Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Download: Otis Clapp - "#ATB"

The sophomore LP from Otis Clapp is here and with features like YC The Cynic, KON, Kyle Rapps, KEPSTAR, and Warren Britt, you already know what you're getting into soon as that play button gets pushed. Otis is that "I don't give a fuck" dude and you can tell soon as you go through some of these tracks. That's some respectable shit.

#Summer. #Wanda ft Warren Britt, #Adel ft Kepstar, and #Loretta are some of my easy favorites. The beauty of this album, besides that this 18 track project is free, is that he gives you so many different styles of dopeness to listen to. Depending on your mood, this album got the right track for you. For real. But enough of reading, get to listening!

Oh and "Uhhh, ya mom's vagina."

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