Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: *hitmayng

I caught this a few days ago from *hitmayng, a young producer and DJ out of Milwaukee. As we begin to bring things to a close for our Journey to Hip-Hop series featuring Milwaukee, I felt the need to share. He's been DJ'ing since '04 and as he said, over time he got into producing. Last summer he released a compilation of remixes featuring acapellas from Lupe Fiasco, Common, De La Soul and others. He's got an ear. Check out "Mighty Healthy."

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  1. Hey, hey! My name is MissLynzy and I help run a music blog called Identical Octagons ( and I just wanted to let you know we upped hitmayng and have an interview with him at our site.

    Thought you might wanna check it out.

    Love the posts.

    - MissLynzy