Sunday, February 16, 2014

On the Crown (Dominique Larue x Savant aka Stanstro) - "The Crown" (Prod. by Severe Beats)

New music is on the way from two talented artists combining their skills into a group they're calling "On The Crown" with this new single. Good music right here.

The premiered "The Crown" is the first release from Dominique Larue & Savant aka Stanstro under the moniker On the Crown. The result of Savant’s unexplainable fetish for tandem rapping, and Dominique’s unwavering affinity for Severe Beats production, the banger ultimately illustrates just how formidable a pair they are on the mic as their skills are showcased both singly and in tandem through trading lines at one moment and tongue-twisting solo bars at the next. DJ Inform supplements Severe's string-sampled groove on the wheels of steel.

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