Friday, February 05, 2010

Hip Hop’s Cool Again (The Mixtape)

Shoutout to Oddisee, Blu, Exile, yU, XO, Trek Life & Fashwan for the good music dudes put out and shoutout to whoever put this mixtape together. Had to spread the word. Good music will prosper! Haha.

In preparation for our gig in Paris together on February 16th, this mix-tape was put together.

matic « Le Hip Hop Sur Ecoute » présente:

01. Frequency Modulation (prod. Exile)
02. Diamond District - Who I Be (prod. Oddisee)
03. Fashawn – Ecology (prod. Exile)
04. Trek Life – Big Picture (Remix) (prod. Oddisee)
05. Blu – Dancing In The Rain (prod. Exile)
06. Oddisee – Hip Hop’s Cool Again (prod. Oddisee)
07. yU – Thought About It (prod. yU)
08. XO – Blah Blah (prod. Oddisee)
09. Do It (prod. Blu)
10. Trek Life – Hard Work (Remix) (prod. Oddisee)
11. Fashawn feat. Exile – Bo Jackson (prod. Exile)
12. Diamond District – The District (prod. Oddisee)
13. No Mine (prod. Blu)
14. XO – Fast Life (prod. Oddissee)
15. Blu – My World Is (prod. Exile)
16. yU – Lunchin (prod. Oddisee)
17. Fashawn feat. Blu – Samsonite Man (prod. Exile)
18. Trek Life – Cold For That (prod. Oddisee)
19. The Sound Is God (prod. Exile)

Fashawn, Blu, Exile, Diamond District (Oddisee+yU+XO) & Trek Life
« Hip Hop’s Cool Again » (The Mixtape) Download

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