Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: ¡OYE! - In My Mind EP

Got this in our email at TheMadBloggers@gmail.com:

¡Oye!, an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is gearing up for the release of his solo music debut. The project features Milwaukee’s Klassik, a fellow emcee, songwriter, and producer as well as Rafael Casal an emcee, playwright, and director from the Bay Area. It’s scheduled to release by the 9th of February.

MKE, Wisconsin – February 10th, 2010--Karl Iglesias, the man better known as Oye, is a Puerto Rican emcee from the Southside of Milwaukee. He is currently a sophomore student at UW- Madison and member of First Wave Arts Ensemble. The In My Mind EP is the first time the world will get to hear Oye’s solo musical work.

The five-track EP takes a holistic journey inside the head of Oye as he travels from aspiring emcee, to a boisterous artist developing his own name and securing himself in Hip Hop. Mid-way through the EP, Oye gives us, “Not Even” a fun and hard-hitting track that exemplifies the self-proclamation “I’m here.” Klassik, the producer responsible for all of the EP’s musical arrangements, also delivers an impressive feature on the record. The title track, which features HBO Def Poet and Bay Area Monster Rafael Casal, gives a personal look into the struggles of being an artist and holding on your relationship.

“Working with artists such as Klassik and Rafael Casal has been incredible. They understood the vision of the project entirely, which was to give a haiku style introduction of myself in the form of an EP. Taking you in my mind, even if it's briefly.”

Oye has shared the stage with the likes of Wale, Lemon, Denizen Kane, Rhymefest, Young Chris, Rafael Casal, Colin Munroe and Ludacris among many others.

Oye is, also, the premier artist sponsored by Chicago based InkRed Clothing, a grassroots clothing company dedicated to highlighting the best up and coming artists from around the country.

Upon release, the EP will be accessible via the artist’s site, OYE414.COM.

¡OYE! - In My Mind (Title track)

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