Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Journey to Hip-Hop ... Milwaukee: Adlib

I first came across Adlib by way of the Umbrella Music Group. His production, dope. His "The Wade Wilson Project" I've had for a while and it's played at least twice a week. "The Wade Wilson Project" is no joke, featuring tight production and incredible emcees from MKE, and the man behind it all, Adlib. I reached out to him for a Q&A.

The Mad Bloggers: Where are you from? Where did you grow up?

Adlib: What most see as a burden, I took as a blessing. What I mean by that is that I grew up in a few different places and it allowed me to experience a lot of different cultures, giving me more of an understanding on how people relate and how traditions are crossed between the American culture.

I was born and raised half of my life in Jamaica Plain, Boston Mass. I moved to Puerto Rico (my nationality) when I was 12 and then moved over to MKE when I was 15. I grew up on the Southside of Milwaukee and I've been here ever since.

TMB: How long have you been producing?

Adlib: I first touched an MPC in 98. It was my guy Phellas, I aint know how to use it all, I knew was that it made beats. In 2000 I got a DR 5 and that's when I started taking it seriously. I've been producing ever since. Now I rock my Motif Mpc1000 Pro tool and a bunch of vst's thanks to my dude Ren (No Gimmicks)

TMB: What was the concept behind the Wade Wilson Project?

Adlib: For those who don't know Wade Wilson is the Marvel Character "Deadpool", the coolest mutha fucka ever! I'm kinda sorta like him. We both do what we do great. We're both smart asses. And we don't have a problem insulting you while beating you at your own game [haha]. Bassed off of that I took the moniker "Wade Wilson" and it sounds better than deadpool. Its a little too obvious and corny.

As far as the direction, I just wanted to do what others may be scared to in MKE and that's EXPERIMENT. I'm all about progression and out doing my last. That's why this album has a diverse sound, you have the "pop" type music, "rockish" type stuff, some abstract thrown in there and the tradition straight forward imma eat your face off Hip-Hop.

TMB: As a producer, what producers are you influenced by?

Adlib: Maan. I'd say the 70s rock group Supertramp influences me musically. As far as who I like....Alchemist, Dr. Dre, Polo the Dawn, Just Blaze,, Dj Muggs and a bunch more.

TMB: What's the most rewarding part of doing your music?

Adlib: Knowing that I can create an album from top to bottom with only having to pay for duplication [LOL]

TMB: What upcoming projects do you have?

Adlib: Right now, me maybe a mixtape, a collaborative record with my guy Antagonist and just trying to produce for all the dope artists in MKE. Ohh and of course UMG music, that never seems to stop coming out [LOL]; Yo dot, Tay Butler and Misen Lync are up next! I'm giving Proph and Ka$h some new stuff and just trying to push Maal Himself to that solo. Even if its just for me! I need that [LOL]

Check out a few tracks from "the Wade Wilson Project".

Straight Jacket (feat Maal Himself and Young Focus)

Front to Back (Feat Pizzle, Tonye and Prophetic)

Punish Me (Feat Streetz and Young Deuces)

Peace to all MKE artist! And don't forget to get the Wade Wilson Project

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  1. hell fuckin stand up

  2. WOW! Im very proud of aderson AKA adlib... not only a nice album , good interview ..