Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: Ka$h

I reached out to Ka$h of the Umbrella Music Group and did this interview via BBM, which combined both my love for Hip-Hop and my BlackBerry! Get to know the Milwaukee emcee a little more. Enjoy.

The Mad Bloggers: What made you decide to start rapping?

Ka$h: My mom use to always sing out loud in the crib. I'm the wise cracking family member. Proph made me take music seriously when he put lyrics to wax. I always wrote. I started out just rewriting my favorite lyrics from songs I heard. I just loved how it sounded put together. Then I started putting my own words together.

TMB: Who’s Proph?

Ka$h: My brother Prophetic. He’s not my blood brother but we have been friends for over 10 years, before we even thought about music.

TMB: Are you signed to a label?

Ka$h: I'm not signed to a label...but UMG (Umbrella Music Group) is the label if that makes sense lol.

TMB: Tell me about the Umbrella Music Group

Ka$h: The Umbrella Music Group is just a group of young black men using the team concept to push ourselves forward. We hope we are a young Sony in the making … we try to bring powerful, thoughtful music to the table. We feel like Hip-Hop is just the start of what could and will be.

TMB: What single are you pushing right now?

Ka$h:Right now the single Strength In Numbers, produced by Haz Solo. As far as performing and impact upon first listen, I had to run with it. And it’s my favorite track.

TMB: Do you have a real strong work ethic?

Ka$h: Work ethic is a funny thing with me. I go hard, but as far as solo me, I've slacked on creating that vault of music for myself. As far as my other duties as a member of my team, I try to never slack. So there is give and take.

TMB: Does the music have to be playing in order for you to decide to write something or are you random with it?

Ka$h: Bars come to me without music but I prefer to be around some type of beat to get in a zone.

Yo-Dot, Ka$h and Prophetic

TMB: What do you think about the state of Hip-Hop Music today? What can you bring to the table to make it better?

Ka$h: Hip-Hop is in another state of evolution. I think Hip-Hop being so marketable, people have confused it with being a dying sound. A lot of artists are trying to make hits and that's being pushed more to the forefront. But there is still the conscious, the Gangsta, the all around Hip-Hop styles. It’s just that the type we hear more often on the radio is the focused sound.

Hip-Hop is as powerful as it’s ever been with Drake and his Sprite deal, Jay and his ever-evolving biz deals. It’s just making us have to be that all around rapper if you want to do it. Hip-Hop went from one-dimensional artists to multi-dimensional artists. Sort of like basketball, how power forward's now shoot threes?

What can I bring? I can further that evolution. I have such a business way of thinking but I'm still such an artist that wants to push the limits every day. Every track. Every project.

TMB: Weed... Should it be legal? And do you need it to enhance your creative abilities?

Ka$h: I think ganja should be legal definitely. I feel like it’s less harmful than alcohol. It would hurt the governments, bottom line. So I think it’s a mute topic till they figure a way to employ all the Border Patrol, DEA, and make money off of it. I mean Border Patrol and DEA who will lose their jobs and find a way to gain profit on legalizing it. As far as enhancing my abilities....I think it gives me a jolt of creativity, but I don't need to be effective artistically.

TMB: Random: Boxers or briefs?

Ka$h: Boxers fa sho’. My last pair of briefs had some type of super hero on ‘em, when I was a wee boy.

TMB: What do you do for fun?

Ka$h: For fun I watch movies... I'm big into films. I can watch the same one over and over. I'm at the theater for the new releases I'm just into all types of movies. I’m a football and basketball junkie too... Great dad!!

TMB: You said "great dad"... Do you have kids and how does that impact your industry image?

Ka$h: I have a 3-year-old son. I think anybody involved in the industry or any career respects having kids. It’s harder to stay focused on your goals but you got that much harder to succeed because you have a living, breathing piece of motivation with you all day.

"Strength in Numbers" Ka$h (produced by Haz Solo)

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