Sunday, September 21, 2008

So now you're an R&B artist?

Roger Troutman. Teddy Riley. T-Pain. And now whoever else. Weezy, Yung Berg, Yeezy....? So many amazing r&b artists in this field still, extremely great vocal talents, yet these guys and others rather do it all on their record. Never mind maintaining the quality of the music. It's like throwing a party for yourself and you are the host, DJ, caterer, MC, rapper, singer, etc. It get annoying. Irritating. Narcissistic. And sometimes unproductive. It's bad enough there are so called R&B artists coming out with albums with borderline vocal ability. Now I have to deal with this? Great. I'm sticking to my old faithfuls. My reliables. My legendary singers. Some of them might not have released an album in some time, in some years, but still. I blame fans and record labels. Rarely the artists. Never settling for B.S. Not with my music. Ever.