Monday, February 15, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: A-Biz

After a few days off, I'm back at posting in our Journey to Hip-Hop series, this month featuring Milwaukee artists. Here is another great find from the good folks over at Uni-Fi Records. You can catch more info on him (and other artist) at
"A-BIZ is an American, hip-hop artist hailing from the city streets of MIlwaukee, Wisconsin. A-BIZ began writing, recording and producing music in 1992 with seminal legends, and muti-cultural hip-hop act the CHOCOLATE C.O.W.z..

A-BIZ and his music is heavily influenced by the music of his youth. Funk, soul, rock, jazz and the blues. A-BIZ's career has continually evolved since 1992. Collaborations have included recordings and live performances with The Rusty Ps, JTodd, King Hell Bastard, Ricanstrukta, Dima La Rock, The White Russian, Elzhi of Slum VIllage, Dylan Thomas, The LMNtylst, Shugga and countless others.

A-BIZ still records today under various monikers, including but not limited to, A-BIZ, AntBl**tz, Anthony Winehouse or Tony Patron."

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