Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What I'm Watching ... SOL "DEAR FRIENDS"

I enjoy the network and community that I am part of sometimes, where folks share good music. Anyway, DJ Hyphen out in Seattle hit me with this video from Sol. Yeah, the track and the visuals are dope. Check it out and enjoy!
From DJ Hyphen:
One of our dopest, up and coming MC's named Sol linked up with director Jon Augustavo (Grynch, J. Pinder, The Physics, Eighty4 Fly, Wizdom, etc) to release a new video for Sol's "Dear Friends" record.  It's one of my favorite tracks from the northwest over the past year and I think y'all dig it too.  Dope rhymes, catchy hook, mellow beat, and above all, a genuine look into Sol's state of mind.


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