started telling me I was good [lol]. That's when I started working on my craft hard.

Young Deuces: For me, I was always the person to be on stage in the spotlight. I started writing and rapping when I was young, mimicking my Pops. But the moment where I said this is what I want to do, was when I was younger me and my cousins were walking to the mall, we started a cipher, and I was WACKKKKK!!!! After that I said I got to step it up!

Egypto Knuckles: Being a figure in the Milwaukee scene, talk about some of your history in Milwaukee. What life experiences shaped your world view and helped shape your subject matter in your songs?

Streetz: Well, just coming from a city with a thriving music scene dying to be heard it just made me come at music differently. I try to put as much of myself in my music as I can and to be visual. Seeing first hand at what being raised in bad situation can do to a person, I try to be very real and truthful in my music when speaking about my self and my views on things.

Young Deuces: Me being a military brat, I’ve seen so many things at an early age and then BAM! I was back in the hood! So I went from good, to bad, to good, so I experienced life differently. Milwaukee is just so overlooked and even some of the people from here will tell you they hate it here…it’s crazy. But me I love the good and the bad of Milwaukee…this city is Me, this is my shit, my love, my enemy, my baby, my mistress, Milwaukee is my inspiration at all times.

Egypto Knuckles: What are some of your thoughts on the Hip-Hop scene in Milwaukee? What makes it unique?

Streetz: Well my thought on our city is we have a lot of things going in our favor. There’s a lot of artist making moves and getting the respect that we deserve so at the moment I’m happy with it I jus hope it continues to grow.

Young Deuces: Yea our time is coming. We’re about to be the next Chicago. There are a lot of good people out of here and I’m telling you, Milwaukee is coming! We have an untold story and it needs to be heard! Just pay attention!

Egypto Knuckles: Talk about your discography here. What projects have you released and what makes each one its own body of work?

Streetz: Well our first album “The Future” was us getting our feet wet, it was practice we were coming into our own yet still finding ourselves as artist. But we had “We Want In Vol. 2” which was a mixtape that got us our respect as lyricist. People seen us in a different light after that. “Money Marathon” was us showcasing every talent we have with our music that tape taps every angle.... Then we have “Straight Drop Muzik”, which is my favorite, I feel like we sound like we have something to prove and that’s exactly what we were going for.

Young Deuces: “We Want in Vol. 2” was a big project for us because it earned us a lot of respect among some good lyricists in the game. People don’t think about Milwaukee to much so when we came, we had to represent but “Straight Drop Muzik” was a classic, it’s like the Midwest “Trap or Die”. When we dropped that we gained a different level of respect. We gained that type of respect like, “Hell yeah, now we got some dudes from Midwest who are really about to do this!”

Egypto Knuckles: Say you were showing a person around Milwaukee and its different locales for Hip-Hop. Which places to you are worth frequenting?

Young Deuces: Well if you trying to get your ice game right you got to holler at “Pak’s Jewelry” they’ll get you right. Hit up “618 Live” or “Onyx” if you’re trying to hit the clubs but if you need to get your eat on, hit up “Kopps,” the best burger joint in town, hands down!

Egypto Knuckles: Anything else you'd like to tell the folks out there?

Streetz: “Straight Drop Muzik 2” on the way! EMP Ent. watch us grind and you will understand. Look out for all EMP projects, we comin yall stay tuned!

Young Deuces: Make sure ya’ll check out our websites too,, and follow us on twitter @StreetzEMP and @Young_Deuces and get ready for that STRAGIHT DROP MUZIK 2!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Chiddy Bang - Opposite of Adults (Video)

I remember I caught Chiddy Bang at Toad's Place as guests for an artist I can't recall now but they were never mentioned on the flyer and I could swear they weren't mentioned on the website as guests but.....goes to show you that you never know who's gonna be there. Thank goodness I was because I like these dudes. Good music!

Cop the single here:

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R.E.U.B. "I Made It"

R.E.U.B. dropped a new single titled "I Made It". Really good music, people. Check it out...

"Ya'll must be chuggin' NyQuil down before ya'll start speaking / cause ain't none of ya'll sick but every one of ya'll sleeping..."

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"We Are the World" (YouTube Edition)

There's no secret how I felt about "We Are the World 25" with the lack of sangers (yes, sangers) and the inclusion of auto-tune, T-Pain and that gawd awful rap choir at the end. Folks keep telling me, "Q, it's not about who was on it but the cause." With all due respect, eff that argument! This youtube version is >>>>>>>>>>> than the "We Are the World 25". Purely my opinion (but pretty close to fact). While this version is not perfect, I respect it way more. It might be that lack of auto tune and absence of T-Pain, I don't know. Check it out and you tell me.

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Check @LadyBlogga's #MusicMonday selection ... Drag-On

It’s Monday and I would like to share my Music Monday. I know The Mad Bloggers are in Milwaukee with the music this month but I need to jump back to NYC for a second. For those of you who were Ruff Rydin’ it a few years ago, Drag-On is a name and flow we all remember. Well my inbox was blessed with his single and I feel like y’all need to hear it. Drag is back on his grind. He’s on a mixtape dropping this week, “The Crazies”. And he just completed his album which is due out real soon. In between running around doing appearances and studio sessions, Drag will be penciling me in for a sit down real soon. Until then, here is his single “Money”, which is being played on radio stations in NYC, Boston and all over internet radio. You can hear it here though. Follow him on Twitter @OfficialDragOn to stay in the loop. And if you have anything you would like to ask him, within reason of course, email me the question to and I will be sure to ask him.

Drag-On "Money" [Download]

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The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: DJ Kid Cut Up

Editor's Note: Milwaukee emcee and the Grown Man Collective's own JC Poppe reached out to DJ Kid Cut Up and conducted the following interview. Thanks to both of them. Enjoy.

JC Poppe: What is your first memory of Hip-Hop? What got you interested in DJ'ing?

DJ Kid Cut Up: Skateboarding and kicking it with neighborhood friends got me into Hip-Hop, DJ'ing, graffiti, and lots of other random things.

JC: You are a crucial member of the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene. When and how did you first get involved?

Kid Cut Up: I started DJ'ing out and about in Milwaukee around 2000. I had been DJ'ing a couple years already... quickly got involved with the Fader Grimmlins crew... FGC! That kinda opened me up to doing lots of things... was kicking it with Swan... John Swan a lot. Doing DJ and b boy battles and sneaking into Thai Joes for Nu Stylez's nights and Why B's Wheeled events.

JC: You've DJ'ed all over the country. What are some places/shows/events that you have played and what's the best story that you're allowed to tell us about one of your gigs?

Kid Cut Up: I've been honored to be a part of so many incredible events... Played at Soundset in Minneap the past two years... which is incredible. Played at Scribble Jam in Cincy a couple times... prolly one of the most important Hip-Hop festivals ever when you look at its span of over 10 years. And locally I got to be a part of the Miltown Beatdown... which is coming up again soon. It's an incredible event put on by DJ Madhatter... and I'm lucky enough to be the house DJ for the whole thing.

As for stories... so many stories. So little time... people should come out to a show so I can share one with them. Or better yet we can all make a story together.

JC: How has the economy effected your gigs?

Kid Cut Up: eh... promotional budgets got smaller so there was some trickle down in my area. but for the most part people will still go out and have a couple of drinks on their unemployment checks. I like to think I provide a good time and a release from all the world's craziness... and sometimes it seems that people need that more than ever.

JC: As a producer you are known for your bass heavy remixes. What got you into production? Why all the bass?

Kid Cut Up: Lately I've been making remixes because I have needs as a DJ that other music makers aren't filling. So I'm making the things I wish other people would make... cause I'm sure they would prolly do a better job. My production is simple and pretty straight forward... I go for effective. Hence all the bass. Bass works... a lot of rap music is only cool cause of the bass. And that's not a bad thing at all.

JC: You took over the famous Late Night Hype show spot on 91.7 WMSE after they decided to retire, forming the MadKids show. The show has had several rotations of co-hosts, but you have been the constant. What are some of the things that drew you to continue showcasing Hip-Hop in that time slot? Do you have any good stories for us yet?

Kid Cut Up: I was really fortunate that the station wanted to keep Hip-Hop programming in the same time slot and they asked me to be a part of their volunteer staff. I had always done things here and there with WMSE and had expressed interest in being more involved in the station... so when they asked me and DJ Madhatter to take over for the Late Night Hype guys it was a great fit. The show has been really incredible to be a part of, fun to do and a great learning experience for me. I appreciate it as an outlet to do things I don't get a chance to do elsewhere...

As for stories.... oh.... so many people to put on blast. But nah... another time.

JC: I know that you are assisting DJ Madhatter with some stuff in regards to the Miltown Beatdown, Milwaukee's amazing head to head producer battle. Is there anything you can tell us about your involvement with it this year and in the past?

Kid Cut Up: The Miltown Beatdown is DJ Madhatter's event. He runs it and conceives the whole thing... me and him have been friends for a long time... since the FGC days. And we always toss ideas back and forth and act as a sounding board on a lot of projects. At some point as the event grew and the demands for Madhatter to host became larger he realized it would be much easier if he had someone else do the DJ'ing while he ran the event. Luckily he asked me to help him out... cause I get the best seat in the house! It's definitely one of the best events I'm involved in every year. Madhatter does a great job of making it all happen and providing an awesome platform for producers in Milwaukee and its a great show piece for the positivity Milwaukee's Hip-Hop scene in general.

JC: You take Milwaukee Hip-Hop with you everywhere you go. What do you want the world to know out the MKE scene?

Kid Cut Up: ...that we are coming for your spots! [haha] And that they should book all of MKE's great talent now while its cheap and accessible. You can say you knew about us first!!! ...bring us to your cities!! [ha]

JC: Do you have any shout outs?

Kid Cut Up: No Requests Sound System. Record Breakers DJ Crew. The larger MKE DJ scene. The MKE rap scene. All my midwest homies... Come Ups, Mahf and Earthworms. SikeStyle and the Kansas City scene, the RSE guys, SuperBrush, King Otto, Mike 26, Espada and all the Minneap guys. G Spot and Derril Pounds in Oshkosh. FingerBangerz out west. DJ Platurn. Animal Crack and the Cincy homies. Vilas Park Sniper and the Madison DJ and Rap scene. MC Audio in Madison. All the B-boys and the people throwing battles... Big up ManOGod and Breaking the Law. And so many more... google everyone I just mentioned and check out their art and music!! And if you read all this shit and have no idea who I am... google me too. peace!

...and thanks to MadBloggers for the coverage!!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: Dave Derrilykt

I had heard Dave Derrilykt of AudioPilot Productions beats before but didn't realize it until he reached out to me via email. It was one of those "Ah Ha" moments and I was like, "ooooooo, right, I loved that track."

The Milwaukee born and raised producer has worked with various Milwaukee emcees and is currently working with SPEAK Easy and JC Poppe on their new projects. He's closely connected with Uni-Fi Records and Grown Man Collective too.

As we were going back and forth via email, Dave hit me up with "Still Rising" a new track from SPEAK Easy, featuring Patrice Downey. The track had just been recorded.

The dude is dope.

I reached out to him for a Q&A. Check it and check out "Still Rising".

The Mad Bloggers: How long have you been producing?

Dave Derrilykt: I started messing with beats in the mid 90s ... and when I say messing with, I mean it. I had an alesis drum machine and all I could do was make drum patterns with it. Right around 2000 is when I found out that I could sample and make full instrumentals with pc based software.

TMB: What type of equipment are you using to create your tracks?

Dave: Right now I have an M-Audio Axiom 49 controller, m-audio fast track pro, Rokit 8 monitors, along with the Rokit 10 sub. My DAW's are Acid Pro 7, Soundforge 8, Reason 4.0, Recycle and a host of plug ins.

TMB: As a producer, who are you influenced by?

Dave: Man, really, RZA is who really made me want to make beats. That's really all there is to it.

TMB: What track describes who you are as a producer?

Dave: No particular track can really describe me as a producer. I don't have any one known format or style for making a beat.

TMB: Who are you working with currently?

Dave: SPEAK Easy, JC Poppe and my man, Panic... those are the three artists that I am currently working on projects with.

TMB: What projects do you have upcoming?

Dave: The two Projects that we have coming out in the next year are SPEAK Easy's album "So to Speak" and JC Poppe's album "The Tea Party"

TMB: If there was one thing you'd want heads to take away from MKE Hip-Hop, what would it be?

Dave: MKE Hip-Hop is incredibly diverse. I feel like we are sort of a melting pot of influences. The core structure of our music is the crazy amounts of creativeness and fun we have with it. The one thing I guess would be..."damn, that shit was bananas...." [HAHAHAHAHA]

"Still Rising" SPEAK Easy feat. Patrice Downey (produced by Dave Derrilykt)


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The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: Ka$h

I reached out to Ka$h of the Umbrella Music Group and did this interview via BBM, which combined both my love for Hip-Hop and my BlackBerry! Get to know the Milwaukee emcee a little more. Enjoy.

The Mad Bloggers: What made you decide to start rapping?

Ka$h: My mom use to always sing out loud in the crib. I'm the wise cracking family member. Proph made me take music seriously when he put lyrics to wax. I always wrote. I started out just rewriting my favorite lyrics from songs I heard. I just loved how it sounded put together. Then I started putting my own words together.

TMB: Who’s Proph?

Ka$h: My brother Prophetic. He’s not my blood brother but we have been friends for over 10 years, before we even thought about music.

TMB: Are you signed to a label?

Ka$h: I'm not signed to a label...but UMG (Umbrella Music Group) is the label if that makes sense lol.

TMB: Tell me about the Umbrella Music Group

Ka$h: The Umbrella Music Group is just a group of young black men using the team concept to push ourselves forward. We hope we are a young Sony in the making … we try to bring powerful, thoughtful music to the table. We feel like Hip-Hop is just the start of what could and will be.

TMB: What single are you pushing right now?

Ka$h:Right now the single Strength In Numbers, produced by Haz Solo. As far as performing and impact upon first listen, I had to run with it. And it’s my favorite track.

TMB: Do you have a real strong work ethic?

Ka$h: Work ethic is a funny thing with me. I go hard, but as far as solo me, I've slacked on creating that vault of music for myself. As far as my other duties as a member of my team, I try to never slack. So there is give and take.

TMB: Does the music have to be playing in order for you to decide to write something or are you random with it?

Ka$h: Bars come to me without music but I prefer to be around some type of beat to get in a zone.

Yo-Dot, Ka$h and Prophetic

TMB: What do you think about the state of Hip-Hop Music today? What can you bring to the table to make it better?

Ka$h: Hip-Hop is in another state of evolution. I think Hip-Hop being so marketable, people have confused it with being a dying sound. A lot of artists are trying to make hits and that's being pushed more to the forefront. But there is still the conscious, the Gangsta, the all around Hip-Hop styles. It’s just that the type we hear more often on the radio is the focused sound.

Hip-Hop is as powerful as it’s ever been with Drake and his Sprite deal, Jay and his ever-evolving biz deals. It’s just making us have to be that all around rapper if you want to do it. Hip-Hop went from one-dimensional artists to multi-dimensional artists. Sort of like basketball, how power forward's now shoot threes?

What can I bring? I can further that evolution. I have such a business way of thinking but I'm still such an artist that wants to push the limits every day. Every track. Every project.

TMB: Weed... Should it be legal? And do you need it to enhance your creative abilities?

Ka$h: I think ganja should be legal definitely. I feel like it’s less harmful than alcohol. It would hurt the governments, bottom line. So I think it’s a mute topic till they figure a way to employ all the Border Patrol, DEA, and make money off of it. I mean Border Patrol and DEA who will lose their jobs and find a way to gain profit on legalizing it. As far as enhancing my abilities....I think it gives me a jolt of creativity, but I don't need to be effective artistically.

TMB: Random: Boxers or briefs?

Ka$h: Boxers fa sho’. My last pair of briefs had some type of super hero on ‘em, when I was a wee boy.

TMB: What do you do for fun?

Ka$h: For fun I watch movies... I'm big into films. I can watch the same one over and over. I'm at the theater for the new releases I'm just into all types of movies. I’m a football and basketball junkie too... Great dad!!

TMB: You said "great dad"... Do you have kids and how does that impact your industry image?

Ka$h: I have a 3-year-old son. I think anybody involved in the industry or any career respects having kids. It’s harder to stay focused on your goals but you got that much harder to succeed because you have a living, breathing piece of motivation with you all day.

"Strength in Numbers" Ka$h (produced by Haz Solo)

Check out more on Ka$h at

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: Kid Millions

It must have been some point back in August 2009 when I received Kid Millions' "Victim to the Beat" track and video. It was dope. It was fresh.

Later that year he released "Recession Proof Rap" and as the initial press release said, "Milwaukee MC Kid Millions, known for his uplifting, often hilarious storytelling rhymes and unstoppable style, has generously dedicated his brain and body to the public welfare with the release of his new album, With nine huge-sounding tracks that take you from snooze alarm to pavement in seconds each, Kid Millions does not waste time or money."'

The dude is dope.

I recently reached out to Kid Millions for a Q&A

The Mad Bloggers: Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

Kid Millions: I was born and raised in Milwaukee on the Eastside of town and moved to Bay View around 7th Grade.

TMB: How long have you been doing music?

KM: I started making music back in 1993 in a group called 3'z Company. My friend, Tom Noble, started a ska band with BK One and we would get on stage and do a few live rap songs. Soon after that we got a DJ and started doing all ages live shows around town. That's how I got to know The Rusty Ps, Dana Coppa and A-Biz..

TMB: How would you describe your music?

KM: Old-school-pop-locking-dance-floor-rocking

TMB: Who are your musical influences?

KM: Freestyle Fellowship,Tyrone Davis, The Esquires,Dj Premier, James Brown,The Clash, Beach Boys, De La Soul and much more...

TMB: What projects are you currently working on?

KM: I would like to continue making tracks with Sage Shwarm from Codebreaker. Also there are plenty of other producers I wanna get with like Dylan Thomas, House of M cats, Reason & many others. Right now I'm still focusing on playing live shows to promote my new album "Recession Proof Rap".

Kid Millions-Victim to the Beat from Darren Cole on Vimeo.

Get Kid Millions "Recession Proof Rap" and iTunes

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What I'm Watching....Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam - Take Me Home

Damn, I love this music and era. Haha. Good times.

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam ~ Wonder If I take You Home

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Basic Vocab - "Like A Star" feat. Jesse Boykins III

Here’s the third leak from Miami based Basic Vocab’s new album A Better Way, which is due out in April. This song is called “Like A Star” and it features Jesse Boykins III.

DL Link to Basic Vocab f/Jesse Boykins III "Like A Star":

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The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: A.P.R.I.M.E. + Trellmatic = AUTOmatic



I caught this track last night and got stuck. It went straight into repeat mode as I worked. It's not the first time I've heard A.P.R.I.M.E. on a track, nor is it the first Trellmatic produced track that I have enjoyed. A.P.R.I.M.E. and Trellmatic, both memebers of Milwaukee's own House of M, have been involved in quite a few tracks that I have enjoyed. The two have teamed up to form AUTOmatic, with a new album, "Audiology 2", on the way. "Brown Leather" is a dope ass example of the dynamic chemistry of the duo. Dope, dope, dope.


Music Playlist at

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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: Taiyamo Denku

I caught Taiyamo Denku from the good folks over at Uncommon Records. Taiyamo Denku released "Articles of Mind" on January 26 and a free project, "Lost Thoughts" on the same day. The Milwaukee emcee definitely delivers on both projects.

"Articles of Mind" features Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Marv Won, Keith Murray, Sabac Red, Vast Aire, Pumpkinhead, Mainflow and more. The album includes production from Ayatollah, Panic of Molemen, Nasa aka Adam Warlock, Willie Green, A.M. Breakups and others.

According to Taiyamo Denku, "Lost Thoughts is just a collab of tracks that either didn't make the album or remixes of songs from the album and tracks that I just felt defined me as a artist that could give people who’d never heard of me a chance to check me out."

Check out this track and then head over to and download "Lost Thoughts". You can get "Articles of Mind" on iTunes or Amazon.

Lost In Production (Prod by Ayatollah)

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

#ThrowbackThursday w/@ladyblogga ... "When a Woman's Fed Up"

Women are very interesting creatures and men just don’t get that. When it is that we’ve had enough of enough, it’s a done deal pretty much. There’s nothing anyone can say, or do to change that. There are a lot of things we are willing to stand for but a lot of things we just won’t. Relationships are hard enough without all the extra. And yes I know that sometimes we (women) are hard to deal with but you know what, you know that going in. People know what they are dealing with when they get themselves into certain situations. And that goes for women as well. Don’t get it to a point where you have her saying this fellas because once she’s fed up, there ain’t nothing’ you can do about it…. And it’s too late to talk about it. I always laugh at this song because some dudes would NEVER admit that this is how they really feel. And the ones that do, kudos to you. That’s what it’s all about.

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The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: Elle Razberry

Elle Razberry is the voice you find on various hooks from MKE emcees, including Raze and the House of M. I joked with her on twitter a few days back, calling her Milwaukee's female Nate Dogg.

But seriously, she lays down smooth vocals and with more projects on the way, including her own, I reached out to her for a Q&A. Enjoy.

The Mad Bloggers: How long have you been singing?

Elle Razberry: According to my mother since the day I was born, so thirty *mumble mumble* years or so. :) I started like most folks singing in choirs, through high school and college, and doing some musical theater. Over the years I have gone from singing in girl groups to a classic rock band. Whatever I could do to keep singing. In more recent years I have had the chance to combine my love for Hip-Hop with my love of singing.

TMB: Who are your musical influences?

ER: I am convinced that I have musical ADHD. I love music of all kinds and I'm influenced by so much. While my favorites include a lot of Hip-Hop and R&B artists, like Lauryn Hill or Erykah Badu, I also get a lot of influence from old blues and jazz singers that I grew up listening to with my maternal grandfather or even rock influences from my time performing with a cover band.

TMB: How did you get wrapped up in doing hooks forso many different artists?

ER: My brother, Raze (from the House of M), needed a hook done on a song a few years back for a track on his album, "Dreaming in Greyscale." We recorded it and things have just snowballed from there with more artists needing vocals on tracks. I've always been down if I dig what folks are working with to help the cause.

TMB: Who have you worked with?

ER: Most of the work people will recognize me from currently is with Raze or the House of M, however I have also done live back ups for Firey Phoenix and Relative Theory (Firey Phoenix and Viva Fidel).

TMB: What's upcoming?

ER: I have tracks that should be coming out soon including, one with KingHellBastard (KHB), a track on the new upcoming Automatic release from A.P.R.I.M.E. and Trellmatic and a few tracks on Raze's upcoming cd including one featuring Frankie Flowers and I, that we are all itching to drop.

TMB: When do we get an EP?

ER: That's the next step. I've been writing quite a bit more recently. I have played with the idea of putting a project of my own together for a while and now I am making the time to put in the work. The plan is to drop the EP, "Cure Elle" in the Fall of 2010.

TMB: What do you want folks to take away from MKE Hip-Hop?

ER: MKE's Hip-Hop scene is growing exponentially and because the field of players is getting bigger, the competition is getting greater. This scene has something for everyone from those that love lyricists to those that need a good club banger and the blood sweat and tears that is going into it on the part of the artists is showing through in the quality of their work. Folks definitely don't want to sleep on the Brew.

"Gone" Raze featuring Elle Razberry

"In Your Mind" House of M featuring Elle Razberry

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