Friday, February 12, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: The Lab Partners

Peace to the good folks at Uni-Fi Records. I caught The Lab Partners over on their site. Impressed with the music. Check their bio courtesy of Uni-Fi. You can catch more info on them (and other artist) at
"The Lab Partners is a collaborative effort between super producer, The LMNtlyst and emcee, Phantom Channel (Rusty Ps) that began as a random experiment. The result was a pleasant surprise. With no expectations and nothing confining them, the duo created a batch of unique musical specimens. Listening back on the session left them both excited by the prospect of being a part of something so different. The two partook in a few more extremely productive sessions that lead them to begin honing in on the sound they were going for; open and refreshing funk-based metamorphic grooves mixed with an experimental vocal elixir.

What you can expect to hear is a reprieve from the mundane, stereotypical music of late in favor of an honest approach to creating music. There are no samples, only computer manipulated live instrumentation. You won’t be inundated with round after round of lyrical artillery, nor will you be auto tuned out of your mind in an attempt to conform to the current trend in radio airplay. The Lab Partners sound is a lot like ice water on a 95 degree day, exactly what you’re thirsty for.

This project sees Phantom Channel branching out into the world of live instrumentation for the first time, sitting behind the drum kit and handling various other percussive instruments as well as the vocal side of things while The LMNtlyst handles everything from guitar to bass to melodica to keys and xylophone as well as the engineering.

The best music is not over thought, over analyzed or forced. It happens naturally. It’s not until you’re able to truly capture a moment musically that you begin to notice how unique each moment is. The Lab Partners are bottling those moments and pouring you a sonic cocktail."

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