Thursday, September 25, 2014

What I'm Watching: J-Live - "Not Listening"

J-Live not trying to listen when you ain't even saying shit. Especially if it's sounds like a broken record. Truthfully, neither are we. Haha.

You on some next shit, really are you sure?
Stop me if you ain't never heard this before
Okay, you got on some jewelry, you push a nice ride
You really like the color of the leather inside
You grew up in the hood and you surprised you survived
You nice on the mic, top 10 dead or alive
You prefer pretty girls, especially thick
Coincidentally, that's the type that's on your dick
Your crazy misadventures are unique and bugged
Like remember that time you shot guns and sold drugs?
Your next album's about to change the game
The world's on notice to remember your name
You love where you live and that's where you get your style from
How I just summed up your last three albums?!

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