Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: Dave Derrilykt

I had heard Dave Derrilykt of AudioPilot Productions beats before but didn't realize it until he reached out to me via email. It was one of those "Ah Ha" moments and I was like, "ooooooo, right, I loved that track."

The Milwaukee born and raised producer has worked with various Milwaukee emcees and is currently working with SPEAK Easy and JC Poppe on their new projects. He's closely connected with Uni-Fi Records and Grown Man Collective too.

As we were going back and forth via email, Dave hit me up with "Still Rising" a new track from SPEAK Easy, featuring Patrice Downey. The track had just been recorded.

The dude is dope.

I reached out to him for a Q&A. Check it and check out "Still Rising".

The Mad Bloggers: How long have you been producing?

Dave Derrilykt: I started messing with beats in the mid 90s ... and when I say messing with, I mean it. I had an alesis drum machine and all I could do was make drum patterns with it. Right around 2000 is when I found out that I could sample and make full instrumentals with pc based software.

TMB: What type of equipment are you using to create your tracks?

Dave: Right now I have an M-Audio Axiom 49 controller, m-audio fast track pro, Rokit 8 monitors, along with the Rokit 10 sub. My DAW's are Acid Pro 7, Soundforge 8, Reason 4.0, Recycle and a host of plug ins.

TMB: As a producer, who are you influenced by?

Dave: Man, really, RZA is who really made me want to make beats. That's really all there is to it.

TMB: What track describes who you are as a producer?

Dave: No particular track can really describe me as a producer. I don't have any one known format or style for making a beat.

TMB: Who are you working with currently?

Dave: SPEAK Easy, JC Poppe and my man, Panic... those are the three artists that I am currently working on projects with.

TMB: What projects do you have upcoming?

Dave: The two Projects that we have coming out in the next year are SPEAK Easy's album "So to Speak" and JC Poppe's album "The Tea Party"

TMB: If there was one thing you'd want heads to take away from MKE Hip-Hop, what would it be?

Dave: MKE Hip-Hop is incredibly diverse. I feel like we are sort of a melting pot of influences. The core structure of our music is the crazy amounts of creativeness and fun we have with it. The one thing I guess would be..."damn, that shit was bananas...." [HAHAHAHAHA]

"Still Rising" SPEAK Easy feat. Patrice Downey (produced by Dave Derrilykt)


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