Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: Streetz N' Young Deuces

Editor's Note: Due to some technical problems, I had to repost this piece. It's written and compiled by the homie Egypto Knuckles. Enjoy.

Meet Streetz N' Young Deuces. They've been pretty much featured on as many press outlets a rapper could dream of: being featured in such publications as The Source, being played on Sirius, So So Def Radio and sponsored by the Lil' Jon caffeinated juice, Crunk! But aside from that, they are Milwaukee's own and they are poised to bombard their fans and media alike with the current mixtape titled Straight Drop Muzik and the upcoming release of their album, Hustlers Never Sleep. Here, the duo took some time out to talk to The Mad Bloggers, so let's hear what they have to say, shall we?

Egypto Knuckles: Talk about your first memories of music, especially Hip-Hop. What was the exact moment in time where you said "This is what I want to do"?

Streetz: Seeing my heroes at the time Pac, Jay, Nas, Big, Mase around 96- 97, I think I just fell in love with music. Those years a lot of those albums help shape me into the artist I am today but the moment I knew I wanted to do it is when people started telling me I was good [lol]. That's when I started working on my craft hard.

Young Deuces: For me, I was always the person to be on stage in the spotlight. I started writing and rapping when I was young, mimicking my Pops. But the moment where I said this is what I want to do, was when I was younger me and my cousins were walking to the mall, we started a cipher, and I was WACKKKKK!!!! After that I said I got to step it up!

Egypto Knuckles: Being a figure in the Milwaukee scene, talk about some of your history in Milwaukee. What life experiences shaped your world view and helped shape your subject matter in your songs?

Streetz: Well, just coming from a city with a thriving music scene dying to be heard it just made me come at music differently. I try to put as much of myself in my music as I can and to be visual. Seeing first hand at what being raised in bad situation can do to a person, I try to be very real and truthful in my music when speaking about my self and my views on things.

Young Deuces: Me being a military brat, I’ve seen so many things at an early age and then BAM! I was back in the hood! So I went from good, to bad, to good, so I experienced life differently. Milwaukee is just so overlooked and even some of the people from here will tell you they hate it here…it’s crazy. But me I love the good and the bad of Milwaukee…this city is Me, this is my shit, my love, my enemy, my baby, my mistress, Milwaukee is my inspiration at all times.

Egypto Knuckles: What are some of your thoughts on the Hip-Hop scene in Milwaukee? What makes it unique?

Streetz: Well my thought on our city is we have a lot of things going in our favor. There’s a lot of artist making moves and getting the respect that we deserve so at the moment I’m happy with it I jus hope it continues to grow.

Young Deuces: Yea our time is coming. We’re about to be the next Chicago. There are a lot of good people out of here and I’m telling you, Milwaukee is coming! We have an untold story and it needs to be heard! Just pay attention!

Egypto Knuckles: Talk about your discography here. What projects have you released and what makes each one its own body of work?

Streetz: Well our first album “The Future” was us getting our feet wet, it was practice we were coming into our own yet still finding ourselves as artist. But we had “We Want In Vol. 2” which was a mixtape that got us our respect as lyricist. People seen us in a different light after that. “Money Marathon” was us showcasing every talent we have with our music that tape taps every angle.... Then we have “Straight Drop Muzik”, which is my favorite, I feel like we sound like we have something to prove and that’s exactly what we were going for.

Young Deuces: “We Want in Vol. 2” was a big project for us because it earned us a lot of respect among some good lyricists in the game. People don’t think about Milwaukee to much so when we came, we had to represent but “Straight Drop Muzik” was a classic, it’s like the Midwest “Trap or Die”. When we dropped that we gained a different level of respect. We gained that type of respect like, “Hell yeah, now we got some dudes from Midwest who are really about to do this!”

Egypto Knuckles: Say you were showing a person around Milwaukee and its different locales for Hip-Hop. Which places to you are worth frequenting?

Young Deuces: Well if you trying to get your ice game right you got to holler at “Pak’s Jewelry” they’ll get you right. Hit up “618 Live” or “Onyx” if you’re trying to hit the clubs but if you need to get your eat on, hit up “Kopps,” the best burger joint in town, hands down!

Egypto Knuckles: Anything else you'd like to tell the folks out there?

Streetz: “Straight Drop Muzik 2” on the way! EMP Ent. watch us grind and you will understand. Look out for all EMP projects, we comin yall stay tuned!

Young Deuces: Make sure ya’ll check out our websites too www.Streetz-n-YoungDeuces.com, www.EMPEntertainment.net, www.TheRealMidwestRadio.com and follow us on twitter @StreetzEMP and @Young_Deuces and get ready for that STRAGIHT DROP MUZIK 2!

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