Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: Raze

Peace to the homie JC Poppe for putting this together for me. We've featured Raze by way of House of M and Elle Razberry. This joint, "Welcome II the Show" is dope. Enjoy!
"Raze, also known as the International Sex Symbol and a major creative pillar of House of M, is another Milwaukee Hip-Hop artist setting himself up for a return to the solo side of making music, developing his follow up to 'Dreaming In Grayscale', entitled 'Living In Technicolor', and 'Welcome II The Show' (produced by D'Matikk) is a perfect introduction to this new project."

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  1. Peace ya!

    We've never deleted comments before from our blog, because we definitely believe in the right to voice one's opinion and all that. But in the same note, it seemed like the comments were going down a negative path and based on the nature of what we're trying to do with Milwaukee, we wanted to keep things positive. Honestly, I'm a fan of both tracks. I'm a fan of all the producers and all of the emcees that have been discussed in this comment section. I've felt nothing but a positive energy from the MKE Hip-Hop scene and as we begin to close out this series, I wanted to make sure it remained positive. Keep doing what ya'll do and continue to grind and make amazing music! From 700 miles away, I support and appreciate what you all do!


  2. Dylan6:21 PM

    My bad for being a part of the negativity...that was truly a very senseless argument.

  3. Although it's a sample, they still bit it!!! That's just disrespect on g.p. They just put it out! Give it some time to breathe. Or use it just a litttttttle bit different???? You can delete my comment too. However, you should keep everything real. That's what comments are for, freedom of speech :) xoxoxo All love

  4. Ya know...I was gonna just leave it alone because truth be told, I'd RATHER have dealt with this behind the scenes, and Q you're right to a degree about the negativity. I'm dissapointed this situation wasn't turned into something more in the spirit of competition. Nobody "bit" anything. D'mattik never heard "Crills", and I personally STILL haven't even heard the entire Haz/Dylan project (Only reason I heard Crills was bcuz of the YoMKE Raps compilation). So with that said, we had a case of 2 "groups" that happened to have used the same sample. I'm far too deep in the history of hip hop to not know THIS HAPPENS ALL THE DAMN TIME. And I'm not gonna list every time cuz it's just not necessary (know the ledge). Props to D/H for putting the record out FIRST, but were it not for other protocols on our side, I could've released this track SUMMER LAST YEAR, which was well b4 AJA came out. I trip about all this, because I think it would've been dope to laugh this all off and simply done an ACTUAL REMIX. Dylan & D'Mattik rework the sample AGAIN, TOGETHER. Raze & Haz & Dylan & APRIME spittin over it. THAT'S hip hop. Or simply let both songs co-exist since essentially, the songs "feel" completely different. Which is why I felt comfortable still releasing it. Hip Hop is about competition. It was founded in it. So while we can put out this "positive vibe for the city/movement", we can't deny the subconcious drive to do just that, COMPETE. In closing, props to theMadBloggers for all the work they've put in for US and props to all the artists being spotlighted that's keepin it DOPE.