Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: The Hollowz

I caught this EP a few weeks back when we first started this series. A fan of the crew had hit me with an email and a few tracks from Premonition. The project is dope.

Edward Cayce (producer) and Logic (emcee) make up The Hollowz.
It took me a little while to track down .

I was able to get in touch with Logic for a quick Q&A.

The Mad Bloggers: Born and raised in MKE?

Logic: Ed is born and raised on the north side of Milwaukee. I was born in Milwaukee, raised in a lot damn places but rooted on the south side.

TMB: How long have yall been doing musically collectively?

Logic: Ed has been producing locally for over a decade, and I am on about eight years performing and since the first cd release. Been rapping for quite some time I guess. Together as a group we have been working for probably the last two years.

TMB: How can people get the new project?

Logic: Garage band should let you download for free. If not, hit up The Hollowz facebook page or shoot us an email We'll next day air you a free copy with a free keychain and a membership card to The Hollowz fanclub .... or we'll just email you the EP and call it a day!!

"It's You"

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  1. The Hollowz is CRAZY DOPE.

    Can't wait for the L.P.