Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: Elle Razberry

Elle Razberry is the voice you find on various hooks from MKE emcees, including Raze and the House of M. I joked with her on twitter a few days back, calling her Milwaukee's female Nate Dogg.

But seriously, she lays down smooth vocals and with more projects on the way, including her own, I reached out to her for a Q&A. Enjoy.

The Mad Bloggers: How long have you been singing?

Elle Razberry: According to my mother since the day I was born, so thirty *mumble mumble* years or so. :) I started like most folks singing in choirs, through high school and college, and doing some musical theater. Over the years I have gone from singing in girl groups to a classic rock band. Whatever I could do to keep singing. In more recent years I have had the chance to combine my love for Hip-Hop with my love of singing.

TMB: Who are your musical influences?

ER: I am convinced that I have musical ADHD. I love music of all kinds and I'm influenced by so much. While my favorites include a lot of Hip-Hop and R&B artists, like Lauryn Hill or Erykah Badu, I also get a lot of influence from old blues and jazz singers that I grew up listening to with my maternal grandfather or even rock influences from my time performing with a cover band.

TMB: How did you get wrapped up in doing hooks forso many different artists?

ER: My brother, Raze (from the House of M), needed a hook done on a song a few years back for a track on his album, "Dreaming in Greyscale." We recorded it and things have just snowballed from there with more artists needing vocals on tracks. I've always been down if I dig what folks are working with to help the cause.

TMB: Who have you worked with?

ER: Most of the work people will recognize me from currently is with Raze or the House of M, however I have also done live back ups for Firey Phoenix and Relative Theory (Firey Phoenix and Viva Fidel).

TMB: What's upcoming?

ER: I have tracks that should be coming out soon including, one with KingHellBastard (KHB), a track on the new upcoming Automatic release from A.P.R.I.M.E. and Trellmatic and a few tracks on Raze's upcoming cd including one featuring Frankie Flowers and I, that we are all itching to drop.

TMB: When do we get an EP?

ER: That's the next step. I've been writing quite a bit more recently. I have played with the idea of putting a project of my own together for a while and now I am making the time to put in the work. The plan is to drop the EP, "Cure Elle" in the Fall of 2010.

TMB: What do you want folks to take away from MKE Hip-Hop?

ER: MKE's Hip-Hop scene is growing exponentially and because the field of players is getting bigger, the competition is getting greater. This scene has something for everyone from those that love lyricists to those that need a good club banger and the blood sweat and tears that is going into it on the part of the artists is showing through in the quality of their work. Folks definitely don't want to sleep on the Brew.

"Gone" Raze featuring Elle Razberry

"In Your Mind" House of M featuring Elle Razberry

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