Thursday, September 25, 2014

Boyz II Men - "Underwater + Diamond Eyes + Better Half + Losing Sleep"

Taking a different approach to their usual style of music, Shawn, Wanya, and Nathan embark in a sort of unique directions with their upcoming album "Collide" set to October 21st. A part of me wishes for the days they collaborated with Babyface when they made them timeless, classic R&B joints. But that's just my personal preference. Check out their latest 4 tracks off the album right here and tell us what you think.

"The experimental album, described as a fusion of rock, pop and funk with classic R&B, has "a very big sound" Stockman says. It's "a landmark album for us not only because it contains some new stylistic elements, but also because it is a reflection of exactly who we are now."

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