Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: Kid Millions

It must have been some point back in August 2009 when I received Kid Millions' "Victim to the Beat" track and video. It was dope. It was fresh.

Later that year he released "Recession Proof Rap" and as the initial press release said, "Milwaukee MC Kid Millions, known for his uplifting, often hilarious storytelling rhymes and unstoppable style, has generously dedicated his brain and body to the public welfare with the release of his new album, With nine huge-sounding tracks that take you from snooze alarm to pavement in seconds each, Kid Millions does not waste time or money."'

The dude is dope.

I recently reached out to Kid Millions for a Q&A

The Mad Bloggers: Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

Kid Millions: I was born and raised in Milwaukee on the Eastside of town and moved to Bay View around 7th Grade.

TMB: How long have you been doing music?

KM: I started making music back in 1993 in a group called 3'z Company. My friend, Tom Noble, started a ska band with BK One and we would get on stage and do a few live rap songs. Soon after that we got a DJ and started doing all ages live shows around town. That's how I got to know The Rusty Ps, Dana Coppa and A-Biz..

TMB: How would you describe your music?

KM: Old-school-pop-locking-dance-floor-rocking

TMB: Who are your musical influences?

KM: Freestyle Fellowship,Tyrone Davis, The Esquires,Dj Premier, James Brown,The Clash, Beach Boys, De La Soul and much more...

TMB: What projects are you currently working on?

KM: I would like to continue making tracks with Sage Shwarm from Codebreaker. Also there are plenty of other producers I wanna get with like Dylan Thomas, House of M cats, Reason & many others. Right now I'm still focusing on playing live shows to promote my new album "Recession Proof Rap".

Kid Millions-Victim to the Beat from Darren Cole on Vimeo.

Get Kid Millions "Recession Proof Rap" and iTunes

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I think I heard this track on 88.9 before.

    It was really fun for me to watch the video because, although I grew up in Milwaukee, I've been out in NY for the last year and am so homesick! I especially enjoyed the local shots like Moda3 + the Sydney Hih building (went to a rave there when I was younger!).

    I just found this blog yesterday while doing a search for the *late* late night hype show (RIP!!), and I look forward to reading more!