Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Listen: Sketch tha Cataclysm "Party Music 4 Pissed Off People"

Originally released May of 2007 and now remastered with a bonus track ("No Answers Will Be Found Here" featuring Roc Doogie) Sketch tha Cataclysm releases "Party Music 4 Pissed Off People."

After sitting on the project for well over a week, I finally had the opportunity to check it out. It's dope. The project starts off with the hard hitting "The Editor's Note" and just takes off from there. "The Editor's Note" is a very fitting title with some serious rhymes to lay the foundation of what's to come on the eight track EP.

Just a glance at the track titles and you know this isn't going to be an average listening experience. Keep in mind the original EP dropped with the Bush Administration, Katrina and the war in Iraq in the backdrop. With Arizona's new Immigration Law, the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the continued war in Iraq and Afghanistan, "Party Music 4 Pissed Off People" still fits in three years later.

Tracks like "Free the Radio", "Besty Ross and the Miseducation of America" and "The Revolution Will Not Be" attack with hard hitting content and some pretty dope production (my favorite joint is "The Revolution Will Not Be"). If you're pissed off about the current state of things, "Party Music 4 Pissed Off People" is perfect for you. If you just enjoy quality music, "Party Music 4 Pissed Off People" is perfect for you too. Either way, the EP is a quality well deserved listen.

Sketch has plans to release two full length LPs back-to-back, "Indie Rappers Do It For Gas Money 2" and "The Complete Collected Poems Of Maya Angelou."

In the meantime, enjoy "Party Music 4 Pissed Off People", available on bandcamp.

<a href="">The Editor's Note by Sketch tha cataclysm</a>

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Listen To This: @LauraReedMusic & Deep Pocket

I apologize for my lateness, as this was supposed to be done yesterday, but I promise you won't be disappointed. I've been tooling through the Atlanta music scene here lately because in the South, sometimes our music can be a hit or miss. Right? I think I know some people who can attest to that. So, that's why you should definitely check out Laura Reed & Deep Pocket! You know how people say music saves the soul? Well, Laura is surely doing that for me personally right now. After first hearing her single "Happy" I instantly fell in love. Listening to the song is giving me a sense of joy. Laura Reed's music has a deep, strong soulful influence that records just don't have anymore; and her band is outrageously dope. So if you're looking for someone to "put a smile on your face," go ahead and take a listen.

My other favorite song is "Don't Go." It expresses a gritty, heartfelt story that I'm sure all of us have experienced at some point in our lives. As stated in her bio, Reed's music is without a doubt reflective and her songs maintain a lyrical depth that a music connoisseur can appreciate. Enjoy.

Check out other songs on Reverb Nation and Myspace Music

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Image Credit:Reverb Nation

Where @LadyBlogga will be ... ANARCH EIGHTY PRESENTS

Anarch Eighty is making it easier for the people to know what great music is. As this Hip-Hop game continues to turn, my job is to keep you updated.

On Tuesday June 1st the long awaited releases of Homeboy Sandman “The Good Sun” and Spec Boogie “Introspective” will be jointly celebrated at the legendary SOB’s in N.Y.C. Hosted by Hip-Hop head himself, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and WBAI’s TastyKeish, this promises to be an awesome way to start the summer. Aside from the guests of honor, I know a few other lyricists will be in attendance and I am sure they will bless the stage as well.

Not being new to the scene, Homeboy Sandman and Spec Boogie have been around for awhile and as this game evolves they are being pushed to the forefront. I knew the voice. I knew the name. But my first live encounter with Homeboy Sandman was at SouthPaw last Winter. He was hosting an event and occasionally spit in between the sets. I had heard songs, never saw the man behind the lyrics perform. Tight lyrics, variable style and tough beats are what put him ahead of most and better than the rest. Spec Boogie has worked with the likes of Aeon, featuring Von Pea, Elucid, Che Grand amongst others. I have yet to bear witness to a live Spec Boogie but I am looking forward to seeing him perform his effortless lyrics over smooth beats. Seeing it live is like the icing on the cake. Once you do, you’re sold.

Advanced Tickets are being sold online and if you plan on coming I suggest you cop your tickets NOW.

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Catch us on the Internets

Another week, another fine selection of videos compiled by Shaun (, Khal (, O and I. Philly Cousins is just one fine example of the videos selected this week.

Philly Cousins w/ Reef the Lost Cauze from dumhi on Vimeo.

Check the rest of this weeks list at

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Check It ... @YCtheCynic x NBA 2K11

YC the Cynic entered this track in this year's NBA 2K contest to be included in the game. It didn't win but he released the track anyway. Check the behind the scenes video and the track.

2 Turntables and a Mic [Download]

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Check It ... @gofreshmen "Dreamin California"

 Pretty fresh cut from Kristo, A Wolf, Thx aka The Freshman. Enjoy.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

What I'm Watching ... Reflection Eternal - "Ballad Of The Black Gold" (Live on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon)

Shoutout to for this video of Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek performing "Ballad of the Black Gold" on the Jimmy Fallon show live with the help from my all time favorite band, The Legendary Roots Crew. What else can you ask for?

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Listen To This: DJ Morpheus "The Acid Jazz Guitarist"

Bottom line: this dude is dope. DJ Morpheus, better known as The Acid Jazz Guitarist, has a knack for creating euphonious lines of music over jazz records. I've been in contact with this guy over the last week or so and he tells me he's anticipating his reemergence into the music scene. His story is similar to others who have dealt with the bureaucracy of the music business, but luckily he made it out fairly unscathed. As a result, DJ Morpheus has ditched the over indulged 'Big Guys' and instead uses the internet to share his music. Dope, right?

A comment left on his artist page says, "Great sounds Morpheus. Your artistry on the guitar is on par to the greats that you admire. Your sound is electrically charged and blended with ethereal riffs that sedates yet awakens brain activity in terms of intellectual thought processes, creativity and mellow vibes for the spirit." - Bluelaser

Now that's not something worth passing up, is it? Exactly.

A particular favorite of mine is "Lemme Put That Tip In" and two others I really enjoy are "Cosmic Triggers" and "Nuit's Love Ritual."

Check out his artist page and available downloads at Reverb Nation and support his music when he reintroduces himself to the game.
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Image Credit: Stock.Xchng | User: Jan Tabery

Listen To This: Anthony David

Image Credit: Reverb Nation

I'm not exactly sure what rock I was under to be able to miss this cat but Anthony David is not to be slept on. I was tooling through the internets to see if there were any artists worth their salt and boy did I find a little gem. He's a singer/songwriter right out of my hometown Atlanta, GA and his music has a GREAT vibe. There are three songs I want to share with you guys today: "Spittin Game" and "Words" featuring India.Arie (both live cuts) and "Cheatin Man" (a studio cut). Side note: I was going to try to get away with not including "Words" in the post, but it's too good of a song not to share.

Check him out on Reverb Nation and his official website Rolling Mojo. Enjoy.

Make sure to look out for two more posts today for some extra goodies.

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Kanye West ft. Dwele "Power"

Lakers won last night. Alicia and Swizz announce their union and baby on the way. Yeah, things didn't look promising. While all those things are going down, Kanye drops new music on the planet and for a moment things look a little brighter. Yeah, I'm a Ye fan since day one (hahahaha). Anyway, enjoy Kanye West featuring Dwele "Power". Good ass job, Kanye.

Kanye West ft. Dwele "Power" [Download]

Spotted @

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A verse a day w/@emperess

The homegirl Emperess is pushing toward her upcoming project, Fairy Tale World and is kicking off an aggressive promotion starting June 21. Check some tracks to hold you over until then.

<a href="">Let's Talk About... by Emperess</a>

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

From A Night At The Clowns' Table ... 50 Tyson

So........9pm rolls around and the fellas get on the conference. Khal, ThroatChopu aka Q, BeanPie aka Shaun and I are discussing 10 videos to list for Shaun's site. We were looking for a bonus video, something we can kinda laugh at. Khal decides to hit us with this cat named 50 Tyson. I don't even know where to begin. The name? The speech? The flows? The delivery? The punchlines? Wow. I'm speechless besides the nonstop losses of breath due to the overwhelming laughter. Again, wow. See for yourself.

For more, visit or at

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What I'm Watching ... Kil Ripkin "Not You"

I didn't even realize the homie had a new video out. It's a good thing I attended the weekly video selection meeting. Kil Ripkin is dope. We've featured him on the blog before. His music has a message. Pay attention. Enjoy.

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What I'm Watching ... Xzibit - "Phenom featuring Kurupt & 40 Glocc"

Ran into this on MySpace. Yeah, I still got a MySpace account and randomly check it. So what. Haha. Check out this new joint by Xzibit. Dude cut his braids off. I'm about to grow mine back. I like to do the opposite of what heads are doing. Haha.

Back before the 'Pimp My Ride' Days' Xzibit was regularly laying down killer verses with the likes of Em and Dre. Now "X to the Z" returns with a video for his new single "Phenom," the first single following the West Coast rapper's lengthy hiatus.

Xzibit - Phenom Feat Kurupt & 40 Glocc

XZIBIT | MySpace Music Videos

Xzibit's MySpace
Xzibit's Facebook
Xzibit's Twitter

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Check It ... @black_milk "Don Cornelius"

My bad, I cheated by sharing here. But enjoy.

<a href="">Don Cornelius by Black Milk</a>

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Where I'll Be ... Blitz x The Roots + Talib Kweli @ PROSPECT PARK

Stop. Sleeping. On. Blitz. I keep telling folks this. I've been following dude for a while now. Shoot, maybe I'm late to finding him but I know there's a lot of folks not even paying attention. They definitely should be. Blitz is dope. I've never seen him preform live but I heard it's quite the experience. So, O hits me up with the info on the show in Brooklyn the same weekend I'll be hanging heavy in Brooklyn for the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. So, guess who's hanging around Brooklyn a little longer. That's right, this guy. If you're in the area, you'd want to check Blitz x The Roots x Talib Kweli x more.
This summer promises to be a major one for Blitz the Ambassador and his Ensemble. Last week we announced the historic SummerStage show with Blitz and Public Enemy at Central Park. Now we are proud to announce that Blitz will share the stage with The Legendary Roots Crew and Host Talib Kweli at a very special Celebrate Brooklyn + OkayAfrica World Cup Finals Party @ Prospect Park on July 11th. Also performing are Bajah and Dry Eye Crew and Sahr Ngaujah (FELA!). As Ghana makes its second appearance at the World Cup, it is one of the African teams with high expectations of reaching the finals. Lets keep our fingers crossed. GO GHANA!!! GO!!!!

Blitz the Ambassador KOSHKA Session - GHANA BLACK STARS Edition from MVMT on Vimeo.

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Check It ... @TheRealEternia & MoSS f/Termanology & Reef The Lost Cauze "At Last"

We hit you with the visuals for this track a few days ago. Now, get the download.
Eternia & MoSS will release their highly anticipated album "AT LAST" June 29th, 2010 on FAT BEATS RECORDS. Please note the new release date...
They will also be releasing a limited edition vinyl of "AT LAST" on June 8, 2010 on FAT BEATS RECORDS, the EP includes the lead single, "BBQ" featuring Rah Digga, &Lady of Rage, and the unreleased remix ft. Tiye Phoenix and Jean Grae.


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Download ... "Mike Murder" @MikeSchpitz

I'll be honest, my immediate reaction wasn't "Q, you gotta listen to this joint." Quite the contrary, it was "a white dude holding a 'bloody' knife? Plus it's called Mike Murder? Yeah, pass." Maybe that's because I'm not familiar with the Midwestern up-and-comer Mike Schpitz. But then I hit play. Dude definitely has some lyrics, as he goes in over a gang of industry beats from DJ Premier, Dr Dre, RZA and Timbaland, among others. It's worth a listen. It's definitely worth a listen. At ten tracks, it's perfect for me. Check out one of my favorite cuts off the project. If you dig it, check out the full project. Enjoy.

"Mike is Like"

"Mike Murder" [Click to Download]

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What I'm Watching ... @thecomeupshow interviews @melaniefiona

Check out the interview with Melanie Fiona from our north of the border homie Chedo of The Come Up Show. Enjoy.

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Check It ... @Pigeon_Hole "Light Show" featuring D-Sisive

Pretty dope joint from Pigeon Hole featuring D-Sisive. Enjoy.
"The first song from the album Age Like Astronauts which comes out on URBNET records June 15th and fea tures D-Sisive, Moka Only, Itchy Ron & Mos Eisley of Sweatshop Union. This track and the entire record is pro duced by the west coast MC/ pro ducer duo."

<a href="">Light Show - ft. D.Sisive by Pigeon Hole</a>

spotted @

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What I'm Watching ... In Studio w/Shad

Photo courtesy of Jess Baumung

"Didn't believe I was def until some checks starting clearing ..."

I don't need to say Shad is dope because I've already said that a number of times. Anyway, the homie Shad dropped his new album TSOL north of the border on Tuesday and is already the # 2 joint on iTunes in Canada. I'm still working on getting a copy of the new joint. Soon come. Like I've said before, Shad is a cool dude. According to his blog he's been getting a lot of love in Canada too with the project. This is a piece that the National Post did with Shad. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Check It ... Jeff Spec - "Sneakerboxxx (I Did It For Kicks)"

So this dude out the blue hits me up on Twitter about his music. Here's what he says...

"What's good? Not sure if you know of me, I'm from Vancouver BC and have a new album to promote - as a blogger, do you have any tips/advice?"

So I proceeded to give him my opinions on how to get heads to listen to his music. I say this...

"Don't spam it. Talk to people normally. Throw the link out so people can hear. Bandcamp is a nice site for previewing. Being more personal works. Like, what you're doing now is better than 'Hey, got a new album out. Check it out.' and then just flood the social networks with your music."

He did well with me. I listened. And I'm glad because this album is nice. So now....I'm hitting you guys with the link so you can see for yourself. He already had a Bandcamp page. I love those sites. Let's me review it before deciding to buy it, because we all know, I can't bring Bandcamp with me to the gym, car or job unless I always have my laptop, which I don't. I don't even own one. Haha. Check it out. Hit play and all the tracks will play or you can click the down arrow next to the song title.

<a href="">Turn It UP! by Jeff Spec</a>

Jeff Spec's BandCamp
Jeff Spec's MySpace
Jeff Spec's Twitter

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Check It ... SelfMATHEMATIKS Photography in P.R.

The homie SelfMathematiks hit me up about a trip he went on to Puerto Rico. Dude is ill with the photography. I have seen him work first hand. I'm trying to get to where he is. Haha. I asked him about his trip and this is what he had to say.

I got the opportunity to do two photo shoots. One for the legendary Richie Bastar of El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico and one for Jayko, a recording artist from Wisin Y Yandel's record label WY records.

I caught up with both of them at La Concha Hotel & Resort in San Juan, Puerto Rico for an interview that Journalist/Owner Griseida Diaz of was doing. I got chosen to do the photography for the interviews.

I also got to do separate photoshoots for both of the guys Richie and Jayko.

Richie was nice enough to show me around town and even took me to his home for his photoshoot, he showed me his awards and even let me hold and take a pic with him and his grammys. We also shot some of the shoot at a local, beautiful river with falls.

Jaykos shoot was dope too. We shot it in the city area. We even shot in the middle of the busy streets as traffic flew by us. We also got parts of a shoot in at studio "Area 51".
We really got some creative shots in.

Over all the trip was amazing and Richie's and Jayko's hospitality was amazing. Both down to earth humble artists.

His whole thing is to educate people about the trip and shoots with the artists and to show his versatility from his usual shoots, club photography and street photography to shooting with famous/legendary people. He's got range and definitely shows it with this project. Contact him for all your photography needs.

Richie Bastar of El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico

SelfMathematiks and Richie Bastar holding the Grammy

Jayko El Prototipo - Latino R&B singer

Check him out at
SelfMathematiks' Facebook

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Where @LadyBlogga will be ... ROCK THE BELLS!!

Guerilla Union… You are my HEROES!

I am Rock the Bells Junkie. I’ve been to every show, even in the rain. Last year I was there with precious cargo in tow. Rock the Bells is a day long festival for music lovers like myself and many of you. This year, the show is taking it back to when Hip Hop was just that. If you have never been to a Rock the Bells show, you need to get up, get out and get there this year. The Rock The Bells Tour line-up is takin’ it back to Old School. On the bill are legendary Hip-Hop artists performing their legendary albums… Yes you heard correctly.

This Classic show will have Wu-Tang Clan performing tracks from “Enter the Wu-Tang”, Eric B and Rakim doing “Paid In Full”, Boogie Down Productions doing “Criminal Minded”, Slick Rick will be doing “The Adventures of Slick Rick” and I am sure the bill will grow as the dates of the performance gets closer. There’s no gum drop and lollipop Hip-Hop here folks. I have attended many a show and this by far may be the best one.

I am a little disappointed that there aren’t any women on the line-up. I am sure there are some classic females they could add to the bill. Monie Love, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah… Aww hell even Salt N Pepa. But females haven’t been on the tour. Jasmine Solano broke that ice last year with her debut Rock the Bells appearance as the “First Lady Rockin’ the Bells”. Hopefully this year, they will give her a slot to shine. Since she is on tour with Wiz Kalifa right now, and Wiz is on the bill too, I am hoping the Union steps up and offers her a slot. *Okay Guerilla Union, I’ll wait for a response…*

If you are in New York City, you need to be at Governor’s Island on August 28th, rain or shine. The tour kicks off in San Bernardino's NOS Events Center on August 21, and will end in Washington DC on the 29th at the Merriweather Post Pavillion. On the side stages will be other artists including The Clipse, Yelawolf, Immortal Technique, Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean. I am telling you folks, get your cameras and be prepared to spend the day with good music and great company. If you plan on going to the show, email me at and let’s see if we can link up. You know I only speak the truth so when I say this is not to be missed, I mean it!!

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TMB's Weekly Podcast, Episode 9

New week. New podcast. Enjoy.

01. Nasty - Pack FM
02. Dear God 2.0 - Roots
03. Black Cloud - Jermiside
04. Crossroads - Reinvention
05. So Supreme - Sha Stimuli
06. *Throwback Joint* Maybe - Da Bush Babees
07. Chemistry (Feat. Godfree, Signif & I. Not Poetic) - Dana Coppafeel (Remix)
08. Closer - TheSekondElement
09. Refuse to Lose - Dead Prez
10. Cheesesteak - Donwill and Von Pea
11. Birds and Bees - Diamond District
12. Say Superman - YC the Cynic
13. Group E - Fresh Cut Collective
14. Good Lookin Ugly Girl - theOTHERSIDE

Download [usershare | divshare]


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TMB's Track of the Week 5/25/10: "Come to the Otherside" theOTHERSIDE

Check out the joint from the theOTHERSIDE (rapper Keno and producer Wallsauce make up the crew) off their "From the Ground Up" project. The rapper / producer duo are working on their upcoming project"Rock and Bullwinkle", while Keno is completing his solo project "Sleeping Giant."

In the meantime, enjoy "Come to the Otherside", the track of the week!

<a href="">5/25/10 Come To The Otherside by The Mad Bloggers</a>

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Download ... Louiz Rip "Vestige Autonomy"

 Yeah, well this has been sitting in the email for the last 7 days or so. I have a love / hate relationship with checking my email. I need to get better at organizing and sorting through it. Anyway, it's a pretty good project. "For the Longest Time" is my joint. Go ahead and check out the project.

<a href="">My Super Long Intro by Louiz Rip</a>

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Check It ... Pugs Atomz "Dan Ryan to LSD"

Check this pretty dope cut from Pugs Atomz off his "Kinda Like a Mixtape" project.

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Epsilon Project's "Audacity" EP is Available

I've posted a few joints from Epsilon Project's "Audacity" over the last few weeks. Their full project is finally here and available for your enjoyment.
"This album was initially called "The Audacity of Dope", a play on President Obama's book, "The Audacity of Hope", but a Google search killed that idea. ( D'OH!!!!!!!

Sooooo, we dropped the words {of dope} and the word {audacity} remained.

This 9-track project, appropriately titled “Audacity”, features production from Kev Brown, Ohno, Supa Koopa and DJ Vadim.

From the brazenly laced critique of the United States on "America", to the incredibly descriptive narratives presented on "Poor World", each track is a manifestation of intrepid boldness."
<a href="">01. A.O.D Intro by Epsilon Project</a>


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Shad Interview on Sunday Night Sound Session (via @DJHyphen)

 "Maybe I'm not big cause I don't blog or twitter..."

I'm not sure how I got put on to Shad's music. It might have been DJ Hyphen that put me on to him or someone else. I really don't recall. I do know I haven't looked back since. Shad is a dope dude. He's definitely one of my favorite emcees! His new album dropped today "TSOL" in Canada. I had to reach out to my Canadian connect to get it. Anyway, the homie DJ Hyphen caught up to Shad Sunday night for this interview. I don't post interviews too often but I felt the need to post this one. Check it!
via @DJHyphen
"Shad is one of my favorite MC's and since his new album, TSOL, drops in Canada today, we had him call in to Sound Session to talk about the project, his writing style, when it'll be released officially in the US and more."

Blog post (full radio show) -

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