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The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: @DanaCoppafeel

Dana Coppafeel was among the first Milwaukee heads that we featured on the blog. He was surely the first interview. At the time it was Dana's video for the track "88" that caught my attention. His rhymes and style were fresh, with that old school Hip-Hop feel to it. That his music contains that old school feel shouldn't be a surprise from the self proclaimed "old head" who is in his second childhood.

There was something cool about his lyrical flow and it’s not just on one track. It carried. Coppafeel has been blessing my inbox since we first exchanged emails online and is among the cool heads from Milwaukee that I've never met outside of the matrix. He's my connection to the House of M, KingsHellBastard, Uni-Fi Records and more.

But now Coppafeel is in the midst of his first project, "Coppa's Welfare Foods", and the timing couldn't be better considering our spotlight on Milwaukee this month. He hit me with the advance copy a few weeks ago and I'm very pleased with the new joint (which is available for purchase on CD Baby and preview on

"Coppa's Welfare Foods" is dope from beginning to end. I sat through two solid listens after I unzipped the file. Joints like "Another One", "Chemistry" and "I See Now" speak to the smoothed out side of Dana. Then there are joints like "Damage", "Keep the Motor Runnin'" and "Welfare Foods" that bring that hard-hitting side.

It's all dope Hip-Hop.

Whether it's the smooth side or the hard-hitting side of Dana Coppafeel , it's all lyrical and he has a great handle of word play, plus his features compliment many tracks. As with other joints, "Coppa's Welfare Foods" boasts solid production too.

I reached out to Dana for a Q&A. Here's what he had to say about making music, the new project and what's been going on since the last time we spoke.

The Mad Bloggers: It's been a while since we spoke, what's new?

Dana Coppafeel: To tell the truth, a lot... right now I'm gearing up to push my first ever solo project called "Coppa's Welfare Foods", which is dropping March 13th but you can get it right now on CD baby. I just got done shooting a video for "I SEE NOW" which is what I'm trying to lead off with. I try to stay away from calling it a single. ya know, its Milwaukee, so here it's just some music. My friend D Woods of Alpha Bang Productions is putting it together for me.

At the same time, one of the groups I'm in, KingHellBastard, is currently working to wrap up a vinyl EP with some dope features. We've got Sadat X of Brand Nubians, White Shadow of Norway, Arkobatic, Raashan Ahmed of Crown City Rocker and Strick of EMC. We are on the brink of finishing that... as well as an album called WarRoom, which we are knee deep in already.

The House of M, my other group, we just launched our website Everybody in the M is working on solo or other inner group projects at the time.

Last but not least I'm working on another joint project with my homie Da Ricanstruckta. We got a nice size chunk of songs done, we just need to polish them off. So, that's pretty much everything in a nut shell for the most part.

TMB: How do you find time for all your projects?

Dana: [Hahaha] I don't even know. I ask myself that sometimes.. maybe super powers. I guess its just being focused and mainly that I will things to happen. I just feel right now is the time for me to let the me that knows what I'm capable of doing take control. I've been doing this for years in Milwaukee, like 93... so, the knowledge of following something through is quit relevant right now. It gives me perspective on ideal time frames for projects. So, time is nothing but the catalyst. We don't got forever just right now...

TMB: "Coppa's Welfare Foods" is your first solo project, how did it feel putting it together?

Dana: It's a good feeling... this collection of songs, I never really meant them to be an album. Maybe, a free online mixtape or something like that. When I first started this project it was '07 and I was just recording. I wasn't recording for anything, I just wanted to get better at recording and see how other people did their thing. I really just had the Royallton booked every Wednesday night to record. I got a lot of features from all over on the album. Germany to the UK, I got heads from Jacksonville, Savannah, Phoenix, Rockford, Pittsburg, Milwaukee, Madison and New York. I want to connect people with different heads. So, at one point I had like 27 songs all recorded, my friend Dima thought I should turn those songs into an album. I was like NO, lets just do it as a mixtape or something like that. I just thought it was too random a collection of songs but, once we got them mixed a few of them turned out real good and had a great vibe together.

"I See Now" featuring Michael Mic Check

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