Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TMB's Track of the Week 4/20/10: "Believers" @Essince

This joint kind of fell in my lap. I had gone back and forth with Essince regarding how to submit music to the blog. I'm happy he asked because some people just send a bunch of nonsense. Anyway, that's another story in itself. He hit me up, I hit him back and then I decided to check out the two joints he sent. One from his last project and this joint "Believers" from his next project, "the Mind of a Hip Hop Journalist". Dude is pretty dope with an incredible story. Enjoy "Believers", the track of the week!


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  1. wow, thank you!

    This made my day. Forreal.

    Got out the day job early, "Essince" stickers came in the mail AND I'm Song of the Week?

    Thank you.

    Free "Essince" Stickers to anyone who wants them.

    just send a name and address to info@royalheirent.com

    Thanks, again, TMB.

    - Essince

  2. hardworking brother..
    he never stops working always has a plan..great dude very well rounded..
    glad he's getting some shine

  3. Anonymous6:12 PM

    This is the fucking shit, Essince you never let me down.

  4. I first heard Essince at a show in Youngstown Ohio. I became a fan instantly. His lyrics take him from a good relatable artist, too Dope.

  5. I've known Essince since high school and his music has always shined and it keeps getting better and better. This man is the modern day Cyrano and he always speaks from his heart. It's great to see him get recognition cause he deserves every bit of it.

    Watch him go straight to the top cause we all know he will.

  6. My man Brian a.k.a ESSINCE is making it happen. Simply Put. He's one of the hardest working dudes I know and I couldn't be happier for all that's happening for him right now. He deserves it. But he'll keep pushing as usual. Motivation and drive isn't an issue for this man. Glad he's a homeboi. Haha.

    Being a Professional Athlete, I know the time and effort needed, and this dude is going above and beyond, especially with all he's got on his plate.

    I'm super hype and proud of you man. Keep hustlin'/grindin'/etc. But I don't need to tell you that cuz you already know the deal.

    The man is a monster.

    All love bro. Keep the hits coming.

  7. เพลงเจ๋งดีอ่ะ Brian ชอบทำนองเพลงนี้มากมายยย

    มาเม้นท์ให้ตามสัญญาละน้าา ฮาฮา

  8. iwatchcartoonswithessince12:33 PM

    essince is a movement way more than rappin'!!!!

    time after time, track after track, Essince always brings it hard. I can't tell you how many times I've cracked up at his punchlines or how smoothly he says he's gonna bang my girlfriend.

    Can't wait for CLExSTL Mixtape!


    If anyone can bring hip hop back it's this guy. I've had the pleasure of working with him as a musician and producer and he is a class act that will go far in this business. ESSINCE=DEDICATION!

  10. Track of the week for 4/20, how fitting for Essince. lol not really, but he deserves much more than a week.

    glad to see him getting some recognition, good lookin out MTB.

    You can put a check in the win category Essince.

  11. Sayuri5:08 PM

    I support Essince~
    I've heard he's going to visit Japan and perform there. 日本にいる方々もブライアンのパフォーマンスを気に入ると思います。for sure~


  12. Ginet9:51 PM

    Hey!!!! OMG nice job!!!! congrates!!! keep up the good work... maybe someday we'll be working together =] lol

  13. Ginet9:52 PM

    Hey congrates!!!! Nice job!! keep up the good work!! maybe someday we can work together =p lol