Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Robert Raimon Roy "P*ssy Politicien"

"I'm your Pussy Politician. I can get you off, but you got to vote for me..."

I've been a fan of Robert Raimon Roy, starting back when he was just going by Rob Roy. His track Fur In My Cap had grabbed my attention and I haven't looked back since. We've had several conversations about his music. The dude is dope. And after Dollar Out of Fifteen Cents and King Warrior Magician Lover, last week, Roy quietly released his latest. Le tigre blanc comes after visuals and stand out cuts Axela, Little Egypt Wavy and Robert Raimon Roy. Among many other gems on the 10 track LP is perhaps my favorite, Pussy Politicien. Yeah. Roy is worth the listen.

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