Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rhymefest & Skyzoo - "Crack The Code"

Gotta love when we get good music in the inbox. Here goes Rhymefest and Skyzoo doing what they do and well. Wanna hear it? Here it go. Haha...

Rhymefest & Skyzoo "Crack The Code" taken from Closed Sessions Vol. 1 which will be released on 3-2-10.

DJ RTC Commentary On "Crack The Code":

"I really dug into Skyzoo's material while making the first Brainiac Mixtape with Naledge. He put two Skyzoo tracks on the mix and I was more than impressed. I went back into Sky's catalog and eagerly awaited the release of his debut LP, The Salvation. Shortly before the album's release, I had the chance to interview Skyzoo and he told me that he heard about Closed Sessions, and our Dimes and Dozens party in which we bring out of town artists into Chicago and have them perform at our monthly event. He expressed interest in doing the same and I was definitely with it. We organized a show for Skyzoo at The Darkroom, and setup a Closed Session for him the following day. Virgil and Ruben took Sky all around the city before his show, and when he hit SoundScape we could all tell that Chicago had made an impression on him. Rhymefest ended up just being at the studio during Skyzoo's session, the two hit it off very quickly with help from this K-Salaam and Beatnik track and the concept for "Crack The Code" was born. Skyzoo's verse centers on the intricacies of Chicago, while Rhymefest raps about the nature of New York City. It's an homage to two great homes for Hip Hop, and a pairing of two great emcees."

DL Link to Rhymefest & Skyzoo's "Crack The Code" (produced by K-Salaam & Beatnik) from Closed Sessions Vol. 1: http://usershare.net/8d02hgn3w9cv

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