Monday, July 15, 2013

Rome Clientel - "Guts & Glory"

Rome Clientel with a smooth, jazzy cut off his new project. He keeps the good music coming.

Elmira emcee and Golden Era recording artist Rome Clientel has taken a bit of a sabbatical following the release of The Empire 2: The Battlegrounds EP. As he continues to work on The Empire 3: The Coronation EP, the third one of the series, Rome is embarking on #TheConquest, a campaign of singles to demonstrate what he has in store moving forward.

The first release from #TheConquest is "Guts And Glory," a mellow offering produced by Damien Cornwell. Adding to the smooth beat is the live saxophone playing of Scott Mayo, known for being a member of the band for American Idol. Mayo has worked with other legendary artists including Sergio Mendes and Earth Wind and Fire.

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