Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Download ... @HPThaHybrid "The PURGE" (Beat Tape)

A lot of these joints are just cool to chill to and a gang of them I'd love to hear someone flow over. Check out the new old project from the homie HP Tha Hybrid. I challenge someone to rhyme over "Deetwa Bound" or "Kewl Depression." Those two are among my favorites. But do your thing over any track and be sure you hit up the homie HP when you're done.
The premise behind "The Purge" is progression. In order to move on in my growth as a musician I felt it made sense for me to cleanse my hard drive. "The Purge" is a collection of beats made between the period of 2007-2009 that were unused, unfinished, and unappreciated. I figured instead of hoarding these beats for myself another 3 years why not let people hear it. This is my gift to all the artists that are looking for quality production but don't have the money to purchase the production. If you are an artist and you decide to use any of the tracks I would love to hear what you did. You can contact me via twitter @hpthahybrid or via email hpthahybrid@gmail.com. Feedback is welcome. Peace and Enjoy. HP
<a href="http://hpthahybrid.bandcamp.com/album/the-purge">The Purge Intro by hpthahybrid</a>


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