Thursday, February 18, 2010

#ThrowbackThursday w/@ladyblogga ... "When a Woman's Fed Up"

Women are very interesting creatures and men just don’t get that. When it is that we’ve had enough of enough, it’s a done deal pretty much. There’s nothing anyone can say, or do to change that. There are a lot of things we are willing to stand for but a lot of things we just won’t. Relationships are hard enough without all the extra. And yes I know that sometimes we (women) are hard to deal with but you know what, you know that going in. People know what they are dealing with when they get themselves into certain situations. And that goes for women as well. Don’t get it to a point where you have her saying this fellas because once she’s fed up, there ain’t nothing’ you can do about it…. And it’s too late to talk about it. I always laugh at this song because some dudes would NEVER admit that this is how they really feel. And the ones that do, kudos to you. That’s what it’s all about.

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