Monday, February 08, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: House of Mutants

Editor's Note: Back in September I wrote a piece about the House of M. As we explore Milwaukee's Hip-Hop scene for our Journey to Hip-Hop, I felt the need to share again for those that missed the post the first time. The House of M, "The Alternate Reality of..." is something you should purchase immediately ...

Around the time that this blog was reborn early last year, we seemed to find Milwaukee's (and Wisconsin in general) Hip-Hop scene. I’ve never been to Wisconsin nor did I know people there before but I’m happy to have found some of the Hip-Hop cooking up in the area.

As one of my favorite female Milwaukee emcee, Melissa Czarnik, said to me recently, “we are most definitely brewing something other than beer here in Milwaukee right now.”

It’s such a true statement. They are brewing up some great Hip-Hop (which should be evident by the posts in our Journey to Hip-Hop series). The House of M is one of those examples.

I found the House of M by way of Dana Coppafeel. "House of M The Alternate Reality of …" is true Hip-Hop! The crew straight out of Wisconsin is made up of producers D’Matikk, Trellmatic, Dylan Thomas and Lou-Tang; emcees Gambit, Ecko, A.P.R.I.M.E. and Dana Coppa; emcee and producer Raze and DJ DeadBeat. Together the crew creates a powerful sound, rich with classic Hip-Hop influences and a style of their own.

Their tracks are dope! Production is tight! The flow is great! The interludes are amazing! Every track is great as a solid standalone but come together nicely to tell a story of the “Mutants” that form the House of M.

What really impressed me, outside of their flow and story telling technique in tracks like Superhero Shorties, The Initiative, Superman Ain’t My Name and In Your Mind – were their interludes. Their interludes, which are thought out and well executed, poke fun at the word swag (so many variations) and some of the mainstream radio trash (including shots at auto-tune). Very few albums include interludes anymore and to me, they’re important and help make a project well rounded and complete.

The House of M delivers a complete package of well-delivered hip-hop. I strongly suggest you check out House of M The Alternate Reality of …


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