Friday, May 21, 2010

From Music's Heart to Yours w/@ericamsimmons

Editor's Note:
Each Friday @ericamsimmons will be bringing R&B and Soul music to the internets via The Mad Bloggers. We're still working out the details but here is the first installment. These dudes are dope by the way. Enjoy.

We've all discussed the age old question "What is Hip-Hop?" But what about Rhythm & Blues? The term Rhythm & Blues was first coined by Billboard to represent music marketed toward the African-American audience in the late 1940's. Then, R&B encompassed jazz, blues, doo-wop and a host of other urban genres that now span across racial and ethnic lines. This column is dedicated to the artists and listeners who appreciate true R&B music. Even though Rhythm & Blues has redeveloped to include elements of different genres there is an eternal underlining foundation that represents what R&B has been, is now and will be in the future.

Aaron Marcellus and the Will Band

A couple of years ago, I met Aaron and his brother Pierre after a gospel concert at Agnes Scott College. Our director, Nathan Grigsby told us prior to our concert that his sons were going to sing a duet as our special guests. What we didn't know was how awesome they were going to be. I couldn't tell you what song they sang that night, but I can tell you that it left a lasting impression on me. This brother duo is highly gifted in voice and are talented pianists. Off their debut album Aaron Marcellus and the Will Band "Hold Me Down" and "She's Really Gone" are two songs that showcase their broad range of musical talent. After listening to the album, Aaron Marcellus and The Will Band can easily compete with seasoned and well-respected R&B artists. I never got the impression that they made music for the money, but for the love of music. As simply put by Pierre on his Twitter page, "Music brings us together and makes us one people."

Check out their artist page on Reverb Nation and Mypace.

Tune in next Friday for my next installment.

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  1. Well done Sis... Your Debut Article Was Well Written & I most Def Will Check Out That R&B Duo.... #ClapClapBravo

  2. Thanks bro! Gotta put those college skills to good use! I appreciate the love. But definitely check them out. They are dope.