Monday, February 22, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: DJ Kid Cut Up

Editor's Note: Milwaukee emcee and the Grown Man Collective's own JC Poppe reached out to DJ Kid Cut Up and conducted the following interview. Thanks to both of them. Enjoy.

JC Poppe: What is your first memory of Hip-Hop? What got you interested in DJ'ing?

DJ Kid Cut Up: Skateboarding and kicking it with neighborhood friends got me into Hip-Hop, DJ'ing, graffiti, and lots of other random things.

JC: You are a crucial member of the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene. When and how did you first get involved?

Kid Cut Up: I started DJ'ing out and about in Milwaukee around 2000. I had been DJ'ing a couple years already... quickly got involved with the Fader Grimmlins crew... FGC! That kinda opened me up to doing lots of things... was kicking it with Swan... John Swan a lot. Doing DJ and b boy battles and sneaking into Thai Joes for Nu Stylez's nights and Why B's Wheeled events.

JC: You've DJ'ed all over the country. What are some places/shows/events that you have played and what's the best story that you're allowed to tell us about one of your gigs?

Kid Cut Up: I've been honored to be a part of so many incredible events... Played at Soundset in Minneap the past two years... which is incredible. Played at Scribble Jam in Cincy a couple times... prolly one of the most important Hip-Hop festivals ever when you look at its span of over 10 years. And locally I got to be a part of the Miltown Beatdown... which is coming up again soon. It's an incredible event put on by DJ Madhatter... and I'm lucky enough to be the house DJ for the whole thing.

As for stories... so many stories. So little time... people should come out to a show so I can share one with them. Or better yet we can all make a story together.

JC: How has the economy effected your gigs?

Kid Cut Up: eh... promotional budgets got smaller so there was some trickle down in my area. but for the most part people will still go out and have a couple of drinks on their unemployment checks. I like to think I provide a good time and a release from all the world's craziness... and sometimes it seems that people need that more than ever.

JC: As a producer you are known for your bass heavy remixes. What got you into production? Why all the bass?

Kid Cut Up: Lately I've been making remixes because I have needs as a DJ that other music makers aren't filling. So I'm making the things I wish other people would make... cause I'm sure they would prolly do a better job. My production is simple and pretty straight forward... I go for effective. Hence all the bass. Bass works... a lot of rap music is only cool cause of the bass. And that's not a bad thing at all.

JC: You took over the famous Late Night Hype show spot on 91.7 WMSE after they decided to retire, forming the MadKids show. The show has had several rotations of co-hosts, but you have been the constant. What are some of the things that drew you to continue showcasing Hip-Hop in that time slot? Do you have any good stories for us yet?

Kid Cut Up: I was really fortunate that the station wanted to keep Hip-Hop programming in the same time slot and they asked me to be a part of their volunteer staff. I had always done things here and there with WMSE and had expressed interest in being more involved in the station... so when they asked me and DJ Madhatter to take over for the Late Night Hype guys it was a great fit. The show has been really incredible to be a part of, fun to do and a great learning experience for me. I appreciate it as an outlet to do things I don't get a chance to do elsewhere...

As for stories.... oh.... so many people to put on blast. But nah... another time.

JC: I know that you are assisting DJ Madhatter with some stuff in regards to the Miltown Beatdown, Milwaukee's amazing head to head producer battle. Is there anything you can tell us about your involvement with it this year and in the past?

Kid Cut Up: The Miltown Beatdown is DJ Madhatter's event. He runs it and conceives the whole thing... me and him have been friends for a long time... since the FGC days. And we always toss ideas back and forth and act as a sounding board on a lot of projects. At some point as the event grew and the demands for Madhatter to host became larger he realized it would be much easier if he had someone else do the DJ'ing while he ran the event. Luckily he asked me to help him out... cause I get the best seat in the house! It's definitely one of the best events I'm involved in every year. Madhatter does a great job of making it all happen and providing an awesome platform for producers in Milwaukee and its a great show piece for the positivity Milwaukee's Hip-Hop scene in general.

JC: You take Milwaukee Hip-Hop with you everywhere you go. What do you want the world to know out the MKE scene?

Kid Cut Up: ...that we are coming for your spots! [haha] And that they should book all of MKE's great talent now while its cheap and accessible. You can say you knew about us first!!! ...bring us to your cities!! [ha]

JC: Do you have any shout outs?

Kid Cut Up: No Requests Sound System. Record Breakers DJ Crew. The larger MKE DJ scene. The MKE rap scene. All my midwest homies... Come Ups, Mahf and Earthworms. SikeStyle and the Kansas City scene, the RSE guys, SuperBrush, King Otto, Mike 26, Espada and all the Minneap guys. G Spot and Derril Pounds in Oshkosh. FingerBangerz out west. DJ Platurn. Animal Crack and the Cincy homies. Vilas Park Sniper and the Madison DJ and Rap scene. MC Audio in Madison. All the B-boys and the people throwing battles... Big up ManOGod and Breaking the Law. And so many more... google everyone I just mentioned and check out their art and music!! And if you read all this shit and have no idea who I am... google me too. peace!

...and thanks to MadBloggers for the coverage!!

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