Thursday, April 04, 2013

Willie Green Esq.'s We Live In The Future (Album Release Party)

Willie Green returned home during his "Open Affairs Tour" to throw a release party for his new album "We Live In The Future". And he brought a few guests as well to help him celebrate the Fake Four Bistro released project. With performances by Warren S. Britt (Brooklyn), B. Durazzo (Oakland), Relic (Toronto), Dan Dillinger (Brooklyn), PremRock (NY), Fresh Kils and Mad Dukes (Toronto/Buffalo), and the man of the hour, Mr. William Green Esq., the night was a musically dope filled kind of night that I'm glad I attended at Spike Hill.

From getting to watch and hear one of the most energetic artists I've ever seen perform in Warren S. Britt, who was a last minute replacement for Emergency Service, to watching the skills of B. Durazzo work magic with dual MPCs, to Fresh Kils, Mad Dukes, and Relic rep Toronto respectively, there was more than enough evidence of talent in the room that night.

About half way through the night, we were blessed with the guest of honor Willie Green as he jumped on his Akai Ableton and played some new joints off his release live. Button after button he pushed recreating the music off "We Live In The Future" and the crowd reacted with as expected. Heads nodding, arms waving, and a few yells and whistling. All signs pointing to a successful night indeed.

As the event continued, we also got to see performances by hard working talents in PremRock, Corina Corina, Angi3, Illustrate, Loki The Trickster, Dan Dillinger, M.O.C.S., Reno Bang, with the latter three putting their own twists on a Macklemore track called "Can't Hold Us". All in all it was a very dope night that I don't regret participating in. Even with the drive. It was worth it!

Check the photos out after the jump, and don't forget to support Mr. Green Esq. too!

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