Saturday, August 21, 2010

Download ... Astro Briones - "ABrilliantSoul (Sampler)"

I go by the name Astro Briones. I reside in Oxnard CA, home to many talented recording artist: Madlib, OhNo, MED, RocC, Declaime, KanKick, WildChild, Lootpack, DJ Babu, DJ Romes. What I have for you is a Sampler of my up and coming album titled, ABrilliantSoul.

ABrilliantSoul, is an album fully produced by Ghost Notes (Connecticut), featuring WildChild (LootPack-Stonesthrow Records & Fatbeats Records), MED (Stonesthrow), EpsilonProject, Guilty Simpson (Stonesthrow), OhNo (Stonesthrow), DJ Romes (LootPack- Stonesthrow) and LDRSHP. This is a sampler of ABrilliantSoul, actual full length album out in November 2010. With all this being said, I hope to get this album circulating through various blog sites and music outlets with your help

The ABrilliantSoul Sampler is free and is available via here: ABrilliantSoul Sampler

Thank you for taking the time out to read this email and I'm looking forward to gaining your support through my musical journey.

Peace and Respect,
Anthony "Astro" Briones

<a href="">ABrilliantSoul by Astro Is A.J. Briones</a>

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