Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Check It ... Enter The Cypher - 5th Year Anniversary (Pics & Vids)

Enter The Cypher celebrated it's 5th year anniversary last week with an amazing line up of some of Connecticut's Hip-Hop acts. Once again, Cousin Larry's in Danbury, CT held the event, which is scheduled every 3rd Friday of the month, at its local yet eccentrically decorated bar.

Every Enter The Cypher starts off with anyone willing to freestyle on the mic for the crowd. The usual mainstays participated giving the crowd an appetizer before the main course was served.

As the night went on, so did the acts. Performing song after song, the crowd remained entertained and energetic and you can tell from the performances that the artists fed from that just as well. Othello and Nemesis Alpha did a great job hosting the event bringing a bit of a comedy and Hip-Hop mix introducing the acts as they went on.

DJ Mo Niklz was the main man on the 1s and 2s as he spun for all the artists who performed except for Cee Reed, who brought Diztrict Allstarz, a live band to accompany him on stage. Asylum Lifetime and Sherm Larock was on deck to perform cuts titled One Hundred and Murda 1 Verse having the crowd nodding their heads in unison. Duece Bug came through to showcase his energetic style performing tracks off his "Fuck Duece Bug" album. Laws, Tableek and their crew, new and refreshing to me, came by and represented on the mic with a few tracks separately and together keeping the crowd's ears in awe. Expertiz was another MC that had a pretty strong presence on stage doing tracks off his album titled Disrupting Nature's Balance as well as doing an accapella of another one of his tracks. Rustoes' set was yet another example of Hip-Hop during the night that wasn't to be missed. Excited in presence and focused lyrically, they handled their business like they've been known to. There was another cat by the name of Butters, I was told, that stopped by that not so much surprised me as impressed me. Book bag in tow, dress shirt hanging over the strap, it seemed like he just got off his first job, hurried to Cousin Larry's and quickly was at his second job of MCing. Dina Brass gave a rare appearance on the mic to give the night a bit of a twist with her singing and MCing style. She was added as a bonus to the line up as the show made room for her. One of the last acts to perform was an artist that "goes by the unforgettable name of Sketch the Cataclysm" as he's known to introduce himself. Sans shoes, a staple of his whenever performing, he got on the mic with his usual vibrant style of flowing. He definitely keeps the crowds attention as he hops on chairs, tables and even does his own dance, shoeless and all, during a track of his but it's his music that resonates in the ears of the audience.

Overall, everyone that performed did a great job and to know that it was all for a great cause with the money going to the D. Holt Foundation was the cherry on top of this full Hip-Hop course meal. If you weren't there, I've got pictures and videos to hopefully give you an idea of how great this 5th year anniversary of Enter The Cypher was. And if you were, but were maybe having too much fun, hopefully these will refresh your memory. Haha. Check it out.

Diztrict AllStarz

Sketch tha Cataclysm



Asylum Lifetime

Duece Bug



Dina Brass

Mo Niklz

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  1. Great pics!!! the night was hugely successful thanks to all the artists who came out and repped hard for hip hop and definitely did not front on a good cause.

    Support CT hip hop. Go see these artists when they are performing and pick up a CD or two from them; you will not be disappointed. Everyone who rocked has a style and flavor that is truly unique. Check out Tableek and Duece Bug- they sound nothing alike, but they both got crazy skills and rep CT to the fullest. the same goes for all the artists that rocked.


  2. full blast10:35 AM